FORM: Familiarization Flight Trip Report (WS Form D-27)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter D-80, Section 10.1

ISSUED BY: All eligible NWS meteorologists who complete a familiarization flight aboard a participating air carrier. One report is to be completed for each leg of the flight.

PURPOSE: To report on the benefits and knowledge gained, primarily from a meteorological standpoint, by the meteorologist during the flight. The report may also reflect any knowledge gained regarding aeronautical operations.

CHANGES: Computerized replicas of the form will be accepted.

COMMENTS: Copies of these reports are reviewed by NWS Headquarters personnel and airline officials. It is important to project a professional image in preparing the report. All reports should be typed, include the captain's name, and contain diplomatic wording. Be as thorough as possible in reporting pertinent events during the flight.

CONTACT: Judson Ladd, W/SR1x2
Regional Aviation Meteorologist (817) 978-2652 Ext. 109

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Last updated December 9, 1996
Missy Perales