White Hall F1 Tornado

National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed the damage across Northwestern Lowndes County. It was determined that the damage was the result of a tornado that has been rated F1 on the Fujita Scale.

The tornado first touched down near Mount Gillard Church...near the Intersection of highway 80 and County Road17...around 645 Am CDT. It stayed on the ground for only about one and one half minutes ...before lifting around 647 AM CDT. The total path length was 1.5 miles with a width of 50 yards at its widest point. This path was parallel to County Road 17...with most of the damage on the Northwest side of the road.

This tornado...with winds of around 100 mph...resulted in dozens of trees being uprooted or snapped...2 mobile homes severe damaged...3 homes with minor damage...and one home with severe roof damage. The side of one of the mobile homes was breached by an unidentified piece of debris...resulting in a 7 foot by 3 foot hole. The most substantial damage to a home consisted of approximately one third of the roof being blown off...which resulted in the partial collapse of an exterior wall. One middle aged man was injured in this home but did not seek medical treatment.


Tornado watch number 215 was in effect from 500 AM Until 1200 PM CDT.

A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect from 636 AM until 715 AM. 


Tornado Damage Tornado Damage Tornado Damage

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