Office Staff
NWS Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley staff photo, September 2013

Front Row: Science and Operations Officer Douglas Butts, Forecaster Blair Scholl, Senior Forecaster Geoff Bogorad, Warning Coordination Meteorologist Barry Goldsmith, Forecaster Maria Torres, Meteorologist Erin Billings.

Middle and Back: Senior Forecaster Brian Miller, Meteorologist–in–Charge Steve Drillette (behind), Hydrometeorological Technician Alfredo Vega, Forecaster Justin Gibbs (behind), Electronics Technician Cesar Ochoa, Forecaster Jason Straub (behind), Electronics Systems Analyst Paul Schaafsma, Senior Forecaster Mike Castillo, Senior Forecaster Tim Speece (behind), Electronics Technician Bryan Ramos. Photographer (not pictured): Data Acquisition Program Manager Jim Campbell.

Meteorologist in Charge - Steve Drillette - Photo
Warning Coordination Meteorologist - Barry Goldsmith
Science and Operations Officer - Douglas Butts
Electronics Systems Analyst - Paul Schaafsma
Data Acquisition Program Manager - Jim Campbell - Photo

Information Technology Officer - Vacant
Administrative Assistant - Rachel Gutierrez

Senior Forecasters

  • Geoff Bogorad: Aviation, CoCoRaHS, OperationsPhoto
  • Mike Castillo: Hydrology Program, Local BLAST
  • Brian Miller: Duty Manual, Newsletter Assistant Editor, Amateur RadioPhoto
  • Tim Speece: Data Management, Public Forecast Program
  • Joseph Tomaselli: Marine/Coastal ProgramPhoto
  • Kirk Caceres: Newsletter, NOAA Weather Radio
  • Justin Gibbs: Tropical Program, Radar Program, Twitter, Technology Infusion
  • Blair Scholl: Lightning Program, Aviation, Award Recognition
  • Jason Straub: AWIPS IFPS, GIS, Fire Weather ProgramPhoto
  • Maria Torres: Outreach/Marketing, Hydrology, Spanish Language Liaison, Women in Meteorology, Diversity
Meteorological Intern
  • Erin Billings: Storm Data Preparation, Climate Program, Geographic Information Systems
Hydrometeorological Technicians
  • Samuel (Sam) Martinez: Cooperative Observer ProgramPhoto
  • Alfredo (Fred) Vega: Hydrology, Drought Program, Cooperative Observer ProgramPhoto
Electronics Technicians
  • Cesar Ochoa: Information Technology, Systems Analysis
  • Bryan Ramos: Radar Hardware, Systems Architecture
Student Career Experience Program
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