Washington's Birthday Climatology for Amarillo
Average High: 56° F Average Low: 28° F Average Precip: 0.03" Average Snow: 0.2"


Courtesy of http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/georgewashington

Sometimes also referred to as President's Day, the national celebration of George Washington's birthday has taken place on the third Monday of February since 1971.  This means it ranges from February 15th to February 21st through different years.  Before 1971, Washington's Birthday was celebrated on his actual birthdate of February 22nd.  Our nation's first President served in office from 1789 to 1797, with Vice Presidnt John Adams.

To see what the weather was like in Amarillo for this holiday in past years, you've reached the right page.  Since 1892 the average high temperature on this rotating holiday has been 57° F, and the low temperature has averaged 28° F.  However, temperatures have been as cold as 5° F and as warm as 80° F.  True to February being the driest month on average, precipitation has occurred only 24 percent of the time on Washington's Birthday.  Most of the precipitation tends to be light, and the average on days when it has occurred is 0.10".  The snowiest Washington's Birthday was in 1998 ,with 6.2" of snowfall that melted down to 0.76" of liquid equivalent.

View the data record for Washington's Birthday at Amarillo from 1892-2012


Washington's Birthday Quick Facts

Warmest high temperature:  80° F in 1918
Coldest high temperature:  20° F in 1894
Coldest low temperature:  5° F in 1914
Warmest low temperature:  44° F in 1916
Wettest:  0.76" in 1998
Snowiest:  6.2" in 1998
Number of times with precipitation29 times out of 121 years (24%)
Number of times with snow:  15 times out of 121 years (12%)



The Last Time It Happened On Washington's Birthday

Temperature of 70° F or higher:  72° F in 2006
Temperature of 20° F or lower:  15° F in 2010
Rainfall:  Trace in 2002
Rainfall total of 0.10" or higher:  0.64" in 1922
Snowfall:  Trace in 2006
Snowfall total of 1.0" or higher:  6.2" in 1998


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