KGWX Storm Relative Velocity Loop

This is a loop of 0.5 degree elevation storm relative velocity. The loop shows several storms that contain rotation. The black dot to the upper left of the center of the images is the radar location. The green colors indicate motion towards the radar site. Red show motion away from the radar site. The bright green next to bright red indicate areas of rotation.

Key times to watch for:
  • The Haleyville Tornado first struck about 3 tenths of a mile inside Marion County around 11:21 AM CST (17:21Z or UTC). The tornado continued traveling northeast through a residential and partially wooded area before ending about 7 tenths of a mile northeast of downtown haleyville at 11:24 AM CST (17:24Z or UTC).
  • Another tornado, longest of the day, began at 10:57 AM CST (16:57Z or UTC) 4.9 miles southwest of Kennedy. This tornado traveled on a northeast track moving into Fayette County at 11:07 AM CST (17:07Z or UTC). Traveling northeast it went across western and northern sections of the city of Fayette doing serious damage to a number of structures. From the city of Fayette the tornado traveled across mostly rural areas damaging occasional structures and downing numerous trees. The tornado crossed into Walker County at 11:41 AM CST a little south-southwest of Carbon Hill before ending. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.