Governor Robert Bentley has declared February 16-21st, 2014 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama. The National Weather Service, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and other supporting organizations ask for your help in providing the public with information about severe weather safety. Advance planning and increased awareness will help residents of Alabama survive these deadly storms.

For an electronic version of the Alabama All Hazards Awareness Booklet click here.

Damage in Tallapoosa County on Mar 2, 2012
Damage in Jefferson County on Jan 23rd, 2012

This image was taken following an EF-2 tornado that tracked just south of Eagle Creek in Tallapoosa County on March 2nd, 2012. There were 3 additional tornadoes that touched down that day. Unfortunately, there was one fatality during this event.

This is a damage photo from the EF-3 that swept through northern Jefferson County on the morning of January 23rd, 2012.  This was one of 11 tornadoes that hit central Alabama that morning.  Unfortunately, there were 2 lives lost during this outbreak.


Severe Weather Awareness Week Schedule

Mon, Feb 17

Tues, Feb 18

Wed, Feb 19

Thurs, Feb 20

Fri, Feb 21





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"Tornado Safety Drill" on Wednesday, February 19. In Alabama, we do not conduct a statewide tornado drill.  However, we encourage everyone to conduct their own safety drill on Wednesday, Feb 19th.  This "tornado safety drill" will be accomplished in conjunction with our weekly NOAA All-Hazards Radio Test that will be run at a special time of 9 am. An actual tornado warning WILL NOT sound, but this is an excellent opportunity for schools, civic organizations and businesses around Central Alabama to practice what they would do in the event of a tornado warning.


Severe weather can happen at any time. Here are some events from the last couple of years:

Tornadoes of April 11th, 2013:  7 tornadoes touched down in Central Alabama as a squall line and discrete supercells moved across the are during the afternoon and evening hours. 

Severe Weather of January 30th, 2013:  5 tornadoes, as well as damaging straight-line winds and flooding, impacted the area as part of a larger storm system that moved across the Lower Mississippi River and Tennessee River Valleys. 

Christmas Tornadoes of 2012:  8 tornadoes made their way through the southern counties of central Alabama.  Luckily, only 2 people were injured as this was another example of tornado touchdowns at night. 

Tornado Outbreak of January 23, 2012:  11 tornadoes touched down around central Alabama during the morning hours of January 23rd. 2 people lost their lives and 76 people were injured.

Tornado Outbreak of April 15th:  As part of a system which wreaked havoc across the eastern half of the United States on April 14th-16th, 30 tornadoes developed across central Alabama.

Historic Tornado Outbreak of April 27th

For a more comprehensive list of past severe weather events, click here. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.