Remnants of Hurricane "Ida" Impacts in Central Alabama

The effects of what was once Hurricane Ida, but had weakened into a Tropical Depression, were felt as early as Monday afternoon, November 9,  in Pike, Barbour and Montgomery Counties, as light rain began falling around 2 pm.  The rain continued to move northward and intensify Monday night and into the day on Tuesday, November 10. As early as 7 am on Tuesday, several roads around Central Alabama had to be closed due to high water.  There was even one report from Lowndes County of residents having to be evacuated from several mobile homes due to floodwater.  Rains continued across Central Alabama through Tuesday evening.  By the time the last area of rain exited Cherokee and Cleburne Counties after midnight on Wednesday, November 11, nearly everyone across Central Alabama had seen at least 3 inches of rain.

Sustained winds around Central Alabama maxed out between 20 and 30 mph, with peak wind gusts generally between 30 and 40 mph. These winds blew down a few trees around the area, especially shallow rooted trees where the saturated soil likely played a significant role.

Central Alabama data sheets for Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Ida:


ASOS-based measurements

Location Rainfall Peak Wind (mph) Notes
Anniston 3.68 36  Record rainfall of 3.51" on 11/10
Auburn 3.93 31  
Birmingham (airport) 4.32 35  Record rainfall of 4.01" on 11/10
Calera 4.55 35  
Montgomery 3.17 39  Record rainfall of 2.33" on 11/10
Troy 4.59 33  
Tuscaloosa 3.19 37  Record rainfall of 2.89" on 11/10


Unofficial measurements
(includes Co-op, CoCoRaHS, media, and other non-ASOS measurements)

Location Rainfall Notes
Addison 3.8n 1.83 CoCoRaHS
Alabaster 3.50 Media/Weather watcher
Alex City 0.5w 5.41 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 1.9wsw 4.84 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 2.7s 5.35 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 3.0n 4.90 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 3.1nne 5.12 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 3.1n 5.27 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 7.1ssw 5.37 CoCoRaHS
Alex City 10.0sw 4.80 CoCoRaHS
Anniston 6.9ene 3.94 CoCoRaHS
Attalla 15.2ne 5.30 CoCoRaHS
Auburn 0.6ene 4.59 CoCoRaHS
Auburn 1.9ssw 5.13 CoCoRaHS
Auburn 2.5 sse 4.84 CoCoRaHS
Blountsville 1.3nw 2.14 CoCoRaHS
Bon Air 2.8sse 5.86 CoCoRaHS
Calera 3.1nnw 4.44 CoCoRaHS
Calera 3.5nnw 5.07 CoCoRaHS
Clanton 8.6e 6.30 CoCoRaHS
Coldwater 4.82 Media/Weather watcher
Crestwood (Birmingham area) 3.80 Media/Weather watcher
Dadeville 2.8 ne 4.48 CoCoRaHS
Dadeville 6.2ssw 5.06 CoCoRaHS
Deatsville 3.4nw 5.78 CoCoRaHS
Double Springs 3.2nne 1.87 CoCoRaHS
Eclectic 5.2sw 4.23 CoCoRaHS
Eutaw 3.50 EMA
Grantley 6.79 Media/Weather watcher
Helena 1.4ese 4.44 CoCoRaHS
Helena 1.8se 4.44 CoCoRaHS
Holt 11.4sse 4.58 CoCoRaHS
Homewood 5.13 Media/Weather watcher
Hoover 3.6ese 4.75 CoCoRaHS
Hoover/Rocky Ridge 4.78 Media/Weather watcher
Hoover/Spain Park 4.77 Media/Weather watcher
Inverness 0.8w 4.77 CoCoRaHS
Jasper 2.8sw 2.35 CoCoRaHS
Jasper 3.8ne 2.16 CoCoRaHS
Ladonia 13.2ssw 5.28 CoCoRaHS
Lake Purdy 0.6nne 5.46 CoCoRaHS
Lake Purdy 3.6ene 5.14 CoCoRaHS
Lake Purdy 5.8ene 5.46 CoCoRaHS
Lookout Mtn. (NE Etowah Co.) 4.02 Media/Weather watcher
Meadowbrook 1.2sw 3.97 CoCoRaHS
Meadowbrook 1.7e 5.38 CoCoRaHS
Montgomery 2.2ne 4.27 CoCoRaHS
Montgomery 4.0ese 2.71 CoCoRaHS
Millbrook 2.2nw 5.06 CoCoRaHS
Moody 2.0ese 5.54 CoCoRaHS
Munford 5.0sse 5.08 CoCoRaHS
Oneonta 0.9se 3.18 CoCoRaHS
Opelika 11.0s 9.83 CoCoRaHS
Opelika 14.3s 9.59 CoCoRaHS
Oxford 5.00 Media/Weather watcher
Phenix City 5.08 Media/Weather watcher
Phenix City 2.2nnw 6.33 CoCoRaHS
Phenix City 3.0nnw 6.47 CoCoRaHS
Pinson 3.79 Co-op observer; Record rainfall of 3.52" on 11/10
Pelham 0.7nnw 4.27 CoCoRaHS
Pell City 3.6sse 5.49 CoCoRaHS
Pell City 5.7ssw 5.41 CoCoRaHS
Pell City 5.8ssw 5.18 CoCoRaHS
Prattville 1.1nne 4.13  CoCoRaHS
Prattville 2.7wnw 4.10 CoCoRaHS
Prattville 5.9wsw 3.16 CoCoRaHS
Ramer 1.5se 5.13 CoCoRaHS
Rickwood Caverns 3.09 Media/Weather watcher
Rosa 2.8sw 2.91 CoCoRaHS
Selma 1.5wsw 3.62 CoCoRaHS
Springville 5.3wnw 4.25 CoCoRaHS
Springville 6.7ne 3.55 CoCoRaHS
Sylacauga 9.2s 6.17 CoCoRaHS
Talladega 5.36 Media/Weather watcher
Talladega 1.6sse 5.38 CoCoRaHS
Tarrant 3.4ese 4.51 CoCoRaHS
Troy 1.5ese 4.47 CoCoRaHS
Trussville 6.6nne 4.72 CoCoRaHS
Tuscaloosa 4.4se 3.89 CoCoRaHS
Vernon 1.37 EMA
Vestavia Hills 1.7ne 4.48 CoCoRaHS
Vestavia Hills 1.8e 3.70 CoCoRaHS
Vigo 3.94 Media/Weather watcher
Vincent 7.0ne 4.14 CoCoRaHS
Walnut Grove 3.24 Media/Weather watcher
Warrior 4.6nw 2.62 CoCoRaHS
Wedowee 4.70 EMA
Winfield 6.4s 2.17 CoCoRaHS


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