Weather 101

Would you like to learn about the weather? Check out some of this great information below!


NWS Bullet JETSTREAM An Online Weather School: Designed to help educators, emergency managers, or anyone interested in learning about weather and weather safety

NWS Bullet
The National Severe Storms Laboratory Weather Room: Learn about severe weather

NWS Bullet
Fact Monster Weather Section: Explore a variety of weather topics

NWS Bullet NASA's Earth Science Enterprise: Learn about air pressure, hurricanes, El Nino and other topics in Earth Science

NWS Bullet BrainPOP: Watch fun movies about science and technology

NWS Bullet Weather Balloons: Learn the importance of Weather Balloon releases

NWS Bullet Climatologist's Toolbox: Learn about how climatologists study the earth and how our climate is changing

NWS Bullet Hurricane Basics: Great source of information about hurricanes from NOAA

NWS Bullet Lightning Facts: Information on lightning science, history and detection

NWS Bullet Sprites: Have you ever heard of an atmospheric sprite?

NWS Bullet Drought: Learn about droughts

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