South Texas Heavy Rain and Flooding - April 12-17, 2010


Between April 12th and April 17th 2010, a widespread heavy rain and flooding event occurred across much of South Texas. The hardest hit areas were Jim Wells, Duval, McMullen, Live Oak, Bee, Victoria, western Kleberg, western Nueces, eastern La Salle and eastern Webb counties. Many of these areas received between 5 and 10 inches of rainfall during this six day period. A few locations in northern McMullen and northern Jim Wells counties recorded more than 11 inches of rainfall for the entire event. The widespread and persistent heavy rainfall caused many streams and creeks to overflow their banks. Dangerous flash flooding was the result and required several high water rescues of stranded motorists. 30 flash flood farnings were issued for this event which is more than all of the total number of flash flood warnings issued for 2009.

Besides the heavy rain and flooding, severe weather occurred on April 17th across Nueces and Kleberg counties. A supercell thunderstorm developed in western Nueces county and tracked southward through western Kleberg county during the afternoon and evening on the 17th. Nickel size hail and a 1/2 mile long track F0 tornado were produced by the supercell thunderstorm. On April 18th, a weak seabreeze developed across Calhoun county in the late afternoon and early evening. Sufficient moisture and instability was present to form showers along the seabreeze. As the updrafts within these developing showers stretched, several funnel clouds developed in the vicinity of Port Lavaca.

The heavy rain and flooding was triggered by many weather factors. Deep moderate to strong east to southeast winds extending upwards to at least 10000 feet aided in bringing in copious Gulf moisture. Several upper level disturbances interacted with this deep Gulf moisture. Slow steering currents in the upper levels of the atmosphere aided in the same areas receiving heavy rain.

Radar Loops

April 12 April 13 April 14
KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 1301 UTC 12 April KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 1027 UTC 13 April KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 1411 UTC 14 April
April 15 April 15 night April 16
KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 0835 UTC 15 April KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 0012 UTC 16 April KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 1502 UTC 16 April
April 17
KCRP Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity loop starting at 0956 UTC 17 April

Local Storm Reports

April 19 313 PM Flood, FM 2826 closed between 666 and US 77 from Petronila Creek
April 18 704 PM Funnel Cloud 2 miles southwest of Kamay
April 18 1200 PM Flooding on Banquette Creek continues. Driver tried to cross CR 38 and 83 and had to abandon vehicle
April 17 530 PM Flash Flood on FM 1930 in Jim Wells County
April 17 515 PM Tornado touched down in King Ranch along highway 141
April 17 409 PM Funnel and wall cloud 8 miles south of Agua Dulce
April 17 400 PM Flash Flood on FM 666 and 3088 5 miles south of San Patricio (2.73 inches by observer)
April 17 358 PM 0.88-in hail 5 miles southeast of Agua Dulce at the intersection FM 70 and 665
April 17 339 PM Funnel Cloud 5 miles southeast of Agua Dulce at the intersection of 665 and 666
April 17 234 PM Flash Flood near Calliham, water crossing Highway 72 near prison
April 17 850 AM Flash Flood near Calliham, Sheriff reported water over road at Highway 72 and Park Road 8
April 16 725 PM Flash Flood in Sinton on FM 188 and FM 630
April 16 700 PM Flash Flood in Tynan, high water rescue 1 vehicle in high water on FM 796
April 16 658 PM Flash Flood in Tynan, FM 796 closed
April 16 630 PM Flash Flood in Orange Grove, Coast Guard high water rescue in Agua Dulce Creek near CR 239 and 308 intersection
April 16 545 PM Flash Flood in Robstown, water over highway 44
April 16 540 PM Flash Flood in Victoria, minor flooding on outer lanes of major roads
April 16 515 PM 5 inches of rain in northern Victoria County, reported by KAVU
April 16 500 PM Flash Flood water flowing at low water crossing on Briggs Road in NW Victoria
April 16 457 PM Flash Flood in Skidmore, water over Hudson Marshall Rd
April 16 457 PM Flash Flood in Skidmore, water on Highway 181, some motorists stranded with water up to doors
April 16 429 PM Flash Flood in Tynan, water flowing over FM 796
April 16 429 PM Flash Flood in Orange Grove, FM 624 is closed with 12 inches of water flowing across it
April 16 425 PM Flash Flood in Skidmore, water over intersection of highways 181 and 359
April 16 315 PM Flash Flood in Annarose, US 281 is closed from FM 624 to 1 mile north
April 16 215 PM Flash Flood in Pernitas Point, water on CR 534
April 16 212 PM Flash Flood 8 miles NW Orange Grove, water covering CR 226. 2.5 inches in 2 hours
April 16 205 PM Flash Flood 3 miles NW Orange Grove, water covering CR 307 and road impassable
April 16 155 PM Flood in Realitos, excess runoff from Macho Creek has caused ponds to overflow, some evacuations of homes
April 16 120 PM Flash Flood in Lagarto, 4 to 6 inches of water on CR 175, FM 534 and 3162
April 16 945 AM Flash Flood 8 miles northeast of George West, road closed at Gamble Gully on FM 1596 between CR 311 and 332
April 16 724 AM Heavy Rain, 4.60 inches in Fowlerton, 4.62 5 miles northeast of Cross, 7 inches in Cross
April 16 718 AM Flash Flood in Tilden, part of FM 3445 washed out overnight, vehicle swept into high water and rescue performed
April 16 700 AM Flash Flood in Beeville, water over FM 799 east of La Para road
April 16 610 AM Flash Flood in Three Rivers, 5 homes flooded on Highway 72 and numerous roads have 1 to 2 feet of water stranding motorists
April 16 425 AM Flash Flood in Three Rivers, east and westbound lanes on Highway 72 flooded at I-37
April 16 425 AM Flash Flood in Three Rivers, several city streets are flooded
April 16 220 AM Flash Flood near Tilden, highways 16, 72 and 99 closed at flooded areas
April 15 820 PM Flash Flood in Freer, Highway 16 closed from Hebbronville to Freer until Friday morning
April 15 704 PM Flash Flood 18 miles south of Freer, 3 feet of water on Highway 16

Storm Total Precipitation and Rainfall Reports

Storm Total Precipitation for April 12-17, 2010 across South Texas
Aransas County Rainfall Total (inches)
Rockport 2.1NNW 1.62
Rockport Airport 0.94
Aransas NWR 0.64
Rockport 0.35
Bee County Rainfall Total (inches)
Tynan 5.4E 5.60
Beeville 5NE 4.04
Beeville 0.8NNE 3.71
Calhoun County Rainfall Total (inches)
Port Lavaca 1.06
Duval County Rainfall Total (inches)
Concepcion 1.7S 8.03
Benavides 7.01
Hebbronville 13.6E 5.79
Goliad County Rainfall Total (inches)
Goliad 5.79
Coleto Creek 4.25
Jim Wells County Rainfall Total (inches)
Orange Grove 8.1WNW 11.36
Orange Grove 7.87
Mathis 4SSW 4.70
Alice Airport 3.37
Kleberg County Rainfall Total (inches)
Kingsville 6.5SSE 4.94
Kingsville 4.89
Padre Island 1.74
La Salle County Rainfall Total (inches)
Fowlerton 7.51
Dilley 17.9ESE 4.30
Los Angeles 4WSW 1.34
Cotulla Airport 1.10
Live Oak County Rainfall Total (inches)
George West 8.0N 7.66
George West 2.9E 7.28
Choke Canyon Dam 6.77
George West 6.25
Three Rivers 8NE 4.86
McMullen County Rainfall Total (inches)
Calliham 11.27
Cross 9.70
Tilden 0.1E 7.28
Christine 10.8SSE 6.74
Tilden 10S 6.12
Loma Alta 5.10
Tilden 16.0NNW 4.58
Nueces County Rainfall Total (inches)
Bishop 3.62
Banquette 0.4SSW 3.60
Robstown 3.21
Orange Grove 4.5SE 2.75
Corpus Christi Intl Airport 1.81
Driscoll 0.6W 0.88
NAS Corpus Christi 0.47
Refugio County Rainfall Total (inches)
Refugio 2NW 1.30
Austwell 0.2ESE 0.95
San Patricio County Rainfall Total (inches)
Mathis 2.6NW 4.28
Odem 3.5ESE 3.16
Sinton 2.57
Aransas Pass 1.8W 0.31
Victoria County Rainfall Total (inches)
Victoria 11.0W 3.74
Victoria F.D. 3.26
Victoria Airport 1.73
Bloomington 0.3NE 1.56
Webb County Rainfall Total (inches)
Laredo 1.8N 6.35
Catarina 15.4SW 5.85
Freer 29.5W 4.25
Laredo 3.61
Laredo Intl 2.80
Encinal 2.70


Flooding Pictures


Creek near Oakville under I-37 Frontage Road Creek along Highway 72 east of I-37 Coast Guard Video - Jim Wells County
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