PRODUCT: Local Airport Advisory (LAA)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter D-26, Section 4.4
OML 1-92 filed with WSOM Chapter D-26

ISSUED BY: All NWS offices having signed written agreements with local airport management officials.

PURPOSE: To warn of conditions that are deemed critical to airport ground operations. Criteria for issuing a LAA varies from airport to airport depending upon the terms of the agreement established.

CHANGES: The Norman Risk Reduction exercise on the Airport Weather Warning (AWW) has been completed. Plans are to replace the LAA with the more detailed AWW at a number of major airports by Stage 2 of the MAR effort.

COMMENTS: Typical conditions under which a LAA is issued at an airport:

a. onset of freezing rain;
b. snowfall which will affect plowing operations (usually rates of 2 inches or more per hour);
c. strong surface wind not associated with convection (usually 35 knots or stronger);
d. hail (usually inch or larger);
e. significant wind shifts; and
f. thunderstorms expected to produce significant wind (usually 35 knots or more).

LAAs are disseminated via the NWS communications system under the AFOS PIL cccTAPxxx.

CONTACT: Judson Ladd, W/SR1x2
Regional Aviation Meteorologist
(817) 978-2652 Ext. 109

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Last updated December 11, 1996
Missy Perales