Temperature and Precipitation Trends
Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, in 2011

Heat and Drought were the dominant weather stories of 2011. The charts below show monthly Temperature averages (left, line charts) and Precipitation departures from average (right, bar charts) through the year. Averages and departures are based on the data sample of record, which dates back to 1878 for Brownsville, 1911 for Harlingen, and 1941 for McAllen. Almost every month was above the long term average for temperature; all but January, June, and December were below the long term average for precipitation. Most notable are the departures from average precipitation in August and September. Typically the wettest months on the calendar, the one two punch of hot, rain free late summer months not only ranked near the top of the all time charts, but ensured that reservoirs and other water supplies will continue to dwindle into spring and early summer of 2012. Water use restrictions and potential water shortages are probable come April and May, and perhaps beyond, in 2012.

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