Past Headlines - 2014
NWS Bullet Weather History: The Dixie Tornado Outbreak of April 24, 1908 (Apr 17)
NWS Bullet Do You Know the Difference Between Our Flood Products? (Apr 16)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Tornado Outbreak of April 15, 2011 (Apr 12)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather & Flooding on April 6-7, 2014 (Apr 11)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Wind & Tornado Event of April 11, 2013 (Apr 10)
NWS Bullet Launch of DMSP-19 Satellite Means More Data for NOAA Weather Forecasts (Apr 9)
NWS Bullet March Rainfall Totals for Central Alabama (Apr 3)
NWS Bullet Is Our Current Tornado "Drought" a Rare Thing? (Apr 1)
NWS Bullet Weather History: 20th Anniversary of the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak - March 27, 1994 (Mar 23)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Hail & Wind Event of March 23, 2013! (Mar 21)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Tornado Outbreak of March 21, 1932 (Mar 18)
NWS Bullet Become a CoCoRaHS Observor Today! (Mar 17)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Tornadoes of March 18, 1996 (Mar 15)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Two EF-2 Tornadoes of March 15, 2008 (Mar 13)
NWS Bullet National Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 16-22! (Mar 12)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Supercells of March 13, 2006 (Mar 9)
NWS Bullet Proposed Changes to Icons on NWS Point Forecast Pages. Give Us Your Feedback! (Mar 7)
NWS Bullet Weather History: Straight-line Wind Event of March 9, 2006 (Mar 5)
NWS Bullet National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is March 2-8, 2014. (Mar 4)
NWS Bullet Taking a Look Back at the Southern Alabama Tornado of March 5, 1919 (Mar 1)
NWS Bullet Weak Tornado Found in St. Clair County from Feb 21st Storms. (Feb 28)
NWS Bullet Storm Spotter Class for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Cullman on March 7th! (Feb 27)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Tornado Outbreak of March 1, 2007 (Feb 27)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the Severe Event of February 26, 2008. (Feb 21)
NWS Bullet The Winter of 2013-2014 - Unprecendented or Not? (Feb 19)
NWS Bullet Review of the Winter Storm of February 12-13, 2014 (Feb 18)
NWS Bullet 2014 Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama is Feb 16-21st (Feb 12)
NWS Bullet What's the Difference between the Various Winter Precipitation Types? (Feb 5)
NWS Bullet Review of the Winter Storm of January 28, 2014 (Feb 5)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Super Tuesday Outbreak of February 5-6, 2008 (Feb 5)
NWS Bullet Do You Know the Difference between Our Winter Weather Products? (Jan 28)
NWS Bullet Winter Storm Preparedness Information (Jan 28)
NWS Bullet Tips for Measuring Snow (Jan 27)
NWS Bullet Glancing back at the East Alabama Ice Storm of January 28-29, 2005 (Jan 26)
NWS Bullet Revisiting the Tuscaloosa Tornado of January 24, 1997. (Jan 24)
NWS Bullet How is the Polar Vortex Related to the Arctic Oscillation? (Jan 22)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Tornadoes of January 23, 2012. (Jan 22)
NWS Bullet Taking You Way Back to the Moundville F4 Tornado of January 22, 1904. (Jan 20)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the Snowfall of January 19, 2008. (Jan 18)
NWS Bullet NOAA Satellites Helped Save 253 People Last Year! (Jan 18)
NWS Bullet Billion Dollar Weather/Climate Disasters of 2013 (Jan 18)
NWS Bullet A Look at the Arctic Outbreak Earlier this Month (Jan 6-7) (Jan 13)
NWS Bullet 2013 Yearly Rainfall Totals & Departures - Images and Interactive Map (Jan 12)
NWS Bullet 2013 Alabama Tornado GIS Information Now Available (Jan 11)
NWS Bullet 6-10 Day Outlook (Jan 9)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Heavy Snow & Ice January 9-10, 2011 (Jan 9)
NWS Bullet What exactly is the "Polar Vortex?" Our colleagues in NYC have the answer. (Jan 7)
NWS Bullet Click Here for a Wind Chill Chart & Calculator. (Jan 3)
NWS Bullet 2013 Yearly Rainfall Totals & Departures Mapped - Click for Image & Interactive Map (Jan 2)
NWS Bullet Winter Weather Safety Tips: Be Prepared for the Upcoming Bitter Cold! (Jan 2)
NWS Bullet Click Here to Monitor all of NWS Birmingham's Social Media Feeds. (Jan 1)
NWS Bullet Central Alabama 2013 Year in Review (Jan 1) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.