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The ABRFC archive is where data generally older than a couple of days may be found. The archive content is similar to the current data available on other links on the ABRFC web. Forecasts, hydrometeorological discussions, precipitation products and other data are available for approximately the last year. 

Use the ABRFC Archive Browser to find products. You need to specify the month, year and the product type (or "all products" to see what's available). You can also narrow your search with a range of dates (e.g. from the 3rd of the month to the 5th), or with a simple, single keyword search (e.g. "DDC" or "FFGSGF"). All ABRFC archive data is stored with a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) date/time stamp in the filename.

Archive data can be obtained by using:

  • Software, such as wget, that has the ability to download multiple files from ABRFC's HTTP server.
  • If you only need a few files, you can save files individually by browsing the archive.

ABRFC has various products archived back to 1994, however due to security constraints, only the last year or so is available online. If you have need of a product from before the online archive period, please email us to see if the product is available.


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