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Issued: May 8, 2007

...April 2007 Weather & Climate for Central Alabama...

April is the heart of Spring Severe Weather Season and six tornadoes occurred during the month. A few supercell thunderstorms developed on the afternoon of April 11th. These supercells produced tornadoes near Bagley (Jefferson County), in Dadeville (Tallapoosa County), north of Hurtsboro (Macon/Russell Counties), near Randolph (Bibb/Chilton Counties) and near Wetumpka (Elmore County). These tornadoes were not responsible for any injuries but caused structural damage and downed numerous trees. These supercell thunderstorms also dropped swaths of large hail along their paths. Hail stones were reported up to the size of softballs and grapefruits and damaged numerous vehicles and homes. A few more supercell thunderstorms formed on April 14th. Most of these storms affected far southern Alabama but one tornado touched down in southern Bullock County. Large hail and damaging winds occurred sporadically along the US Highway 80/Interstate 85 corridor associated with this event.

The first several days of April started off warm with high temperatures mainly in the 80s. In many spots...these temperatures were a few degrees away from record territory. A noticeable change occurred in the vegetation as many plants...trees...and shrubs were in bloom. But conditions changed abruptly as polar high pressure settled across much of the eastern half of the nation from the 5th through the 10th. Low temperatures dipped into the 20s and 30s areawide as Freeze Warnings were issued several days in a row. The normally cooler locations reported temperatures in the low to mid 20s and the low temperatures for the month were generally in this time frame. Many counties across Central Alabama reported partial or complete losses of fruit crops due to the hard freeze.

Two low pressure systems affected Central Alabama in mid April. These open waves brought the passage of a warm front followed rather quickly by a cold front. These two systems produced severe weather on the 11th and 14th. The strong front on the 14th produced gusty winds of 35 to 45 mph areawide ahead and behind the front.

The last ten days of April would be characterized by at or above normal temperatures. Most locations reported monthly high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s on the 30th. Montgomery observed a high temperature on the 30th of 94 degrees. This temperature broke the all time high for the month of april. This temperature was much higher than surrounding locations but it appeared that the equipment measured correctly.

Due to the abnormally dry soil conditions and low fuel moisture in many locations...several wildfires developed across Central Alabama. Many acres sustained fire damage but no significant fires are burning at this time. Surface dew points typically rise as we head toward summertime and this should alleviate the wildfire dangers somewhat. No Central Alabama counties are under a Fire Alert at this time...but extreme caution should be exercised with any fires due to the dry conditions.

With the rainfall deficits adding up in many spots...north central Alabama remained in a D3 Severe Drought. Irrigation systems have been used much earlier than normal and a return to normal rainfall will be critical in sustaining these crops. With these drought conditions...area water supplies have started to be impacted. There are already a few voluntary water conservation efforts underway. The only exception was southeast Alabama...where some needed rain fell in April. This area has been dropped into D0 Abnormally Dry to D1 Moderate Drought conditions.

The Climate Prediction Center outlook for May has precipitation remaining below normal for most of the month. Temperature trends are above normal. The longer range outlook through July has temperatures remaining above normal while there are equal chances of above or below normal precipitation.

Unofficial Precipitation Deficits for the Period January through May 6th 2007;


Unofficial temperature and precipitation data for selected sites;

April 2007
Highest Temperature 86 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 30 on the 7th & 8th
Average High Temperature 72.2
Average Low Temperature 48.1
Average Monthly 60.2
Departure From Normal -1.1
Precipitation 2.62
Departure From Normal -2.05
Highest Wind Gust 38 mph on the 15th


April 2007
Highest Temperature 94 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 35 on the 8th
Average High Temperature 75.6
Average Low Temperature 50.6
Average Monthly 63.1
Departure From Normal -1.2
Precipitation 2.53
Departure From Normal -1.85
Highest Wind Gust 40 mph on the 4th


April 2007
Highest Temperature 86 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 30 on the 8th
Average High Temperature 73.6
Average Low Temperature 46.2
Average Monthly 59.9
Departure From Normal -4.1
Precipitation 2.23
Departure From Normal -2.87
Highest Wind Gust 32 mph on the 11th


April 2007
Highest Temperature 87 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 27 on the 8th
Average High Temperature 72.3
Average Low Temperature 45.2
Average Monthly 58.8
Departure From Normal -2.9
Precipitation 1.25
Departure From Normal -3.62
Highest Wind Gust 41 mph on the 14th


April 2007
Highest Temperature 87 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 31 on the 7th & 8th
Average High Temperature 72.0
Average Low Temperature 48.6
Average Monthly 60.3
Precipitation 1.51
Highest Wind Gust 35 on the 15th


April 2007
Highest Temperature 88 on the 30th
Lowest Temperature 33 on the 8th
Average High Temperature 74.5
Average Low Temperature 48.3
Average Monthly 61.4
Precipitation 6.09
Highest Wind Gust 41 on the 14th


Unofficial February temperature and precipitation data for selected sites;


April 2007
Location Highest Temp/Date Lowest Temp/Date Precipitation
Alexander City 84 on the 30th 29 on the 8th 3.31
Ashland 84 on the 30th 24 on the 8th 1.97
Centre 83 on the 25th & 30th 24 on the 8th & 9th 1.38
Childersburg 84 on the 24th 27 on the 8th 0.93
Clanton 84 on the 30th 28 on the 8th 2.87
Demopolis 84 on the 25th-27th 32 on the 8th 3.34
Hamilton 87 on the 4th 22 on the 7th & 8th 3.38
Haleyville 84 on the 29th & 30th 29 on the 7th 4.21
Helena 82 Several 29 on the 8th 1.57
Jasper 84 on the 4th & 30th 26 on the 8th & 9th 3.25
Lafayette 87 on the 30th 25 on the 8th 3.28
Pinson 89 on the 30th 25 on the 8th 2.19
Rockford 86 on the 30th 27 on the 8th 3.62
Sylacauga 83 on the 30th 26 on the 8th 1.54
Talladega 85 on the 25th 26 on the 8th & 9th 1.32
Thorsby 82 on the 25th & 29th & 30th 32 on the 8th 2.83
Union Springs 82 on the 3rd & 4th 30 on the 8th 8.28
Wetumpka 84 on the 26th 30 on the 8th 3.56 is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.