Storm Report Submissions to NWS Amarillo

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You do not need to register to submit a report. If you have a weather report to submit, please continue to the report form page.

We can use storm reports during or after a storm event. This report may not be evaluated immediately. If damage is occurring or imminent, call your local law enforcement officials or the National Weather Service at 806-335-1121.

The following criteria are considered a severe weather report:

1. Penny sized hail or larger.

2. Wind gusts in excess of 58 mph.

3. A tornadic circulation on the ground or "significant", rotating funnel cloud which appears to be potentially tornadic.

4. Flash flooding.

5. Damage to structures, buildings, barns, or cars and trees.

Be as descriptive as possible, include thickness of tree limbs, rainfall amounts and any damage or weather occurrence you feel is important to report.

There is no guarantee that submitted reports will be published in Storm Data. Multiple reports for one event will be evaluated for significance.

If the report verifies a warning and and is significant, it will be used.

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