Past Headlines

NWS Bullet A Look Back at The Veteran's Day Tornado Outbreak (Nov 4)
NWS Bullet EF-1 in Marion County 2 Years Ago Today (Oct 30)
NWS Bullet Climatology for Central Alabama on Halloween (Oct 27)
NWS Bullet NOAA Publishes Winter Outlook (Oct 21)
NWS Bullet Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day (Oct 19)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather in October Always a Possibility... (Oct 15)
NWS Bullet September Rainfall Totals Mapped - Click for More Info (Oct 8)
NWS Bullet Today Marks the 13th Anniversary of Hurricane Georges (Sep 27)
NWS Bullet Today is the 15th Anniversary of the EF-2 Tornado in Grant (Sep 27)
NWS Bullet NWS Releases Service Assessment for Joplin, MO Tornado (Sep 21)
NWS Bullet Free Aviation Weather Seminar coming to Birmingham on October 15th! (Sep 18)
NWS Bullet Today is the 7th Anniversary of Ivan (Sep 16)
NWS Bullet Summary of Tropical Storm Lee Impacts on Central Alabama (Sep 14)
NWS Bullet Look for an Upcoming Storm Spotter Class Near You! (Sep 9)
NWS Bullet Interested in Improving the Warning Process? Click HERE (Sep 8)
NWS Bullet Get Involved at the National Weather Association Annual Conference (Sep 8)
NWS Bullet Being Prepared for the Worst in a Time of Disaster - Part 3 (Sep 6)
NWS Bullet Inland Flooding: The Threats of Tropical Cyclones (Sep 6)
NWS Bullet River Level Forecasts Can Be Found HERE (Sep 6)
NWS Bullet Being Prepared for the Worst in a Time of Disaster - Part 2 (Aug 30)
NWS Bullet 6 Year Anniversary of Katrina on Monday (Aug 27)
NWS Bullet Updated Information on the April 2011 Tornado Outbreaks (Aug 26)
NWS Bullet Being Prepared for the Worst in a Time of Disaster - Part 1 (Aug 24)
NWS Bullet 3 Year Anniversary of Tropical Storm Fay (Aug 24)
NWS Bullet Remembering Hurricane Andrew in 1992 (Aug 24)
NWS Bullet Review of Landfalling Hurricane in August 1936 (Aug 20)
NWS Bullet The Deadliest, Costliest, and Most Intense U.S. Tropical Cyclones (Aug 19)
NWS Bullet The Latest in the Tropics (Aug 18)
NWS Bullet NWS Taking Actions to Create a "Weather-Ready" Nation (Aug 18)
NWS Bullet NOAA Satellites Used to Help Combat Wildfires (Aug 12)
NWS Bullet Peak Solar Activity Expected in 2013 (Aug 12)
NWS Bullet More on Heat Index (Aug 10)
NWS Bullet NOAA's Atlantic Hurricane Season Update (Aug 7)
NWS Bullet Monthly Rainfall Totals for Alabama - July 2011 (Aug 6)
NWS Bullet GPS, NOAA Satellites and Bears, Oh, My! (Jul 29)
NWS Bullet They're Not Just for Recreation (Jul 28)
NWS Bullet 6 Years Since the Shelby County Microburst (Jul 27)
NWS Bullet NOAA Satellites "See" Humidity (Jul 25)
NWS Bullet Trouble Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit? Try this! (Jul 22)
NWS Bullet Check Out Our Early 20th and 19th Century Storm Surveys  (Jul 22)
NWS Bullet Calculating Heat Index (Jul 22)
NWS Bullet Latest CPC 8-14 Day Outlooks (Jul 18)
NWS Bullet Thursday is the 14th Anniversary of Hurricane Danny (Jul 18)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the 3rd of 5 Tropical Systems to Affect Us in 2005 (Jul 16)
NWS Bullet NOAA Improves GPS Accuracy (Jul 14)
NWS Bullet Extreme Heat Safety Information (Jul 10)
NWS Bullet Climate Summary for the First Half of 2011 (Jul 5)
NWS Bullet Safety Tips for Dealing with the Summertime Heat (Jul 4)
NWS Bullet 2011 Hurricane Awareness Booklet (Jul 4)
NWS Bullet This Week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week (Jun 19)
NWS Bullet Do You Have a Safe Room in Your Home? (Jun 14)
NWS Bullet Governor Bentley Declares No Outdoor Burning (Jun 12)
NWS Bullet Headed to the Beach this Summer? Check This Out! (Jun 12)
NWS Bullet Monthly Rainfall Totals Tallied for May (Jun 6)
NWS Bullet The Latest in Hurricane Research from NOAA and NHC (Jun 4)
NWS Bullet Check Out Our Newly Posted Storm Summaries (Jun 2)
NWS Bullet Extreme Heat Safety Information (Jun 1)
NWS Bullet Two New Summaries Added to Our Local Tropical Summary Page (May 29)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the McDonald Chapel Tornado of 1956 (May 28)
NWS Bullet Anniversary of the 1973 Birmingham F3 and Brent F4 (May 27)
NWS Bullet The Hurtsboro F-3 Tornado of April 1, 1981 (May 24)
NWS Bullet NOAA Hurricane Outlook Indicates an Above-Normal Atlantic Season (May 21)
NWS Bullet May 22nd - 28th is National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 21)
NWS Bullet An Overall Look at the April 25-27th Outbreak (May 14)
NWS Bullet Another Way to Look at the Tornado Tracks of April 27th (May 14)
NWS Bullet Summary of the April 27th Outbreak  (May 12)
NWS Bullet April Severe Weather Events Set New Tornado Records for Alabama (May 10)
NWS Bullet April 27th Tornado Outbreak Information in KML Format (May 6)
NWS Bullet Are You a Disaster Survivor? FEMA Offers 3 Ways to Apply for Federal Assistance (May 3)
NWS Bullet Aerial Imagery of Tuscaloosa, AL Tornado Damage (May 1)
NWS Bullet What is a "Supercell" Thunderstorm? (Apr 28)
NWS Bullet Local Storm Report Map Viewer from Wednesday, April 27th (Apr 28)
NWS Bullet Damage Assessments from the April 15th Outbreak (Apr 25)
NWS Bullet Straight Line Wind Damage on April 20th (Apr 22)
NWS Bullet National Weather Service Birmingham is now on Facebook! (Apr 18)
NWS Bullet Summary of the April 11, 2011 Event (Apr 14)
NWS Bullet Looking at the Tornado Outbreak of April 2009 (Apr 8)
NWS Bullet 13th Anniversary of the EF-5 Tornado in Jefferson County (Apr 7)
NWS Bullet 5th Anniversary of the 2006 Severe Weather Outbreak (Apr 6)
NWS Bullet NOAA Weather Radio Transmitters and Codes for Central Alabama (Apr 6)
NWS Bullet Event Summary from Monday's Storms (Apr 5)
NWS Bullet Monthly Rainfall Totals Tallied for March (Apr 2)
NWS Bullet March 26-28 2011 Severe Events (Mar 31)
NWS Bullet Sunday Marks the 37th Anniversary of the 1974 Super Outbreak (Mar 29)
NWS Bullet EF-4 Tears Up Central Alabama - March 28th, 1920 (Mar 28)
NWS Bullet Being Smart about Flooding (Mar 20)
NWS Bullet High Water Mark Sign Revealed in Montgomery (Mar 20)
NWS Bullet NOAA Video about Tsunamis and Tsunami Forecasting (Mar 19)
NWS Bullet A Look at the March 20th, 1905 Tornado in East Alabama (Mar 19)
NWS Bullet Friday Marks the 15th Anniversary of the 1996 Tornado Outbreak (Mar 18)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at EF-2 Tornado from March 16, 1973 (Mar 16)
NWS Bullet This Week is Flood Safety Awareness Week 2011 (Mar 14)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the Two EF-2 Tornados from March 15, 2008 (Mar 13)
NWS Bullet Some Information about Friday's Tsunami in the Pacific (Mar 12)
NWS Bullet Rain and Severe Weather Event Summary: March 8-9th, 2011 (Mar 11)
NWS Bullet Remembering the "Blizzard of 1993" (Mar 10)
NWS Bullet Check Out the Monthly Rainfall Totals for February (Mar 6)
NWS Bullet Rain Totals from Saturday, March 5th  (Mar 6)
NWS Bullet Storm Surveys from February 28th Storms  (Mar 3)
NWS Bullet What Does "Twice as Warm" Mean? (Video)  (Feb 25)
NWS Bullet Summary of Hackleburg Tornado on February 24th (Feb 25)
NWS Bullet Next Week is the 2011 Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama (Feb 18)
NWS Bullet How Space Weather Affects Real-Time Technology (Feb 17)
NWS Bullet Monthly Rainfall for January 2011 in Alabama (Feb 13)
NWS Bullet Summary of the Snow Event from February 9th (Feb 11)
NWS Bullet What is the Difference between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin? (Video) (Feb 5)
NWS Bullet A Little History and Context behind Groundhog's Day (Feb 2)
NWS Bullet Weathering the Winter Season (Feb 2)
NWS Bullet NOAA Satellites Aid in the Rescue of 295 People in 2010 (Feb 2)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the Late January 2008 Straight Line Wind Event (Jan 29)
NWS Bullet Today is the 6th Anniversary of the East Alabama Ice Storm of 2005 (Jan 28)
NWS Bullet Ever Wonder What Temperature REALLY Measures? Click Here! (Video) (Jan 28)
NWS Bullet Snow Facts for Central Alabama (Jan 25)
NWS Bullet Spring 2011 Storm Spotter Schedule -- Updated! (Jan 19)
NWS Bullet Weak Tornado in Montgomery Does Damage -- January 19th, 2001 (Jan 17)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the January Snows of 2008 (Jan 17)
NWS Bullet Calling All Photographers...Send Us Your Recent Winter Weather Pictures (Jan 16)
NWS Bullet Short Tutorial about NWS Birmingham's Webpage (Jan 14)
NWS Bullet Looking Back: Wintry Precipitation on January 16th, 2008 (Jan 14)
NWS Bullet Recap of Snow and Ice Event of January 9-10 (Jan 14)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Barbour County Tornado of January 13th, 2006 (Jan 12)
NWS Bullet Recap of Sunday and Monday's Snow and Ice Event (Jan 12)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Blizzard of 1993 (Jan 8)
NWS Bullet Tips for Measuring Snowfall (Jan 7)
NWS Bullet 2010 Weather Year in Review (Jan 1)
NWS Bullet 2010 Rainfall Totals Tallied (Jan 1)

NWS Bullet Traveling over the Holidays? Find the NWS Office Nearest YOU! (Dec 29)
NWS Bullet Top Ten Weather Events of 2001-2010 in Central Alabama 
(Dec 29)
NWS Bullet Christmas Day Snows of 2010 
(Dec 28)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the F4 Tuscaloosa Tornado in December 2000 
(Dec 17)
NWS Bullet White Christmas History in Central Alabama 
(Dec 17)
NWS Bullet La Nina's Impact for Central Alabama 
(Dec 5)
NWS Bullet 5 Tornadoes Confirmed Nov 30th 
(Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Extremely Active Hurricane Season Was Gentle Giant 
(Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Climatology for The Iron Bowl 
(Nov 20)
NWS Bullet Coastal Maps from the Civil War Era Part of NOAA Legacy 
(Nov 20)
NWS Bullet GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day 2010 
(Nov 17)
NWS Bullet Anniversary of November 1957 Tornado in Ensley this Week 
(Nov 14)
NWS Bullet 2010 Winter Weather Awareness Week in Alabama 
(Nov 13)
NWS Bullet Remembering the 11/15/2006 Severe Weather Outbreak 
(Nov 13)
NWS Bullet
Winter Weather Stats for 2010 
(Nov 5)
NWS Bullet
Storm Damage Surveys from Oct 25-26 
(Oct 30)
NWS Bullet
Central Alabama Climate Stats for Halloween 
(Oct 29)
NWS Bullet
Revisiting the Oct 30th, 2009 Tornado in Marion County 
(Oct 29)
NWS Bullet
Up Close with One of NOAA's Hurricane Hunters 
(Oct 29)
NWS Bullet
The Winter Outlook For 2010/2011 Is Here 
(Oct 21)
NWS Bullet
Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day 2010 
(Oct 18)
NWS Bullet
How to Get Hourly Temperature Forecasts for Your Outdoor Events 
(Oct 15)
NWS Bullet
Special Report...2010 La Nina 
(Oct 9)
NWS Bullet
15-Year Anniversary of Opal 
(Oct 4)
NWS Bullet
September Rainfall Totals Tallied 
(Oct 1)
NWS Bullet
NOAA's Use of Satellites in Hurricane Forecasting 
(Oct 1)
NWS Bullet
High Water Mark Sign Unveiled at Selma 
(Sept 30)
NWS Bullet
Drought Conditions Worsen Across Central Alabama 
(Sept 28)
NWS Bullet
A Look Back at Hurricane Rita 
(Sept 24)
NWS Bullet
Extended Streamflow Prediction Forecasts Now Available on AHPS Page 
(Sept 22)
NWS Bullet
Central Alabama Statistics for the Upcoming Fall Season 
(Sept 22)
NWS Bullet
2010 Drought Video Report 
(Sept 17)
NWS Bullet
Anniversary of the Landfall of Hurricane Ivan - Sept 16, 2004 
(Sept 15)
NWS Bullet
NOAA: No Dead Zones in the Gulf as Part of the Oil Spill 
(Sept 12)
NWS Bullet
**Special Report** Historical Tornado Trends in Alabama 
(Sept 7)
NWS Bullet
Fall Storm Spotter Classes are Starting to be Scheduled! 
(Sept 7)
NWS Bullet
NOAA Reopens 3000 Sq Miles for Fishing in the Gulf 
(Sept 7)
NWS Bullet
August Rainfall Totals Tallied 
(Sept 3)
NWS Bullet
Current Drought Conditions in Alabama 
(Sept 2)
NWS Bullet
The National Weather Service in Birmingham. Who Are We? 
(Sept 2)
NWS Bullet
Flood Inundation Maps Coming Soon for Oliver Lock & Dam! 
(Aug 26)
NWS Bullet
TD #5 Rainfall Amounts Tallied - Click Here for More Info 
(Aug 21)
NWS Bullet
Central Alabama Heat Records Continue to be Set 
(Aug 11)
NWS Bullet
Updated Tropical Season Outlook for Central Alabama 
(Aug 8)
NWS Bullet
Weather Review - Near Record PW Values Recorded at BMX 
(Aug 7)
NWS Bullet
Record Hailstone Recorded in South Dakota 
(Aug 7)
NWS Bullet
NOAA Still Expects Busy Hurricane Season 
(Aug 6)
NWS Bullet
Flood Warning or Flash Flood Warning? Which One is Which? 
(Aug 2)
NWS Bullet
Climate Records for June and July 2010 
(Aug 2)
NWS Bullet
Tips to Dealing with the Extreme Heat  
(Aug 1)
NWS Bullet
What is a Significant Weather Advisory? 
(July 28)
NWS Bullet
Latest NOAA Update on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
(July 21)
NWS Bullet What Constitutes a Severe Thunderstorm? 
(July 15)
NWS Bullet Flood Inundation Mapping Coming to Central Alabama 
(June 30)
NWS Bullet Hurricanes and GPS Technology 
(June 22)
NWS Bullet Information on the VORTEX2 Project 
(June 22)
NWS Bullet Lightning Awareness Week 2010 
(June 21)
NWS Bullet 2010 Hurricane Outlook Briefing 
(June 10)
NWS Bullet NWS to Eliminate Uppercase in Products 
(June 9)
NWS Bullet 2010 Transition to La Nina 
(June 7)
NWS Bullet This is Rip Tide Awareness Week 
(June 7)
NWS Bullet Hurricanes and the Oil Spill 
(June 1)
NWS Bullet NOAA Expects Busy Hurricane Season 
(May 27)
NWS Bullet Weather Review from April 17, 2010 
(May 18)
NWS Bullet 2010 Alabama Hurricane Preparedness Guide 
(May 17)
NWS Bullet Alabama Hurricane Awareness Week is May 23-29, 2010 
(May 17)
NWS Bullet NEW!! Instructional Slides for Programming NWRs 
(May 15)
NWS Bullet Historical River Flooding in Alabama 
(May 14)
NWS Bullet National Boating Safety Week May 22-28, 2010 
(May 14)
NWS Bullet This is Air Quality Awareness Week 
(May 3)
NWS Bullet Tornado Outbreak Storm Surveys from April 24th  
(Apr 26)
NWS Bullet Alabama Tornado Database Now Online...Also in Left-Hand Menu  
(Apr 17)
NWS Bullet It's Finally Here...TWITTER for Storm Reports...Click for Details 
(Apr 15)
NWS Bullet Forecasting Tornadoes - Predicting One of Nature's Most Violent Storms  
(Apr 14)
NWS Bullet First Images from New GOES-15 Satellite  
(Apr 13)
NWS Bullet Review of the April 14, 2007 Tornado in Bullock County  
(Apr 13)
NWS Bullet More Pictures from the Maylene Tornado on March 25, 2010  
(Apr 6)
NWS Bullet Remembering the April 8, 1998 Tornado  
(Apr 5)
NWS Bullet 50 Years of Satellite Meteorology  
(Apr 5)
NWS Bullet Smokey Skies Thursday  
(Apr 2)
NWS Bullet 
Tornado Event - March 25, 2010
 (Mar 26)
NWS Bullet How Exactly Does the Graphicast Work? Click for Details 
(Mar 24)
NWS Bullet NHC Updating the Saffir-Simpson Scale for 2010 
(Mar 17)
NWS Bullet 2010 Open House a Big Success! 
(Mar 15)
NWS Bullet Flood Safety Awareness Week March 15-19  
(Mar 11)
NWS Bullet Because Every Drop Counts...Join CoCoRaHS  
(Mar 8)
NWS Bullet Information about Final Spring Freezes in Alabama  
(Feb 23)
NWS Bullet What is a Red Flag Warning?  
(Feb 20)
NWS Bullet When the National Weather Service is Working the Radar  
(Feb 17)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather Awareness Week 2010
 (Feb 15)
NWS Bullet NWS BMX Open House 2010 Announcement  
(Feb 13)
NWS Bullet Snow Reports from February 12th Snow Event  
(Feb 12)
NWS Bullet Did You Know?? 
(Feb 1)
NWS Bullet Climate Prediction Center 8-14 Day Outlooks  
(Feb 1)
NWS Bullet Weather Review - January 29, 2010 
(Jan 30)
NWS Bullet 2009 Statewide Rainfall Totals Gathered  
(Jan 25)
NWS Bullet Coldest Start to January on Record 
(Jan 17)
NWS Bullet TPC Looks to Increase Lead Times on Watches and Warnings 
(Jan 17)
NWS Bullet NWS Now Offering Bookmarking Services  
(Jan 13)
NWS Bullet Historic Cold Weather for Central Alabama 
(Jan 10)


NWS Bullet Calling all Photographers...Send us your Weather Pictures (Dec 28)
NWS Bullet
A White Christmas in Central Alabama? (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet
NWS to Change Severe Hail Criterion (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet
Lake Wind Advisories Discontinued at BMX (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet
Give the Gift of Safety This Holiday Season (Dec 13)
NWS Bullet
High Wind Readings from Tuesday Night (Dec 8)
NWS Bullet
SPC to Add Nighttime Specifics to Public Weather Outlook (Dec 2)
NWS Bullet
A Look Back...Late November Severe Weather in 2006 (Nov 28)
NWS Bullet
UN-Freezing Temperatures across Central Alabama (Nov 16)
NWS Bullet
Third Coolest & Highest Precipitation for October on Record (Nov 15)
NWS Bullet New Look to the Web, Same Products! (Nov 3)
NWS Bullet Some Websites You Might Be Missing! (Nov 1)
NWS Bullet
Coolest and Wettest October on Record  (Nov 16)
NWS Bullet
Winter Weather Awareness Week 2009 (Nov 16-20)
NWS Bullet
Hurricane Ida Wrap Up
NWS Bullet
Storms over Elmore County on August 4th
NWS Bullet
Fairly Typical Rainfall for a Non-Typical July
NWS Bullet Lightning Awareness Week June 21-27
NWS Bullet Storm over Coosa County on June 28, 2009
NWS Bullet Satellite Images from June 26, 2009
NWS Bullet HAM Radio Appreciation Fish Fry (May 30)
NWS Bullet
Hurricane Preparedness Week 2009
NWS Bullet Severe Weather Summary Feb 27-28
NWS Bullet Central Alabama Snowfall from March 1
NWS Bullet Severe Weather Awareness Week Open House (February 28)
NWS Bullet
Severe Weather Awareness Week 2009
NWS Bullet February 18 Storm Surveys
NWS Bullet Remember the January Snowfall Last Year (16th) | (19th)


NWS Bullet Winter Weather Awareness Week - November 17-19 2008 (November 16)
NWS Bullet NEW! Point and Click Forecasts Using Google Maps (October 27)
NWS Bullet 
Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day 2008 (October 15)
NWS Bullet 
Weather Safety and Awareness Day at Quintard Mall (September 18)
NWS Bullet 
2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook (May 23)
NWS Bullet Hurricane Preparedness in Alabama (May 23)
NWS Bullet New Air Quality Product (May 13)
NWS Bullet Multimedia Impact Weather Briefings Are Here (April 29)
NWS Bullet 
Coolest Winter Since 2001 for the United States (March 25)
NWS Bullet Experimental Hourly Precipitation Analysis Now Available (March 21)
NWS Bullet Spring Flood Outlook (March 20)
NWS Bullet 
Decade Long Sunspots? (January 4)
NWS Bullet 2007 Central Alabama Weather Year in Review...Summary | Statistics (January 8)


NWS Bullet U.S. Winter Outlook (Updated November 15)
NWS Bullet 
September & October Climate Summary (November 15)
NWS Bullet 
New Climate Forms Introduced (November 8)
NWS Bullet 
CoCoRaHS - Coming to Alabama November 1st (October 27)
NWS Bullet 
U.S. Winter Outlook (October 10)
NWS Bullet 
Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day (October 11)
NWS Bullet 
Weather Safety and Awareness Day at Quintard Mall (September 24)
NWS Bullet 
Record Setting August Heat Wave (September 5)
NWS Bullet 
County Warnings Become "Storm-Based" Wanings Effective October 1st (September 5)
NWS Bullet 
Voluntary Recall of Some Oregon Scientific Weather Radios (September 2)
NWS Bullet 
Lightning Strike Effects NWS Birmingham Office (September 2)
NWS Bullet 
Updated Hurricane Season Outlook (August 9)
NWS Bullet 
The 2007 Half Year Summary (July 21)
NWS Bullet Local NWS Partners Receive 2007 Mark Trail Award (June 20)
NWS Bullet NWS Partners with AEMA for Hurricane Preparedness (May 31)
NWS Bullet What's Up With All This Smoke? (May 31)
NWS Bullet 
NOAA's Atlantic Hurricane Outlook (May 22)
NWS Bullet NWS Birmingham Awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (May 14)
NWS Bullet April Weather & Climate Summary (May 6)
NWS Bullet Air Quality Awareness Week (April 30)
NWS Bullet Flood Safety Awareness Week (March 18)
NWS Bullet Overall U.S. Spring Outlook (March 15)
NWS Bullet 
NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Codes (March 4)
NWS Bullet 
Severe Weather Awareness Week (February 14)
NWS Bullet NOAA Activates Newest Weather Supercomputers (February 2)
NWS Bullet February Climate Outlook (February 2)
NWS Bullet New Enhanced Fujita Rating Scale Goes Into Effect Today (February 1)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather Warnings to Provide More Precise Location This Fall (January 16)
NWS Bullet Talladega County and Talladega Superspeedway Recognized as StormReady® (January 11)


NWS Bullet U.S. Weather Year in Review (December 17)
NWS Bullet El Nino Gains Strength (December 9)
NWS Bullet New National Hurricane Center Director Announced |
Max Mayfield - Up Close (December 7)
NWS Bullet 
Return of El Niño Yields Near Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season (December 1)
NWS Bullet Skywarn Recognition Day is This Friday and Saturday (November 26)
NWS Bullet Climate Prediction Center Issues Final Winter Season Forecast (November 16)
NWS Bullet Paperless Initiative Launched for NWS Cooperative Weather Observer Program (October 31)
NWS Bullet NWS Southern Region Employees/Offices Receive Recognition (October 19)
NWS Bullet U.S. Winter Weather Update (October 19)
NWS Bullet Mild Winter Expected For Most of the Nation (October 10)

NWS Bullet
 Pictures from the Weather Prepardeness Day at Quintard Mall (October 4)
NWS Bullet
 Dallas County is Now FloodReady! (September 27)
NWS Bullet Damage Assesment from Blount County Tornadoes (September 25)
NWS Bullet WFO Birmingham Begins Issuing New Climate Products (September 19)
NWS Bullet 
U.S. Second Warmest Summer on Record (September 15)
NWS Bullet 
The Return of El Niño (September 14)
NWS Bullet The NWS' New Cutting-Edge Weather Forecast Model (September 1)
NWS Bullet Summer 2006 Oybachi Newsletter (August 15)
NWS Bullet 
Hurricane Season Forecast Updated (August 8)
NWS Bullet 
Second Hottest July for U.S. on Record (August 8)
NWS Bullet 
Lightning Casualty Numbers Continue to Climb (August 4)
NWS Bullet 
Heat - # 1 Non-Severe Weather Killer (August 3)
NWS Bullet 
Taking a Look at the Summer Heat (August 2)
NWS Bullet 
U.S. Experienced Record Warmth and Drought 1st Half of Year (July 14) 
NWS Bullet 
NWS Issues Service Assesment Report on Hurricane Katrina(July 3)
NWS Bullet 
Nature's Fireworks and Outdoor Activities Can Be a Deadly Mix (July 3)
NWS Bullet 
NWS Birmingham Participates in 2006 Amateur Radio Field Day (June 27)
NWS Bullet 
NWS Birmingham Begins Issuing Aviation Forecast Discussions (June 15)
NWS Bullet 
Rip Current Awareness Week (June 4)
NWS Bullet 
Be Air Aware With the Air Quality Forecast (May 30)
NWS Bullet 
Fifty Years of Hurricane Research (May 30)
NWS Bullet 
National Weather Service Declares Walt Disney World Resort StormReady (May 30)
NWS Bullet 
New NOAA Environmental Satellite Launced (May 25)
NWS Bullet 
2006 Hurricane Outlook (May 22)
NWS Bullet 
April Was Warmest on Record for U.S. (May 20)
NWS Bullet 
Marengo County F1 Tornado May 10 (May 15)
NWS Bullet Report Reconciles Atmospheric Temerature Trends (May 3)
NWS Bullet Area Where Hurricanes Develop is Warmer (May 2)
NWS Bullet Spring 2006 Oybachi Newsletter (April 13)
NWS Bullet Damage Assessments From April 7th-8th (April 9)
NWS Bullet Flood Safety Awareness Week (March 19)
NWS Bullet Spring Climate Outlook (March 19)
NWS Bullet NowCoast Web Mapping Portal (March 19)
NWS Bullet Damage Assesment from Monday, March 13th Storms (March 15)
NWS Bullet Damage Assesment from Thursday, March 9th Storms (March 11)
NWS Bullet New NWS RIDGE Radar Display Available Nationwide (March 1)
NWS Bullet 
Local Cooperative Observer Awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award (February 13)
NWS Bullet
Alabama Severe Weather Awareness Week February 19th-24th (February 11)
NWS Bullet 
The New Enhanced Tornado Rating Scale Announced (February 4)
NWS Bullet 
Warmest January in 30 Years (February 1)
NWS Bullet
The 2006 Alabama Severe Weather Awareness Week Booklet is Here! (January 20)
NWS Bullet New NWS Climate Page | More Information (January 16)
NWS Bullet Climate News - Weak La Niña Conditions for Spring (January 16)
NWS Bullet 
First Tornado of 2006 in Central Alabama...Barbour County January 13 (January 14)
NWS Bullet 
Read All About It...Read All About It! The Latest Oybachi Newsletter is Here (January 9)
NWS Bullet 
2005...A Warm and Record Setting Year (January 3) 


NWS Bullet 2005 Weather in Review (December 30)
NWS Bullet 
Central Alabama Emergency Managers Go Back to School (December 10)
NWS Bullet 
A Great Holiday Gift Idea (December 4)
NWS Bullet 
Record Breaking 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season...Active Hurricane Era Likely to Continue (November 29) 
NWS Bullet 
New Experimental National Precipitation Graphics Suite (November 17)
NWS Bullet 
Researchers Study Rivers of the Sky (November 3)
NWS Bullet 
Retooled Kid's Corner (October 28)
NWS Bullet 
Climate Prediction Center's 2005 - 2006 U.S. Winter Outlook (Updated October 20)
NWS Bullet 2005 - A Season of Tropical Records (October 18)
NWS Bullet 
Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day (October 14)
NWS Bullet 
Warmest September Globally Since Reliable Records Have Been Kept (October 14)
NWS Bullet 2005 - The Second Busiest Hurricane Season On Record (October 12)
NWS Bullet 
Weather Safety and Awareness Day at Quintard Mall (Updated October 11)
NWS Bullet 
Pictures from the Saftey and Awareness Day (Updated October 11)
NWS Bullet 
Remembering Hurricane Opal - 10 Years Later | Opal's Track (October 4)
NWS Bullet 
New Product Guide (October 3)
NWS Bullet 
Summary of Tornadoes Associated with Hurricane Rita (September 30)
NWS Bullet 
Fall 2005 Oybachi Newsletter (September 29)
NWS Bullet 
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