Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 18th - 22nd

Today’s topic is Flooding Terms

Floods occur nationwide and are the deadliest weather-related killers in the United States.  From river flooding, to urban flooding, to flash flooding, flooding can be life-threatening.  Therefore, you need to keep informed of developing flood situations and be prepared to take quick action to avoid danger.  Just a mere two feet of water can send a large vehicle, even a bus, floating into an even more treacherous situation.  It only takes six inches of fast moving water to sweep you off your feet.

Some flood facts:
- Nearly half of all flash flood fatalities are vehicle-related.
- The majority of victims are males.
- Flood deaths affect all age groups.

2012 Flood Fatalities Statistics
Flood fatalities by activity Flood fatalities by age Flood fatalities by age
Flood fatalities by state Flood fatalities by month  


-A flood watch indicates that conditions are favorable for flooding to develop. Be prepared to move to higher ground.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for additional information.

-A flood warning means that flooding is occurring or will occur soon.  If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

-A flash flood warning means that flash flooding is occurring or imminent. Move to higher ground immediately.  Flash Floods develop much quicker than river floods.

 Minor flooding Minor flooding is when minimal or no property damage is expected to occur, but the flooding could possibly cause some public threat or inconvenience.
 Moderate flooding Moderate flooding is when some inundations of structures and roads near streams will occur. Some evacuations of people and/or a transfer of property to higher elevations are necessary.
 Major flooding Major/record flooding is when there is extensive inundation of structures and roads along with possible significant evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.
Additional information about Flood Safety Awareness Week is available at: www.weather.gov/floodsafety/.

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