Central Alabama Fall Temperature Statistics

The 2010 Summer season has been extremely warm across the southeastern United States, with the State of Alabama experiencing one of the warmest summers on record.  Statistics from this summer can be found here: 

Central Alabama Summer Heat Statistics

NOAA Global Temperature Statistics 


The Fall season officially begins at 10:09pm CDT on September 22, 2010.  This is also termed the "Autumnal Equinox," in which the daylight and nightime hours are equal.  After that time, nighttime hours will be longer than daylight hours until December 21st, which is termed the "Winter Solstice." 

The start of the fall season also helps us to look forward to cooler temperatures, especially with the scorching summer that we have gone through.  Below are the average, earliest, and latest dates of the first frost, first freeze, and first significant freeze (28 Degrees or Below) for Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery from 1970-2009.

Minimum Temperature of 36 Degrees
  Birmingham Anniston Tuscaloosa Montgomery
Average Date October 28th
October 25th
October 30th
November 2nd
Earliest Date 10/2/1984 10/2/1984 10/2/1984 10/2/1991
Latest Date 11/25/2004 11/14/1975, 2004
12/1/1978 12/6/1978

Minimum Temperature of 32 Degrees
  Birmingham Anniston Tuscaloosa Montgomery
Average Date November 10th November 4th
November 9th
November 12th
Earliest Date 10/21/1987, 1989
10/10/2000 10/10/2000 10/20/1989
Latest Date 12/2/2004 11/26/2004 12/6/1978 12/12/1994

Minimum Temperature of 28 Degrees
  Birmingham Anniston Tuscaloosa Montgomery
Average Date November 19th
November 18th
November 21st
November 29th
Earliest Date 10/22/1987 10/22/1987 10/29/2008 11/1/1993
Latest Date 12/16/1998 12/14/2004 12/19/1971 1/5/1994

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