Posey's Crossroads Tornado

The F1 tornado first touched down at approximately 3:50 PM CST in the vicinity of Huckleberry Lane, just north of AL Hwy 82 about 10 miles northwest of Prattville, where a trailer home was destroyed. The tornado tracked in a northeast direction, and next produced damage on Olmstead Drive, off of County Road (CR) 63, overturning a travel trailer, destroying a shed, and bending a one inch pipe flag pole. At 3:55 PM CST, Autauga County 911 Click on image to view approximate track of tornado. received a report of a tornado on the ground with homes damaged, trailers hit, and possible injuries at JC's Trailer Park on CR 40. One trailer had it's roof torn off and was badly damaged, and another trailer was overturned. Only minor injuries were reported. From there, the tornado continued moving northeast, producing damage along CR 57 north of Posey's Corner. A vacant trailer home was destroyed, and a second home received window, roof, and siding damage. The occupants at the home heard the tornado coming and took shelter. The tornado track continued across CR 62 and CR 59, destroying a shed and damaging a roof, then dissipated before reaching Interstate 65. The track length was approximately 8 to 9 miles in length, with damage confined to a very narrow track of less than 100 yards.

A Tornado Warning was in issued 4:01 PM CST and was in effect until 4:30 PM CST. A Tornado Watch 818 was in effect for Autauga County, which was issued at 9:19 AM CST.

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Trailer destroyed. Click for a larger view! Trailer destroyed
Trailer damaged. Click for a larger view! Trailer damaged.
Debris in trees.  Click for a larger view! Debris in trees.

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