Alabama Tornado Database

1982 Summary


1982 Tornado Occurrences (22)
Tornado # of Year Year Month Day Time (CST) County Damage Scale Path Length (Miles) Maximum Path Width (Yards) Fatalities Injuries Location
1982 11 12 1330 Elmore F0 0.1 30 0 0 Speigner
One barn was unroofed and some trees and utility lines were downed.
1982 7 22 1400 Jackson F0 0.1 17 0 0 Paint Rock Area
A few trees were blown down along a very short path.
1982 7 11 1400 Jefferson F1 1.2 30 0 0 Tuscaloosa-Jefferson County line
Tornado touched down on county road 36 and downed numerous trees.
1982 6 28 1635 Jefferson F1 2.5 60 0 1 Fairfield-Ensley
Tree tops were twisted off just NW of Fairfield High School. Other trees were downed in the Ensley area at 30th Street and Avenue W. Several homes had heavy damage from falling trees and many had roof damage from strong winds. One person was injured when falling trees demolished 1 house. The extensive root structure of the huge trees ripped up concrete sidewalks and gas lines in the area and utility poles were snapped off.
1982 6 4 1345 Hale F1 0.5 40 0 0 Moundville
A cotton warehouse was destroyed and 3 others had roof damage. Several homes and mobile homes were damaged, mostly by falling trees. Garden crops were also damaged.
1982 5 7 1238 Baldwin F1 2.0 30 0 0 Gulf Shores
A waterspout moved onshore near the state park. Some buildings sustained minor roof damage. 3 casr had their windows blown out. Other minor damage occurred in the vicinity.
1982 4 26 1510 Autauga-Elmore F1 12.0 200 0 0 Boone Chapel-Holtville
The tornado touched down in NE Autauga County near Boone Chapel and Liberty Church with an intermittent damage path to the Holtville area on Lake Jordan. Trees were chopped off along a short path where the tornado first touched down. A baran was damaged near Deatsville as the storm crossed into Eomore County. Four boats were overturned in the Blackwell Fishing Camp area and 1 boat was competely lost. The roof was ripped off a tuility shop at the Holtville High School. Damaging golf ball size hail was also reported to dent cars, break windows and damage roofs.
1982 4 26 1325 Lamar-Marion F3 12.0 200
0 0 Near Beaverton-Near Winfield
The tornado touched down near Beaverton in eastern Lamar county and moved almost due E along a track south of Guin to near Winfield in Marion county. A mobile home was blown away near Beaverton and a home was completely destroyed S of Guin. The only thing that remained was the front steps. Even the plumbing had been ripped out of the ground. Several barns and sheds were destroyed. Near Winfield, the tornado passed right in front of a 15 car funeral procession that was being escorted by the Winfield police chief. Trees were uprooted and there was damage to the Winfield City Park. Eyewitnesses in Winfield reported that 3 funnels could have been involved as the tornado moved through a wooded area between some homes. One inch hail was reported.
1982 4 25 0530 Baldwin F1 1.0 77
0 0 Elberta
Brief tornado touchdown damaged a wheat crop and several outbuildings. Many trees were uprooted.
1982 4 25 0525 Mobile F1 1.0 50 0 0 Dauphin Island
Several homes suffered minor damage and a boat was overturned. This tornado touched down 1 mile east of the other tornado 5 minutes earlier.
1982 4 25 0520 Mobile F3 1.5 100 0 0 Dauphin Island
2 unoccuppied homes were leveled and 5 other homes received severe damage. Several other homes sustained roof damage and many trees and power lines were flattened.
1982 4 17 0400 Lawrence F1 0.2 40 0 0 2 N Courtland
Trees and power lines were blown down. Minor damage occurred on a few homes and outbuildings.
1982 4 17 0335 Lauderdale-Limestone-Madison F1 28.0 100 0 0 W Good Springs-Elkmont-Thatch-W Hazel Green
Damage was confined mainly to timber. 3 mobile homes were destroyed. Some outbuidings, home roofs, fences, car windows, and mobile homes sustained minor damage.
1982 3 15 1515 Calhoun F1 8.0 77
0 0 Near Alexandria-Weaver-Fourmile
A service station was damaged at the intersection of U.S. 431 and Alabama 62 north of Alexandria. A scoreboard and press box roof were destroyed at a stadium N of Alexandria. The tornado was on the ground about 40% of the time. A mobile home was overturned in Weaver. A barn and carport roof were destroyed in Fourmile. Trees and some utility lines were downed. Golf ball size hail was also reported.
1982 1 7 1400 Houston F1 1.0 50 0 0 Near Cowarts
At least 15 homes sustained roof damage, a dairy building was damaged, and a tractor-trailer was overturned. Several mobile homes were damaged or destroyed. Hail up to Golfball size fell during the storm.
1982 1 3 2345 Monroe F1 1.0 40 0 0 Monroeville
2 buildings at a lumber yard were destroyed during this brief tornado touchdown. A concession stand at a nearby park was heavily damaged.
1982 1 3 2245 Marshall F2 2.5 100 0 1 Arab
Several homes and outbuildings were damaged. Many trees and power lines were knocked down. One home was unroofed and blown off its foundation.
1982 1 3 2240 Cullman F2 0.5 100 0 0 Simcoe
A service station, mini-market, and a mobile home were destroyed. Additional property was damaged in the area.
1982 1 3 1730 Chilton F1 0.1 13 0 4 Near Clanton
A mobile home was destroyed and a house damaged about 1.5 miles W of downtown Clanton.
1982 1 3 1725 Autauga F1 1.5 77
0 0 3 S Verbena
Tornado crossed I-65 just south of Verbena. Some cars had minor damage. Numerous trees down on both side of interstate.
1982 1 3 1722 Autauga-Chilton F2 8.0 80 0 12 Lily Hill Community-Verbena
Touched down near Lily Hill and moved across I-65 into Verbena, where it merged with the path of the tornado that had hit Verbena at 16:18 CST. Six people where injured in the Lily Hill Community where 1 home was completely swept away and 2 others almost destroyed. Four of the injured were in the home that was swept away and 3 of them were admitted to the hospital. One of the occupants landed on a truck that was parked outside the home. The others were apparently blown into an open filed in front of the house. Buildings were damaged in Verbena. Rescue workers that were checking on damage from the 16:18 storm were forced to take cover.
1982 1 3 1618 Chilton-Coosa F2 15.0 140 0 0 Verbena
A tornado touched down just W of U.S. Highway 31 and moved northeastward across part of Verbena and the Lake Mitchell area to near Kelly Cross Roads in SW coosa County. A service station was destroyed in Verbena along with 4 mobile homes. At least 1 home was damaged. Several mobile homes and boats were destroyed and some houses damaged in the Lake Mitchell area. Damage in Coosa County was limited to trees. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.