New NWS Birmingham Climate Home Page

National Weather Service Forecast Offices across the country have implemented a brand new climate internet page. This climate page is nationally standardized meaning that each NWS office will have the same webpage interface to allow customers to easily find climate information for anywhere in the country.
For those of you who frequent the NWS Birmingham Climate Page, some changes to the format have been made. The main feature of this new climate page will be six easy to use tabs located across the top of the page. These six tabs are titled 'Observed Weather', 'Climate Locations', 'Climate Prediction', 'Climate Resources', 'Local Data/Records', and 'Astronomical'.

Many of the old climate pages will still work, but the home page for climate data will change. Be sure to update your bookmarks to the new climate page to A link to our old climate page will reside under the ‘Local Data/Records’ tab. While we are transitioning to the new climate webpage, the following explanation and images can be your guidance to find the climate information that has moved.

Tab #1 - Observed Weather will contain:

  • Daily Climate reports (CLI) for Birmingham and Montgomery.
  • Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6) for Anniston, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. This link will display daily climate data for each location for the current month as well as previous months.
  • Record Event Reports (RER) - information on daily records that have been matched or broken for Birmingham and Montgomery.
  • Monthly Weather Summary (CLM) - a monthly summary of weather statistics for Birmingham and Montgomery.
  • Regional Summary (RTP) - Alabama Temperature and Precipitation Report.

To display the product you will:

  • Select which product you wish to view
  • Select which location you would like to view the product for
  • Select most recent for latest issuance of product or archived data to select from an archive for that product and click on GO


Tab 1 of New Page


Tab #2 - Climate Locations will contain a map and listing of our climate stations.

Tab 2 of New Page


Tab #3 - Climate Prediction will contain links to national websites on climate prediction and climate variability. These websites will aid in long range (greater than 7 days) forecasts across the U.S as well as topics associated with climate assessment and prediction.

Tab 3 of New Page

Tab #4 - Climate Resources will contain links to national and international climate organizations and data sources.

Tab 4 of New Page

Tab #5 - Local Data/Records will contain a link to our old climate (‘NWS Birmingham Climate Old Page') webpage as well as other familiar local data links such as:

  • Climate Data
    • Enhanced Climate Website
    • Daily Climate Reports (CLI)
    • F6 Data (Monthly Reports)
    • Climate Queries
  • Local Climate Studies
    • Archive of Severe Weather Reports and Warnings
    • 2005 Weather in Review
    • Local studies on El Nino, Top Ten Weather Events, Cold Weather, and White Christmas History
  • Climate Graphs
    • Rainfall and Wind Plots
  • Other Climate Websites
    • State, Regional, and National Climate Agencies
  • Climate Summaries for Area Cities
    • Daily Climate Reports (CLI) for cities around the Southeast
    • State Temperature and Precipitation Reports for surrounding states
Tab 5 of New Page


Tab #6 - Astronomical will contain links to the Naval Observatory Sunrise/Sunset calculator, information on moon phases, tides and currents data, and the official U.S. time.

Tab 6 of New Page


If you have any questions or comments about our new Climate page, please contact us. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.