Map of the location of the Aransas River at Skidmore

The hardest hit area in South Texas was just east of Skidmore. Unofficial rainfall reports ranged from 17 inches to 22.5 inches during a 6 day period between August 27th and September 1st. This caused the Aransas River to swell to an estimate of 22 feet during the morning of Thursday, August 30th and again in the afternoon of Friday, August 31st. This major flooding caused the evacuation of 100 families along the river banks. Most of the people headed the warnings and left when asked by county officials, but several people had to be rescued by a Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter. DPS officials said 20 minutes after an elderly couple in their 80's were pulled from their home, waist deep in water, their house exploded due to a rupture of the couples butane tank. The top half of the house burned down to the water level. Another mobile home from one block upstream, was sitting in the driveway of the exploded house on its side at a 45 degree angle. Total damage estimates for the Skidmore area is over 2 million dollars. Several livestock were drowned, but no one lost their life.

Below you will see a graph of the Aransas River as measured from the gauge near the low bridge 4 miles northeast of Skidmore. In addition the following photographs show what the water did to the community living along the river. As a bench mark, the river reached the first powerline on the pole above the red truck (3rd Photograph).

On a normal day the Aransas River is just a trickle. Many commented they hadn't seen this type of flooding since Hurricane Beulah Hit in 1967. During Beulah Sept 2, 1967, the Aransas River crested at 42.22 feet which amounts to 82,800 cfs of flow. graph of the river levels

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