Air Quality Awareness Week - Thursday

Today we highlight the tools available to help you get air quality information.


Over the past decade, more state and local agencies have begun air quality forecasting for their communities. Today more than 300 cities nationwide are issuing air quality forecasts based on predicted concentrations of known pollutants such as ozone and particle pollution.


For those localities forecasting air quality, NOAA forecast guidance is improving state and local agency forecasters ability to predict the onset, severity and duration of poor air quality.  In addition, NOAA provides comprehensive air quality predictions on with hour by hour information for cities, suburbs and rural communities throughout the conterminous United States.


For up to date air quality information, the EPA enviroflash tool provides air quality forecasts and action day notifications for participating communities via email or pager notification.  Enviroflash provides instant information that can be customized for each users needs. 


For more information on air quality awareness week...visit us on the world wide web at is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.