PRODUCT:  Local Storm Report (LSR)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter C-40, Section 7.9

ISSUED BY:  All Warning Offices

PURPOSE:  The LSR is prepared to relay ground-truth reports of severe or significant weather to the local media, emergency management, and other NWS offices.  LSRs are often used to enhance the validity of severe weather warnings in effect, and thus should be issued as close to real-time as possible.

CHANGES:  No significant programmatic changes have occurred to the LSR in the past several years.

COMMENTS: The LSR should include the event’s date and time of occurrence, its location (state, county, and city), the type and magnitude of the event (wind speed, hail size, etc.), any casualties which resulted, and other informational remarks.  It is not necessary to include information in an LSR if has been previously reported in a SVS, NOW, or earlier LSR. However, many offices have found it useful to prepare and transmit a “summary” LSR, documenting all of the severe weather reports in one product.

CONTACT:  Larry Vannozzi, W/SR1x4, (817) 978-2652 x 106

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Last updated September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor