NWS Birmingham Webpage Tutorial
Impact Briefing Video (Multimedia Impact Briefing) 

The Multimedia Impact Briefing is one of our up and coming products.  It is used in a wide variety of ways, but is excellent in helping public officials and the public in general make possibly life saving decisions prior to a weather event.  Issued twice a day (and updated when needed), our video briefing is located in two different places on our front page for your convenience.  During an event, it can also be found in our News Headlines (see below).  Additionally, when there are no hazards in the forecast, the Impact Briefing Video will contain some informational tidbit about the NWS Birmingham office.


As a quick reference product, our Graphicasts are another of our up and coming products.  These are tabbed static images where each tab will contain information that is pertinent to current or upcoming weather conditions.  Sometimes, we issue other types of graphicasts, which would be labeled with their own tab, such as TROPICAL or RADAR.  If RADAR is one of the tabs, you can leave this up on your PC, as it will update itself. 

graphicast text 

Secondly, if you click on the image on the front page, you will bring up a another webpage in which the graphicast will be displayed with some text below the image giving a little more in-depth explanation of what's going on. 

Informational Banner 

The Informational Banner is used to alert  our customers of imminent or ongoing hazards in central Alabama.  Even though it's not always on the page, when you do see it, you can click on it to view the most current watches, warnings or other highlighted products. 

News Headlines 

The News Headlines found at the top of our home page are another way to keep our customers informed.  We try to keep this as fresh as possible, posting all kinds of information, including topics like recent climate data, weather event recaps and the latest NWS and NOAA happenings. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our webpage, please don't hesitate to email us any time at sr-bmx.webmaster@noaa.gov.


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