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Recent Reports for Otis

OTSN5 160705 M DH1700/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP M
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/DC1608170901
OTSN5 160809 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 61/TA 83/PP 0.15
.A1 PT 1/XW 51/XP 3/DC1608151646
OTSN5 160807 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 46/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 6/DC1608151644
OTSN5 160803 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 48/TA 78/PP 0.69
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 0/DC1608032019
: Clouds, rain seen to the South non at station
OTSN5 160802 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 47/TA 77/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 1/DC1608021646
OTSN5 160801 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 53/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1608011640
OTSN5 160731 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 67/TA 89/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1608011637
OTSN5 160724 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 54/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1608011630
OTSN5 160719 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 56/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1608011626
OTSN5 160718 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 47/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1608011620
OTSN5 160713 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 60/TA 87/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1608011612
: The temperature gauge is acting up It is giving me extreme readings for low so I
: guessed!
OTSN5 160709 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 48/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1607131551
OTSN5 160707 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 56/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1607131549
OTSN5 160630 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 56/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1607051211
OTSN5 160625 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 59/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1607051208
: breezy
OTSN5 160622 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 37/TA 91/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 1/DC1607051151
OTSN5 160618 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 57/TA 90/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1607051146
OTSN5 160613 M DH1745/TX 84/TN 59/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1606131757
: The wind had picked up through out the day. It has started to blow sand around.
OTSN5 160609 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 51/TA 85/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1606131340
OTSN5 160608 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 56/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1606131338
OTSN5 160606 M DH1613/TX 87/TN 58/TA 85/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 2/DC1606061614
: Finally there is a breeze today. It has been very hot here the last couple of
: days.
OTSN5 160604 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 50/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1606061503
OTSN5 160524 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 41/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1605251530
: Very Windy
OTSN5 160522 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 42/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1605251529
: Very breezy
OTSN5 160520 M DH1607/TX 72/TN 43/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1605201607
: Slightly Breezy again today. Hopefully this weekend will be as nice as today.
OTSN5 160518 M DH1640/TX 58/TN 41/TA 55/PP 0.46
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1605181643
: Yes sir. The rain came but was gentile in its falling. I was surprised that we
: received almost a half inch of rain. It was fairly breezy today. Just enough to
: keep things too cool to want to be outside.
OTSN5 160515 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 47/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1605181635
OTSN5 160514 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 46/TA 68/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1605181634
: slight breeze today
OTSN5 160513 M DH2010/TX 78/TN 42/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1605132019
: Beautiful sunny day. Hardly a cloud in the sky. If it wasn't for a small breeze
: it would have been miserably hot. The breeze was on the warmer side with just a
: hint of coolness to it.
OTSN5 160511 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 41/TA 57/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1605131030
OTSN5 160510 M DH1625/TX 67/TN 40/TA 66/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1605101625
: There is a nice breeze blowing today. It is unusually warm for as much cloud
: cover as we have had today.
OTSN5 160509 M DH1735/TX 65/TN 39/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1605091735
: There has been a slightly stronger breeze today but I wouldn't characterize it
: as wind.
OTSN5 160508 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 37/TA 45/PP 0.11
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 2/DC1605091733
: There was sleet this morning as I was waking up. It was obvious that it had
: rained during the night/early morning. After 11am it started to warm up bit and
: the temperature only reached around 50 degrees today.
OTSN5 160505 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 42/TA 74/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1605091727
: Now this is what I have been dreaming about. A slight breeze to keep things at a
: delightful temperature. It is so warm that I don't need the heat in my house
: anymore and I can sleep with the windows open.
OTSN5 160502 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 35/TA 50/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1605091722
: slight breeze today. It actually feels like spring and not winter. Yay!
OTSN5 160429 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 27/TA 38/PP 0.13
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 7/DC1605091709
: There were snow pellets mixed in with the rain today... Is winter over yet? It
: was windy again today which made it feel even colder than what it already was.
OTSN5 160428 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 29/TA 44/PP 0.13
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 7/DC1605091706
: There were snow pellets mixed in with the rain today... Is winter over yet? It
: was windy again today which made it feel even colder than what it already was.
OTSN5 160426 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 28/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1605091700
: The wind is no longer playing "Sand Blast the People". It had quieted down to a
: dull roar.
OTSN5 160425 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 39/TA 51/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC1605091658
: I spoke too soon. The sand is being blown around today.
OTSN5 160423 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 45/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1605091652
: The wind has decreased to nice breeze. It may pick up later though.
OTSN5 160419 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 30/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1604211721
: A nice cool breeze is blowing today.
OTSN5 160417 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 35/TA 38/PP 0.26
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 8/DC1604211718
: Some more rain came to visit today. Windy again today too.
OTSN5 160416 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 32/TA 40/PP 1.14
.A1 PT 6/SF 5.3/SD 0/XW 03/XP 7/DC1604211714
: Lots of water on the ground, lots of water all around.
: Freezing here, running there. Lots of water everywhere!
: Oh, and very windy too.
OTSN5 160414 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 42/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1604211709
: Nice day to be outside.
OTSN5 160409 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 37/TA 50/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1604211701
: Lots of wind today. Looks like we have some bad weather on the way.
OTSN5 160407 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 36/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1604211657
: Very warm again today. The wind seems to be kicking up though.
OTSN5 160403 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 26/TA 57/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1604211652
: still windy today but not as bad as yesterday
OTSN5 160331 M DH1600/TX 48/TN 22/TA 45/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/XP 0/DC1604150927
: The wind has been mild today. Not as gentile as a breeze but not so strong that
: it makes you want to stay inside.
OTSN5 160331 M DH1600/TX 48/TN 22/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1603311602
: The wind has been mild today. Not as gentile as a breeze but not so strong that
: it makes you want to stay inside.
OTSN5 160330 M DH1549/TX 44/TN 21/TA 40/PP 0.01
.A1 PT 6/SF 0.1/SD T/XW 02/XP 2/DC1603301550
: Very windy again today. The snow came flying across the sky like a blizzard and
: was gone again in no time. It snowed for maybe 30 minutes this afternoon.
OTSN5 160329 M DH1800/TX 60/TN 35/TA 40/PP 0.01
.A1 PT 6/SF 0.2/SD T/XW 03/XP 2/DC1603301546
: Very windy today. Was surprised to see snow falling this afternoon.
OTSN5 160326 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 26/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1603281731
: the clouds are back and the wind is picking up again.
OTSN5 160321 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 25/TA 60/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/XP 3/DC1603281725
: lots of wind today
OTSN5 160321 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 25/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1603281723
OTSN5 160201 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 22/TA 23/PP 0.20
.AR1 PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 4/XW 03/XP 7/DC1603241843
OTSN5 160223 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 24/TA 31/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/XP 1/DC1603241256
OTSN5 160317 M DH1705/TX 58/TN 28/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1603171706
: No clouds to be seen. A gentile breeze is keeping the sun from getting to warm.
OTSN5 160313 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 29/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1603171701
: Welcome to spring. Snowing one day and beautifully warm the next.
OTSN5 160307 M DH1554/TX 52/TN 26/TA 47/PP T
.A1 PT 6/SF T/SD 0/XW 03/XP 1/DC1603071557
: Very windy, ice pellets, light snow not enough to measure.., It just blew
: through the area.
OTSN5 160223 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 24/TA 31/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1602291534
OTSN5 160222 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 31/TA 45/PP 0.01
.A1 SF T/SD T/XW 02/XP 0/DC1602291527
: Windy
OTSN5 160219 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 33/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 2/DC1602291523
OTSN5 160108 M DH1600/TX 32/TN 21/TA 24/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 7/XW 03/XP 0/DC1602241126
OTSN5 160120 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 38/PP 0.05
.AR1 PT 5/SF 0.8/SD 3/XW 02/XP 1/DC1602221047
: The fog was here before 6::00am until about 10::45am
OTSN5 160201 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 22/TA 23/PP 2.00
.AR1 PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 4/XW 03/XP 7/DC1602171609
OTSN5 160211 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 30/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 0/XW 02/DC1602151459
: Breezy
OTSN5 160205 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 5/TA 27/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 6/XW 01/XP 0/DC1602101021
: windy
OTSN5 160202 M DH1700/TX 23/TN 10/TA 19/PP 4.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 6/XW 03/XP 7/DC1602101018
OTSN5 160121 M DH1656/TX 38/TN 13/TA 30/PP 0.34
.A1 SF 0.7/SD 4/XW 01/XP 0/DC1601211702
: No fog this morning but while it was snowing last night, the wind was making the
: snow come down horizontally. The sky cleared up to reveal an almost full moon.
OTSN5 160120 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 38/PP 0.46
.A1 PT 5/SF 0.8/SD 3/XW 02/XP 1/DC1601211655
: The fog was here before 6::00am until about 10::45am
OTSN5 160118 M DH1700/TX 41/TN 18/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 2/XW 01/XP 0/DC1601211651
OTSN5 160115 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 13/TA 34/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1601211647
OTSN5 160114 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 13/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1601211643
OTSN5 151204 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 20/TA 48/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/XP 0/DC1601210909
OTSN5 160109 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 19/TA 22/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1601111701
OTSN5 160106 M DH1700/TX 32/TN 20/TA 25/PP 3.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 3.0/SD 7/XW 75/XP 7/DC1601061634
: Snowing all day and still snowing...
OTSN5 160104 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 10/TA 26/PP 2.50
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.5/SD 4/XW 73/XP 2/DC1601051510
OTSN5 160103 M DH1700/TX 32/TN 12/TA 28/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1601051459
OTSN5 151229 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 6/TA 27/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1601051453
OTSN5 151225 M DH1700/TX 18/TN 5/TA 10/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 7/XW 03/XP 2/DC1601051448
OTSN5 151222 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 19/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1601051444
OTSN5 151208 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 24/TA 50/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1601051435
OTSN5 151201 M DH1700/TX 31/TN 13/TA 29/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1512031625
OTSN5 151130 M DH1700/TX 31/TN 17/TA 25/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1512031624
: Really windy today. The wind is bone chilling.
OTSN5 151120 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 25/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1512031617
OTSN5 151118 M DH1450/TX 45/TN 25/TA 43/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1511181450
: Windy
OTSN5 151116 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 26/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 3/DC1511181449
OTSN5 151113 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 23/TA 46/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1511181443
OTSN5 151111 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 26/TA 36/PP 0.04
.A1 PT 6/XW 03/DC1511121741
: Extremely high winds, sudden drop in temp, rain mixed with sleet and snow
: pellets and then snow flakes.  It was over quickly
OTSN5 151109 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 33/TA 54/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1511111255
OTSN5 151108 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 26/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1511111254
OTSN5 151105 M DH1558/TX 39/TN 27/TA 35/PP 0.21
.A1 PT 5/SF 1.1/SD 0/XW 02/XP 2/DC1511051600
: It snowed over night. We had about an inch on the ground this morning around
: 7am. After 12pm when the sun came out, the snow melted away leaving only puddles
: and muddy ground. There is a slight breeze keeping everything cool.
OTSN5 151030 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 37/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1511051547
: The breeze is picking up again.
OTSN5 151028 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 36/TA 53/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1510291706
: It has been a beautiful day with the clouds floating by on the breeze. The
: breeze was stronger then yesterday but it has quieted down to a soft whisper.
OTSN5 151027 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 39/TA 57/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1510291703
: Just a slight breeze today, just enough to keep you in a sweater.
OTSN5 151025 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 39/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1510291659
: It has been windy here again today. At least the temperature is almost warm
: again.
OTSN5 151017 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 37/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1510291645
OTSN5 151016 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 41/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1510291644
: Lots of wind today
OTSN5 151014 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 45/TA 74/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1510211608
OTSN5 151014 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 45/TA 74/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1510211608
OTSN5 151012 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 44/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1510131641
OTSN5 151011 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 45/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1510131639
OTSN5 151008 M DH1708/TX 69/TN 42/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1510081709
OTSN5 151006 M DH1621/TX 65/TN 44/TA 57/PP 0.70
.A1 XW 03/XP 9/DC1510061622
OTSN5 151005 M DH1619/TX 70/TN 50/TA 63/PP 0.02
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1510051620
: Lots of wind today
OTSN5 151004 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 40/TA 70/PP 0.01
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1510051618
OTSN5 151003 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 52/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1510041920
OTSN5 151002 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 50/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1510041919
OTSN5 150928 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 54/TA 74/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1509281756
OTSN5 150924 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 50/TA 77/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1509281703
OTSN5 150912 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 48/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1509141159
OTSN5 150911 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 48/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1509141159
OTSN5 150902 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 42/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1509091325
OTSN5 150831 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 52/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1509021146
OTSN5 150828 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 50/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1509021144
OTSN5 150824 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 57/TA 86/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1508251734
OTSN5 150825 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 60/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1508251637
OTSN5 150821 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 62/TA 90/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1508251626
OTSN5 150817 M DH1609/TX 88/TN 63/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1508171609
OTSN5 150811 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 56/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1508171603
OTSN5 150808 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 48/TA 71/PP 0.41
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 2/DC1508171554
OTSN5 150807 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 57/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1508171553
OTSN5 150710 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 47/TA 73/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/XP 0/DC1508090611
OTSN5 150806 M DH1545/TX 87/TN 61/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1508061543
OTSN5 150803 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 52/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 9/DC1508061526
OTSN5 150731 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 59/TA 74/PP 0.38
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1508061522
OTSN5 150728 M DH1600/TX 86/TN 60/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1507301640
OTSN5 150727 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 56/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1507291240
OTSN5 150723 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1507291236
OTSN5 150721 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 54/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1507291234
OTSN5 150629 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 59/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1507201735
OTSN5 150715 M DH1619/TX 78/TN 47/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1507151620
OTSN5 150714 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 58/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1507151619
OTSN5 150711 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 45/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1507131707
OTSN5 150707 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 53/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1507081610
OTSN5 150704 M DH1700/TX 95/TN 56/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 2/DC1507061528
OTSN5 150623 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 62/TA 89/PP 0.05
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1506241644
OTSN5 150524 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 39/TA 54/PP 0.36
.AR1 PT 1/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 61/XP 8/DC1506231106
OTSN5 150529 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 46/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1506221637
: Sunny
OTSN5 150621 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 63/TA 90/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1506221619
OTSN5 150620 M DH1700/TX 91/TN 61/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1506221618
OTSN5 150614 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 50/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 6/DC1506151235
OTSN5 150609 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 57/TA 70/PP 0.25
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 6/DC1506101430
OTSN5 150602 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 50/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1506101420
OTSN5 150601 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 54/TA 77/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1506101419
OTSN5 150528 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 46/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1506011506
OTSN5 150527 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 42/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 8/DC1505291305
OTSN5 150525 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 39/TA 47/PP 0.02
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 8/DC1505291303
OTSN5 150521 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 47/TA 51/PP 0.14
.A1 PT 1/XW 61/XP 0/DC1505291255
OTSN5 150520 M DH1615/TX 69/TN 40/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 2/DC1505201612
OTSN5 150419 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 29/TA 53/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC1505201434
OTSN5 150519 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 40/TA 59/PP 0.34
.A1 XW 02/XP 3/DC1505201042
OTSN5 150518 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 43/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1505181705
: Very cloudy, high winds
OTSN5 150517 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 34/TA 60/PP 0.07
.A1 XW 95/XP 0/DC1505181505
: windy
OTSN5 150513 M DH1600/TX 64/TN 43/TA 62/PP 0.27
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1505131600
OTSN5 150511 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 34/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1505131559
OTSN5 150507 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 38/TA 64/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1505131550
OTSN5 150505 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 42/TA 53/PP 0.26
.A1 XW 65/XP 2/DC1505131548
OTSN5 150430 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 49/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1505041405
OTSN5 150429 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 40/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1504291640
OTSN5 150427 M DH1553/TX 58/TN 34/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1504271613
OTSN5 150426 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 35/TA 44/PP 0.21
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/DC1504271232
: Windy again today. It rained off and on most of the day.
OTSN5 150423 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 43/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1504271225
: Breezy
OTSN5 150421 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 33/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1504271224
: Slight breeze today. Just enough to cool a person off from the hot sun.
OTSN5 150415 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 31/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 1/DC1504271215
: It was very windy today.
OTSN5 150320 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 36/TA 52/PP 0.00
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/XP 2/DC1504221421
: windy
OTSN5 150414 M DH1616/TX 68/TN 40/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 1/DC1504141618
: wond and cloudy
OTSN5 150410 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 39/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1504141614
: windy
OTSN5 150408 M DH1617/TX 62/TN 39/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1504081617
OTSN5 150405 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 36/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1504071222
: Windy
OTSN5 150403 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 25/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1504071219
: Windy
OTSN5 150402 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 37/TA 62/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 1/DC1504021703
OTSN5 150329 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 41/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1504021659
OTSN5 150325 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 22/TA 54/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1503261415
: windy
OTSN5 150322 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 35/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1503261411
: breezy
OTSN5 150315 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 35/TA 61/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1503261407
OTSN5 150309 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 34/TA 51/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1503261401
OTSN5 150306 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 33/TA 49/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1503091211
: windy
OTSN5 150303 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 23/TA 36/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1503091208
OTSN5 150228 M DH1700/TX 26/TN 19/TA 22/PP 1.20
.AR1 PT 5/SF 16.3/SD 20/XW 75/XP 7/DC1503021827
: Snowfall was 16.3
OTSN5 150302 M DH1552/TX 49/TN 33/TA 44/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 4/XW 03/XP 0/DC1503021552
OTSN5 150301 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 22/TA 38/PP 0.06
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 12/XW 02/XP 2/DC1503021402
OTSN5 150226 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 SD T/XW 03/XP 0/DC1503021352
OTSN5 150217 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 17/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1502181237
: Windy
OTSN5 150216 M DH1630/TX 53/TN 26/TA 35/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1502161633
: Windy
OTSN5 150211 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 29/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1502161325
OTSN5 150127 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 33/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1502161315
OTSN5 150108 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 25/TA 46/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1502161313
OTSN5 150121 M DH1600/TX 42/TN 31/TA 33/PP T
.AR1 SF T/SD 0/XW 03/XP 0/DC1502160456
: There was a dusting of snow in the morning. I was not able to measure it.
OTSN5 150210 M DH1526/TX 60/TN 38/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1502101526
OTSN5 150206 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 30/TA 32/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1502101145
OTSN5 150209 M DH1709/TX 61/TN 35/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 0/XW 01/DC1502091710
: It feels more like spring than winter.
OTSN5 150203 M DH1749/TX 47/TN 30/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1502031750
OTSN5 150202 M DH1556/TX 42/TN 25/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/DC1502021556
OTSN5 150130 M DH1630/TX 42/TN 27/TA 31/PP 0.14
.A1 PT 5/SF 5.3/SD 5/XW 71/DC1502021551
: The temperature did not reach 42 degrees. it is the current of yesterday and was
: the lowest number I was able to record.
OTSN5 150129 M DH1612/TX 49/TN 34/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1502021548
: .
OTSN5 150125 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 22/TA 43/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1501271558
OTSN5 150122 M DH1605/TX 42/TN 15/TA 29/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 2/DC1501221607
: There was a dusting of snow in the morning and it was not enough to measure.
OTSN5 150120 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 28/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1501221602
OTSN5 150115 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 24/TA 34/PP 0.00
.A1 PT 5/SD T/XW 01/DC1501191625
OTSN5 150110 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 25/TA 37/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1501191620
OTSN5 141219 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 22/TA 35/PP 0.10
.AR1 PT 5/SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 71/XP 7/DC1501101511
OTSN5 150106 M DH1612/TX 44/TN 24/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1501061612
OTSN5 150104 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 16/TA 31/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 10/XP 4/DC1501061607
: Frozen Fog early morning
OTSN5 141231 M DH1700/TX 27/TN 9/TA 26/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 2/XW 01/XP 0/DC1501061544
OTSN5 141229 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 8/TA 29/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 2/XW 01/XP 0/DC1501061543
OTSN5 141225 M DH1700/TX 27/TN 12/TA 20/PP 2.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 2/XW 86/XP 0/DC1501061535
OTSN5 141224 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 18/TA 27/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1501061533
OTSN5 141219 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 22/TA 35/PP 1.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 71/XP 7/DC1501061528
OTSN5 141218 M DH1550/TX 35/TN 23/TA 33/PP 0.00
.A1 PT 5/SD 1/XW 03/XP 1/DC1412181550
OTSN5 141217 M DH2104/TX 38/TN 22/TA 30/PP 0.26
.A1 PT 5/SF 1.2/SD 1/XW 03/DC1412181549
OTSN5 141216 M DH1602/TX 40/TN 24/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 PT 5/SD T/XW 02/DC1412161602
OTSN5 141215 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 25/TA 26/PP 0.00
.A1 PT 5/SD 1/XW 02/DC1412151910
OTSN5 141213 M DH2000/TX 45/TN 27/TA 30/PP 0.83
.A1 PT 5/SF 3.2/SD 3/XW 71/DC1412151908
OTSN5 141212 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 30/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1412151857
OTSN5 141210 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 29/TA 49/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1412111526
OTSN5 141205 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 32/TA 44/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1412111523
OTSN5 141203 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 37/TA 40/PP 0.12
.A1 XW 03/XP 6/DC1412041546
OTSN5 141130 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 38/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1412021932
OTSN5 141126 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 25/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1412021929
OTSN5 141120 M DH1604/TX 48/TN 28/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411201605
OTSN5 141118 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 12/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411201603
OTSN5 141116 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 19/TA 22/PP 0.12
.AR1 SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 01/XP 7/DC1411181141
: one inch of snow and about 0.12 inches of freezing rain accompanied it.
OTSN5 141117 M DH1534/TX 31/TN 12/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411171536
: slight breeze coming out of the north west to make it feel like its 25*F.
OTSN5 141115 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 27/TA 44/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411171532
OTSN5 141113 M DH1549/TX 56/TN 25/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1411131549
OTSN5 141109 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 35/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411101616
OTSN5 141104 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 26/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411051647
OTSN5 141101 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 42/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1411011630
: the wind is picking up from a light breeze to a strong gust. Can see rain trying
: to reach the ground in the south east.
OTSN5 141031 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 41/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1411011626
OTSN5 141030 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 40/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1411011624
OTSN5 141029 M DH1540/TX 62/TN 39/TA 61/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410291540
OTSN5 141026 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 48/TA 68/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1410291538
OTSN5 141024 M DH1621/TX 71/TN 47/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410241621
OTSN5 141023 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 45/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410231633
OTSN5 141020 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 44/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410211610
OTSN5 141019 M DH1845/TX 65/TN 47/TA 50/PP 0.47
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1410191845
: Thunderstorm started around 2::40pm and ended around 4::30pm. The thunderstorm
: brought heavy rain, hail/ice pellets, and a cold front. The thermostat may say
: 50, but it feels like 35.
OTSN5 141018 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 49/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1410191840
OTSN5 141016 M DH1706/TX 72/TN 45/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410161706
OTSN5 141015 M DH1626/TX 72/TN 42/TA 71/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1410151626
OTSN5 141013 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 32/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410141636
: Windy again today but without the sand and dust blowing about.
OTSN5 141012 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 43/TA 53/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 3/DC1410141631
: Very windy today with lots of sand and dust blowing about.
OTSN5 141011 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 42/TA 64/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 4/DC1410141629
: There was fog in the morning and it did not disappear until 9::30am
OTSN5 141010 M DH1644/TX 60/TN 45/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1410101645
OTSN5 141008 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 51/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1410101643
OTSN5 141007 M DH1542/TX 71/TN 50/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1410071542
OTSN5 141006 M DH1608/TX 70/TN 44/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410061608
OTSN5 141005 M DH1705/TX 68/TN 42/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410051705
OTSN5 141002 M DH1545/TX 57/TN 36/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1410021545
: There has been a cold wind from northwest starting last night and into this
: evening. It will probably continue until the low front has passed.
OTSN5 141001 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 43/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1410011851
OTSN5 140929 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 47/TA 58/PP 0.70
.A1 XW 02/XP 6/DC1410011849
OTSN5 140928 M DH1233/TX 70/TN 49/TA 60/PP 0.29
.A1 PT 1/XW 03/XP 9/DC1409281235
OTSN5 140927 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 52/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1409281233
OTSN5 140926 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 51/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1409261639
OTSN5 140925 M DH1625/TX 82/TN 59/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1409251625
OTSN5 140924 M DH1601/TX 80/TN 53/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1409241601
OTSN5 140917 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 55/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1409231739
OTSN5 140916 M DH1535/TX 79/TN 54/TA 75/PP 0.21
.A1 XW 03/XP 6/DC1409161537
: Moderate rainfall last night and early this morning.
OTSN5 140912 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 45/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1409161531
OTSN5 140909 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 53/TA 64/PP 0.40
.A1 PT 1/XW 53/XP 0/DC1409101709
OTSN5 140903 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 60/TA 85/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1409081602
OTSN5 140831 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 54/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1409081558
OTSN5 140710 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 55/TA 82/PP 0.04
.AR1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 0/DC1408261258
OTSN5 140824 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 52/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1408251606
OTSN5 140815 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 59/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1408181640
OTSN5 140813 M DH1614/TX 85/TN 59/TA 66/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1408131615
: Thundering, no visible lightening,  smell rain, see it but not here
OTSN5 140812 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 59/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1408131614
OTSN5 140810 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 57/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1408111250
OTSN5 140808 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 53/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1408111249
OTSN5 140806 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 59/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1408111158
OTSN5 140805 M DH1657/TX 82/TN 55/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1408051658
OTSN5 140729 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1407311610
OTSN5 140728 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 56/TA 67/PP 0.35
.A1 PT 1/XW 81/DC1407291111
OTSN5 140726 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 68/TA 90/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1407291105
OTSN5 140725 M DH1700/TX 96/TN 65/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1407291102
OTSN5 140722 M DH1700/TX 95/TN 65/TA 93/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1407291058
OTSN5 140720 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 61/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1407221216
OTSN5 140718 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 57/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1407190855
OTSN5 140715 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 50/TA 80/PP 0.70
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 2/DC1407190853
OTSN5 140710 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 55/TA 82/PP 0.03
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 0/DC1407190848
OTSN5 140706 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 57/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1407091641
OTSN5 140703 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 51/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1407091638
OTSN5 140630 M DH1700/TX 91/TN 54/TA 89/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1407011308
OTSN5 140627 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 56/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1407011244
OTSN5 140626 M DH1448/TX 86/TN 53/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1406261448
OTSN5 140624 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 57/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1406251422
OTSN5 140622 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 57/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1406231545
OTSN5 140620 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1406211305
OTSN5 140619 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 49/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1406201156
OTSN5 140614 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 53/TA 71/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/DC1406161000
OTSN5 140613 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 55/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 17/XP 1/DC1406160959
OTSN5 140610 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 52/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1406111645
OTSN5 140609 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 45/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1406111644
OTSN5 140602 M DH1629/TX 85/TN 68/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1406021630
: Sunny! No breeze
OTSN5 140528 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 56/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1406020931
OTSN5 140527 M DH1550/TX 80/TN 46/TA 78/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1406020926
OTSN5 140527 M DH1550/TX 80/TN 46/TA 78/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1405271550
OTSN5 140525 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 38/TA 50/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1405271328
OTSN5 140520 M DH1620/TX 79/TN 44/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1405201621
: It has been another windy day. Not so much as to blow you off the road, but
: enough to feel the wind while driving.
OTSN5 140518 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 51/TA 77/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 3/DC1405191230
OTSN5 140517 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 51/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1405191229
OTSN5 140421 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 46/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1405191048
: sunny, breezy
OTSN5 140512 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 32/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1405131700
OTSN5 140509 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 36/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1405131657
OTSN5 140507 M DH1521/TX 66/TN 36/TA 43/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 1/DC1405071523
: Very Windy, temps dropping...
OTSN5 140505 M DH1620/TX 76/TN 45/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1405051620
OTSN5 140503 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 41/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1405051502
OTSN5 140429 M DH1616/TX 52/TN 24/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1404291616
OTSN5 140428 M DH1600/TX 51/TN 35/TA 49/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC1404281605
: Rough wind!!!
OTSN5 140425 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 40/TA 57/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 3/DC1404281559
: Breezy
OTSN5 140422 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 59/TA 69/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1404231451
OTSN5 140420 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 29/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 2/DC1404211015
: windy..sunny no rain...cloudy early then sun
OTSN5 140419 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 32/TA 66/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1404211014
: No rain, no thunder nothing
OTSN5 140416 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 36/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1404210935
: Windy..not damaging but very strong
OTSN5 140414 M DH1619/TX 50/TN 24/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1404141619
: Breezy
OTSN5 140412 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 40/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1404141612
: breezy
OTSN5 140408 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 37/TA 62/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1404141608
: breezy
OTSN5 140407 M DH1530/TX 57/TN 29/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/DC1404071531
: Sunny
OTSN5 140404 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 25/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC1404071528
: sunny
OTSN5 140401 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 30/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1404021655
: High Winds - air filled with dirt/sand
OTSN5 140331 M DH1530/TX 59/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC1403311530
: Sunny and light breeze
OTSN5 140328 M DH1700/TX 58/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC1403311426
: windy
OTSN5 140326 M DH1513/TX 59/TA 52/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC1403261513
: Totally overcast, heavy blowing sand. Visibility poor
OTSN5 140319 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 24/TA 43/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1403241150
: windy
OTSN5 140316 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 13/TA 46/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 3/DC1403241148
: windy
OTSN5 140310 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 36/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1403241144
OTSN5 140312 M DH1558/TX 47/TN 16/TA 46/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1403121559
: breezy, chilly
OTSN5 140311 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 31/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1403111650
: High winds not exactly damaging winds
OTSN5 140308 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 25/TA 50/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1403101219
OTSN5 140305 M DH1545/TX 49/TN 27/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1403051545
OTSN5 140304 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 33/TA 38/PP 0.02
.A1 PT 1/XW 61/DC1403051544
OTSN5 140227 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 25/TA 42/PP T
.AR1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC1403031331
: Had some rain but it was unmeasurable.
OTSN5 140226 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 32/TA 53/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1402281340
: We had a steady breeze all day.
OTSN5 140225 M DH1542/TX 57/TN 33/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1402251542
: Breezy
OTSN5 140220 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 17/TA 33/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1402241010
: windy
OTSN5 140219 M DH1600/TX 57/TN 33/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1402191601
: High Winds, very "stormy" looking
OTSN5 140216 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 35/TA 53/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1402171635
OTSN5 140212 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 26/TA 44/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1402171632
OTSN5 140210 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 30/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1402111353
OTSN5 140209 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 30/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1402101225
OTSN5 140208 M DH1730/TX 47/TN 23/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1402081737
: It was a beautiful sunny day with light to medium wind gusts throughout the day.
OTSN5 140206 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 18/TA 33/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1402081730
OTSN5 140205 M DH1450/TX 33/TN 14/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1402051455
OTSN5 140204 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 20/TA 27/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1402051454
: Light snow showers off and on all day. No accumulation.
OTSN5 140202 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 19/TA 39/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1402031549
OTSN5 140129 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 22/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1401310919
: Light wind
OTSN5 140127 M DH1530/TX 45/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/

OTSN5 140126 M DH1530/TX 45/TN 22/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/
OTSN5 140125 M DH1530/TX 40/TN 18/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/
OTSN5 140124 M DH1530/TX 36/TN 12/TA 35/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/
OTSN5 140123 M DH1530/TX 43/TN 23/TA 33/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1401231547
OTSN5 140122 M DH1540/TX 49/TN 27/TA 38/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1401221545
OTSN5 140122 M DH1540/TX 49/TN 27/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1401221543
OTSN5 140120 M DH1600/TX 46/TN 25/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1401201625
OTSN5 140119 M DH1600/TX 48/TN 29/TA 46/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1401191611
OTSN5 140115 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 22/TA 43/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1401191609
OTSN5 131201 M DH1700/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP M
.A1 DC1401141427
OTSN5 140113 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 18/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 0/DC1401141404
: Sunny but very windy...
OTSN5 140112 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 18/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401130925
OTSN5 140109 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401130923
OTSN5 140107 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 16/TA 28/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401081600
OTSN5 140106 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 7/TA 27/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401081559
OTSN5 140102 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 20/TA 36/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401031545
OTSN5 140101 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 22/TA 34/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401011825
: Happy New Year!!  We want fresh snow!
OTSN5 131231 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 12/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1401011813
OTSN5 131228 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 18/TA 32/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1312311057
OTSN5 131224 M DH1500/TX 39/TN 19/TA 37/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1312241514
: Merry Christmas!!
: New snow would have been nice but the sun is awesome!!
OTSN5 131222 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 19/TA 35/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1312231617
OTSN5 131123 M DH1700/TX 31/TN 25/TA 27/PP 0.10
.AR1 PT 5/SF 1.0/XW 71/XP 7/DC1312230523
OTSN5 131220 M DH1525/TX 43/TN 22/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1312201526
: Snow shower this morning with less than a half inch.  Became sunny now it is
: partly cloudy.
OTSN5 131219 M DH1549/TX 45/TN 28/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 2/XW 03/XP 0/DC1312191553
OTSN5 131218 M DH1558/TX 47/TN 22/TA 45/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1312181558
OTSN5 131209 M DH1700/TX 12/TN -6/TA 9/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1312171430
: windy!!
OTSN5 131211 M DH1700/TX 20/TN -5/TA 15/PP 2.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 2/XW 71/XP 1/DC1312171426
OTSN5 131125 M DH1520/TX 31/TN 16/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 1/XW 03/XP 7/DC1311251538
OTSN5 131122 M DH1444/TX 41/TN 29/TA 31/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 14/XP 2/DC1311221441
: Windy, cloudy, freezing rain but not like a "mist" some snow
: flurries...
OTSN5 131121 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 35/TA 41/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1311221439
: Misty rain, not measurable..windy, cloudy
OTSN5 131120 M DH1500/TX 55/TN 32/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1311201508
: Temps are dropping!
: Missed information on rain or snow.  I was gone!  Back now!!
OTSN5 131007 M DH1700/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP M
.A1 SF M/SD M/DC1311191132
OTSN5 131110 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 37/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1311111123
OTSN5 131104 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 26/TA 54/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1311111116
OTSN5 131102 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 37/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1311040947
OTSN5 131031 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 28/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1311040942
OTSN5 131030 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 25/TA 42/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1311040936
OTSN5 131029 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 29/TA 48/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 03/DC1311040934
OTSN5 131029 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 29/TA 53/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/DC1311040918
OTSN5 130923 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 36/TA 36/PP 0.00
.A1 DC1310241130
OTSN5 130916 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 53/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 17/XP 1/DC1309181112
OTSN5 130912 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 50/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1309181108
OTSN5 130911 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 50/TA 60/PP 0.28
.A1 PT 1/XW 53/XP 1/DC1309121119
OTSN5 130904 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 56/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1309121111
OTSN5 130903 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 59/TA 76/PP 0.50
.A1 XW 97/XP 0/DC1309041342
OTSN5 130830 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 58/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1309041327
OTSN5 130827 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 57/TA 79/PP 0.35
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1308281525
: Sunshine, lightening, thunder, wind and a hard rain all lasting about 15 min
: around 5::30.  It was sunny when I did the report!
OTSN5 130826 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 54/TA 81/PP 0.35
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 0/DC1308281521
: Sunshine, lightening, thunder, wind and rain all at one time!  Lasted about 10
: min
OTSN5 130825 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 50/TA 80/PP 0.15
.A1 XW 80/XP 1/DC1308261149
: Very cloudy day, light wind, with rain in the early evening through out the
: night more like drizzle.
OTSN5 130820 M DH1600/TX 87/TN 55/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1308201607
OTSN5 130819 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 60/TA 84/PP 0.08
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/XP 2/DC1308201341
OTSN5 130818 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 58/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 2/DC1308201338
OTSN5 130816 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 63/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1308201332
: Clouds up in the evening but no rain
OTSN5 130814 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 58/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1308201131
OTSN5 130812 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 56/TA 77/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1308131613
OTSN5 130807 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 59/TA 80/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1308131608
OTSN5 130805 M DH1600/TX 82/TN 61/TA 81/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1308051610
OTSN5 130802 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 57/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1308051605
OTSN5 130731 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 65/TA 71/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1308010931
OTSN5 130730 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 57/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307311144
OTSN5 130729 M DH1555/TX 80/TN 65/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1307291557
OTSN5 130725 M DH1600/TX 86/TN 62/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307291554
OTSN5 130724 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 65/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1307241705
OTSN5 130626 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 54/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1307231005
OTSN5 130623 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 45/TA 84/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1307231003
OTSN5 130722 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 63/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 13/XP 0/DC1307230950
OTSN5 130721 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 60/TA 65/PP 0.75
.A1 XW 97/XP 6/DC1307221106
OTSN5 130720 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 62/TA 80/PP 0.25
.A1 PT 1/XW 61/XP 0/DC1307221105
OTSN5 130717 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 54/TA 74/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/XP 0/DC1307221103
OTSN5 130712 M DH1300/TX 89/TN 61/TA 81/PP 0.16
.A1 PT 1/XW 02/DC1307121305
OTSN5 130711 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 60/TA 89/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 15/DC1307121300
OTSN5 130710 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 64/TA 72/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 17/DC1307121258
OTSN5 130706 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 56/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307121245
OTSN5 130705 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 56/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307121244
OTSN5 130703 M DH1550/TX 87/TN 55/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307031552
OTSN5 130702 M DH1600/TX 88/TN 56/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/DC1307021605
OTSN5 130701 M DH1600/TX 88/TN 60/TA 86/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1307021604
OTSN5 130623 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 45/TA 84/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306261002
OTSN5 130616 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 54/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1306191158
OTSN5 130613 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 64/TA 87/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1306191154
OTSN5 130611 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 58/TA 89/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306121436
OTSN5 130610 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 56/TA 90/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306121435
: Breezy
OTSN5 130608 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 58/TA 82/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306101401
OTSN5 130607 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 57/TA 83/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306101400
: Windy!!!
OTSN5 130602 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 55/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 0/DC1306031614
: A Wall of Dirt hit the Mission with terrific force....then was gone!  Weirdest
: thing ever!
OTSN5 130601 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 54/TA 79/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1306031613
: Very Windy
OTSN5 130528 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 45/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305291243
OTSN5 130521 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 40/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1305291136
: windy
OTSN5 130519 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 39/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1305201323
: Wind gusts that were very strong..windy, chilly, with sprinkles..could not
: measure..
OTSN5 130513 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 47/TA 76/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305151430
OTSN5 130515 M DH1420/TX 79/TN 48/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1305151425
: Breezy...
OTSN5 130512 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 43/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305131231
OTSN5 130510 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 38/TA 62/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1305131229
OTSN5 130508 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 36/TA 62/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1305091608
OTSN5 130507 M DH1615/TX 66/TN 35/TA 64/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1305071609
: Very Windy
OTSN5 130506 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 44/TA 57/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1305071055
: Drizzle but not enough fell to measure.  Ground wasn't even wet!
OTSN5 130503 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 26/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305071052
OTSN5 130501 M DH1552/TX 77/TN 45/TA 62/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305011555
: Breezy
OTSN5 130430 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 46/TA 73/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1305011033
OTSN5 130429 M DH1615/TX 76/TN 36/TA 75/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304291615
OTSN5 130427 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 46/TA 70/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304291055
OTSN5 130426 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 45/TA 65/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304291054
OTSN5 130423 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 36/TA 49/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/DC1304291049
OTSN5 130422 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 45/TA 67/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1304221704
: Very Windy from mid morning on..
OTSN5 130421 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 43/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304221406
: breezy
OTSN5 130419 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 18/TA 36/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC1304221403
: windy
OTSN5 130417 M DH1415/TX 57/TN 35/TA 37/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 08/XP 3/DC1304171418
: Steady Snow for about an hur.  Melted as hit the ground.  Non measurable.
: Windy, partly cloudy to cloudy
: High was 41 at 10 a.m. and dropped from then on to noon.  Never 57 today...wish
: that part of the weather report could change....since our weather is
OTSN5 130415 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 42/TA 63/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC1304171121
: SOOO much sand, dirt in the is bad!
OTSN5 130410 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 19/TA 35/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304171110
OTSN5 130409 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 25/TA 31/PP 0.25
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.5/SD 2/XW 73/XP 3/DC1304101120
OTSN5 130401 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 36/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304081010
OTSN5 130329 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 38/TA 60/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1304081006
OTSN5 130327 M DH1444/TX 64/TN 27/TA 58/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1303271444
OTSN5 130323 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 34/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC1303271247
OTSN5 130319 M DH1500/TX 53/TN 33/TA 49/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1303191502
: Breezy
OTSN5 130317 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 35/TA 59/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1303181434
: Breezy
OTSN5 130313 M DH1530/TX 58/TN 35/TA 55/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1303131539
: Breezy
OTSN5 130311 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 17/TA 47/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 0/DC1303111638
OTSN5 130309 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 18/TA 40/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC1303111633
OTSN5 130306 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 33/TA 56/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1303111629
: windy
OTSN5 130305 M DH1615/TX 53/TN 26/TA 52/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 1/DC1303051621
OTSN5 130304 M DH1616/TX 49/TN 33/TA 48/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 1/DC1303041616
: High wind, sunny and very chilly!!!
OTSN5 130303 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 23/TA 40/PP 0.00
.AR1 XW 01/DC1303041030
OTSN5 130228 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 11/TA 30/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1303041024
OTSN5 130220 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 15/TA 25/PP 0.80
.AR1 PT 5/SF 8.0/SD 8/XW 73/XP 2/DC1302261117
OTSN5 130224 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 19/TA 28/PP 0.00
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 6/XW 01/XP 0/DC1302251525
: Windy, snow flurries causing a slight covering on sidewalks, car, etc.  not
: measurable....
OTSN5 130220 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 15/TA 25/PP 8.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 8.0/SD 8/XW 73/XP 2/DC1302251520
OTSN5 130215 M DH1700/TX 41/TN 20/TA 38/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1302181236
: Breezy
OTSN5 130210 M DH1700/TX 23/TN 19/TA 20/PP 1.00
.A1 PT 5/SF 2.5/SD 3/XW 71/XP 1/DC1302111359
OTSN5 130123 M DH1600/TX 42/TN 18/TA 39/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1301231626
OTSN5 130122 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 12/TA 36/PP 0.00
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1301231336
OTSN5 130121 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 12/TA 33/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1301221311
OTSN5 130116 M DH1500/TX 22/TN 2/TA 21/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 0/DC1301161502
OTSN5 130115 M DH1700/TX 15/TN -5/TA 10/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 01/XP 1/DC1301161012
OTSN5 130114 M DH1700/TX 14/TN -5/TA 10/PP 0.00
.A1 SD 3/XW 02/XP 1/DC1301151000
OTSN5 130113 M DH1700/TX 19/TN -6/TA 12/PP 0.00
.A1 PT 5/SD 3/DC1301141230
OTSN5 121029 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 41/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1210301021
OTSN5 121025 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 26/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1210301017
OTSN5 121022 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 39/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1210301013
OTSN5 121016 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 44/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1210171120
OTSN5 121012 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 32/TA 55/PP 0.09/PT 9
.AR1 XW 03/DC1210171115
OTSN5 121011 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 47/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1210171110
OTSN5 121010 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 46/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1210171109
OTSN5 121001 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 44/TA 72/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1210011637
OTSN5 120828 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 52/TA 80/PP 0.00/DC1208291656
OTSN5 120825 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 55/TA 80/PP 0.05/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1208271429
OTSN5 120822 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 55/TA 80/PP 0.00/DC1208271421
OTSN5 120817 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 57/TA 80/PP 0.00/DC1208271417
OTSN5 120816 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 59/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 17
.A1 DC1208271400
OTSN5 120815 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 55/TA 82/PP 0.15/DC1208271359
OTSN5 120726 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 55/TA 82/PP 0.20/PT 1
.AR1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1207271009
OTSN5 120724 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 56/TA 65/PP 0.30/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1207261438
OTSN5 120723 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.70/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1207241138
OTSN5 120720 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 57/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 15
.A1 XP 6/DC1207231155
OTSN5 120716 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 55/TA 79/PP 0.10/PT 1
.A1 XW 61/XP 6/DC1207231112
OTSN5 120715 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.15/DC1207231048
OTSN5 120715 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 56/TA 80/PP 0.15/DC1207231048
OTSN5 120714 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 57/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1207231047
OTSN5 120712 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 59/TA 84/PP 0.15/XW 95
.A1 DC1207231042
OTSN5 120705 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 54/TA 84/PP 0.30/PT 1
.A1 XW 53/XP 2/DC1207111500
OTSN5 120702 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 58/TA 90/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1207111457
: Smell rain see rain but no rain here
OTSN5 120626 M DH1600/TX 92/TN 63/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1206261602
OTSN5 120625 M DH1600/TX 93/TN 60/TA 90/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1206251610
: NO RAIN!  Sunday night, clouds, wind and the smell of rain...none to ground...
OTSN5 120622 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 59/TA 92/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1206251447
OTSN5 120616 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 53/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1206181735
: Clouded up early evening, saw rain, smelled rain but no rain fell here
OTSN5 120614 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 50/TA 87/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1206181733
OTSN5 120612 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 50/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1206131343
: Breezy
OTSN5 120610 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 45/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC1206131330
: Breezy
OTSN5 120608 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 53/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC1206131328
OTSN5 120603 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 51/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 2/DC1206131306
OTSN5 120531 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 50/TA 83/PP 0.00/DC1206131301
OTSN5 120529 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 34/TA 79/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1206131258
OTSN5 120525 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 46/TA 70/PP 0.00/DC1206131252
OTSN5 120523 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 45/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1205241055
OTSN5 120520 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 47/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1205241050
OTSN5 120516 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 40/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1205241047
OTSN5 120511 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 42/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1205241040
OTSN5 120508 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 39/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC1205241037
OTSN5 120504 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 42/TA 76/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1205071115
OTSN5 120502 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 40/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1205071114
OTSN5 120501 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 43/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1205021518
OTSN5 120429 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 36/TA 63/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1205021500
OTSN5 120428 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 35/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1205021454
OTSN5 120424 M DH1625/TX 80/TN 52/TA 77/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC1204241627
OTSN5 120421 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 40/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204241120
OTSN5 120418 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 35/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204241119
OTSN5 120414 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 30/TA 31/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 2/DC1204161622
: cloudy...some moisture nothing to measure..High for day time was 34
OTSN5 120412 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 40/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1204161615
OTSN5 120410 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 40/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204111049
: wind picked up in mid afternoon...
OTSN5 120409 M DH1625/TX 72/TN 30/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204091629
: Rain was forecast but none here nor any storm clouds or even cloudy..
OTSN5 120407 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 30/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204091339
OTSN5 120406 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 24/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1204091339
OTSN5 120404 M DH1600/TX 61/TN 25/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC1204041608
OTSN5 120403 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 28/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC1204041016
OTSN5 120402 M DH1440/TX 59/TN 26/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1204021445
: never got past 39 today...
OTSN5 120330 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 36/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1204021440
OTSN5 120326 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 38/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC1203270957
: partly cloudy and windy....
OTSN5 120325 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 40/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1203261120
: Windy
OTSN5 120323 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 30/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203261117
OTSN5 120321 M DH1545/TX 53/TN 20/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203211549
: Windy..not damaging but strong
OTSN5 120319 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 18/TA 25/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC1203211527
: Flurries but a truly beautiful morning...
OTSN5 120320 M DH1545/TX 41/TN 17/TA 38/PP 0.00/SD 0
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC1203201551
: Light wind, sunny
OTSN5 120317 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 40/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1203191125
: Very Windy!!!!!
OTSN5 120314 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 30/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203191123
OTSN5 120313 M DH1600/TX 62/TN 31/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203131603
: Gentle breeze, cloud free!!
OTSN5 120312 M DH1630/TX 55/TN 30/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203121632
OTSN5 120310 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 25/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 7/DC1203121222
OTSN5 120307 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 32/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1203071722
: Windy all day.  Started out sunny but became cloudy and temp droped.
OTSN5 120306 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 22/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1203071126
: VERY Windy!!  Sunshine in morning changing to clouds and windy by pm
OTSN5 120305 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 11/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1203071125
OTSN5 120302 M DH1700/TX 32/TN 10/TA 28/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 8/DC1203051410
: Snow showers. Ground covered, pretty but could not measure...just a slight
: covering. Windy
OTSN5 120301 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 18/TA 32/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 8/DC1203051406
: Snow showers off and on all day.  Not measurable...Wind
OTSN5 120228 M DH1600/TX 38/TN 19/TA 34/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1202281613
: Cloudy to sunny to partly cloudy during the day. Snow flurries not
: measurable...just barely covered the ground as it blew away except for that on
: the ice.  Ice coated walkways early a.m,. until about noon
OTSN5 120227 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 18/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1202281445
OTSN5 120223 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1202271401
OTSN5 120222 M DH1500/TX 48/TN 20/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1202221556
: Windy...windy...windy
OTSN5 120219 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 18/TA 30/PP T/SF T/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1202201008

OTSN5 120219 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 18/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1202201008
: VERY windy with snow showers off and on. Just a dusting of snow..nothing to
: measure...
OTSN5 120213 M DH1700/DC1202151506
OTSN5 120211 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 24/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1202130950
OTSN5 120208 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 18/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1202130945
OTSN5 120207 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 15/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1202081219
OTSN5 120131 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 24/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1202061057
OTSN5 120130 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 21/TA 48/PP 0.00/DC1201311459
OTSN5 120128 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 14/TA 37/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1201301057
OTSN5 120125 M DH1200/TX 33/TN 18/TA 31/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1201251231
: Entered early ...
OTSN5 120124 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 21/TA 30/PP 0.00/SD 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC1201251225
OTSN5 120123 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 16/TA 30/PP 2.10/PT 5
.A1 SF 2.1/SD 2/XW 03/XP 3/DC1201251223
OTSN5 120122 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 16/TA 32/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 7/DC1201231051
OTSN5 120121 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 18/TA 38/PP 0.17/PT 4
.A1 XW 68/XP 1/DC1201231049
: Not measurable, all blew to TX!
OTSN5 120119 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 24/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1201231041
OTSN5 120118 M DH1400/TX 43/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1201181453
OTSN5 120116 M DH1400/TX 38/TN 18/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC1201161435
: VEry windy, heavy cloud cover, now blue skies, no snow!  Just a few rain drops..
OTSN5 120112 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 13/TA 32/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC1201161131
OTSN5 120111 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 24/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC1201121021
OTSN5 120109 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 20/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1201101329
OTSN5 120104 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 23/TA 42/PP 0.00/SD 0
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1201051223
OTSN5 120103 M DH1600/TX 45/TN 21/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC1201031601
OTSN5 120102 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1201031146
OTSN5 111226 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 15/TA 36/PP 0.00/SD 2
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC1201031141
OTSN5 111207 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 10/TA 21/PP 0.00/DC1112121335
OTSN5 111206 M DH1700/TX 22/TN 2/TA 19/PP 0.00/SD 8
.A1 DC1112121334
OTSN5 111203 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 20/TA 28/PP 0.15/SD 7
.A1 XW 71/DC1112121328
: just snow showers non measurable
OTSN5 111201 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 36/PP 0.03/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.3/XW 85/XP 1/DC1112121248
OTSN5 111130 M DH1700/DC1112121242
OTSN5 111128 M DH1500/TX 45/TN 21/TA 42/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1111281520
OTSN5 111126 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC1111281210
OTSN5 111120 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 26/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1111281206
OTSN5 111117 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 25/TA 42/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1111281204
OTSN5 111115 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 24/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1111161144
OTSN5 111110 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 17/TA 28/DVD02/PPV 0.70/PT 5
.AR1 SFV 7.0/SD 7/XW 73/XP 3/DC1111151343
OTSN5 111114 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 25/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1111151244
: Beautiful Crisp Day!!
OTSN5 111113 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 19/TA 36/PP 0.65/PT 1
.A1 XW 63/DC1111151210
OTSN5 111110 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 17/TA 28/DVD02/PPV 7.00/PT 5
.A1 SFV 7.0/SD 7/XW 73/XP 3/DC1111151204
OTSN5 111107 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 24/TA 39/PP 0.00/DC1111151200
OTSN5 111103 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 35/TA 52/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1111151157
OTSN5 111026 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 30/TA 39/PP 0.16/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC1110271140
OTSN5 111024 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 49/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 DC1110271137
OTSN5 111023 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 41/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110271133
OTSN5 111020 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 44/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110241443
OTSN5 111018 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 34/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110191501
OTSN5 111014 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 48/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110191454
OTSN5 111012 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 41/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110191452
OTSN5 111008 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 27/TA 42/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1110110906
OTSN5 111004 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 41/TA 48/PP 0.60/XW 03
.AR1 DC1110110901
OTSN5 111004 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 41/TA 48/PP 0.60/XW 03
.A1 DC1110051006
OTSN5 111002 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 46/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110051002
OTSN5 110930 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 51/TA 79/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1110030915
OTSN5 110929 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 52/TA 74/PP 0.01/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC1110030910
OTSN5 110928 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 48/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1110030908
OTSN5 110927 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 48/PP 0.00/XW 01/DC1109281012
OTSN5 110926 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 50/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1109271254
OTSN5 110922 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 50/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1109260921
OTSN5 110920 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 50/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 00
.A1 XP 0/DC1109221350
OTSN5 110916 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 44/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1109221348
OTSN5 110908 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 47/TA 72/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1109141641
OTSN5 110912 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 48/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1109141636
OTSN5 110905 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 50/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1109061040
: Micro wind burst,  cloudy, lightening, no rain
OTSN5 110831 M DH1600/TX 89/TN 61/TA 63/PP 0.17/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC1108311558
: Clouds rolled in; thunder; rain then sun came out...
OTSN5 110830 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 59/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1108311313
: Lightening, thunder
OTSN5 110825 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 59/TA 76/PP 0.20/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC1108311309
OTSN5 110822 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 53/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1108241220
OTSN5 110817 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 63/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1108241217
OTSN5 110816 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 57/TA 87/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1108161637
OTSN5 110815 M DH1600/TX 85/TN 57/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 2/DC1108151618
OTSN5 110811 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 58/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1108151614
OTSN5 110809 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 50/TA 86/PP 0.00/DC1108111207
OTSN5 110807 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 59/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1108080935
OTSN5 110806 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 58/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC1108080934
OTSN5 110802 M DH1600/TX 84/TN 60/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC1108021619
: Humidity unusually high!  No wind at all...
OTSN5 110731 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 56/TA 80/DVD02/PPV 0.56/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC1108011318
: Great rain!!
OTSN5 110727 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 53/TA 74/PP 0.77/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC1107280913
OTSN5 110726 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 57/TA 82/PP 0.08/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/XP 0/DC1107271105
OTSN5 110725 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 58/TA 84/PP 0.03/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC1107271104
OTSN5 110724 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 59/TA 89/PP T/XW 03
.A1 DC1107250914
OTSN5 110720 M DH1500/TX 91/TN 58/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1107201505
: Sunny, few clouds
OTSN5 110719 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 62/TA 86/PP 0.00/DC1107201504
: Sunny...dry storm, thunder & lightening no rain to measure
OTSN5 110717 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 65/TA 80/PP 0.00/DC1107181115
OTSN5 110716 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 66/TA 89/PP 0.00/DC1107181114
OTSN5 110713 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 54/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1107151542
OTSN5 110711 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 52/TA 84/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC1107121229
: Could see and smell rain but none here...
OTSN5 110708 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 60/TA 89/PP 0.00/DC1107121202
OTSN5 110707 M DH1700/TX 91/TN 61/TA 88/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC1107121200
OTSN5 110706 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 58/TA 91/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1107071044
OTSN5 110525 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 39/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC1105261135
OTSN5 110523 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 37/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1105250921
OTSN5 110515 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 39/TA 71/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1105171036
OTSN5 110510 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 34/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1105171034
OTSN5 110507 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 42/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1105100925
OTSN5 110503 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 29/TA 62/PP T/PT 5
.A1 DC1105050945
OTSN5 110502 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 23/TA 50/PP 0.00/DC1105050944
OTSN5 110430 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 33/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1105020947
OTSN5 110427 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 24/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC1104280905
OTSN5 110422 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 37/TA 64/PP 0.00/DC1104250925
OTSN5 110415 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 24/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC1104180912
OTSN5 110411 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 20/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1104130915
OTSN5 110410 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 18/TA 56/PP T/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1104130914
OTSN5 110405 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 28/TA 61/PP 0.00/DC1104071843
OTSN5 110329 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 25/TA 51/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC1103310901
OTSN5 110326 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 25/TA 51/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1103280907
OTSN5 110321 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 35/TA 42/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1103240904
OTSN5 110319 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 27/TA 51/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC1103210943
OTSN5 110313 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 35/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1103160905
OTSN5 110310 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 31/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1103160903
OTSN5 110309 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 24/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1103100929
OTSN5 110307 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 26/TA 38/PP 0.15/PT 1
.A1 XW 83/DC1103100923
OTSN5 110306 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 24/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1103100915
OTSN5 110302 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 26/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1103071327
OTSN5 110228 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 19/TA 48/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1103030931
OTSN5 110225 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 26/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC1102280858
OTSN5 110221 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 16/TA 34/PP 0.45/PT 5
.A1 XW 01/DC1102221052
OTSN5 110215 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 30/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1102161630
OTSN5 110214 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 31/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102161629
OTSN5 110212 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 20/TA 43/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102140955
OTSN5 110210 M DH1700/TX 26/TN 4/TA 25/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102140954
OTSN5 110209 M DH1700/TX 24/TN 3/TA 22/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102140947
OTSN5 110207 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 12/TA 23/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102101033
OTSN5 110206 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 10/TA 31/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC1102071120
OTSN5 110205 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 8/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102071119
OTSN5 110202 M DH1700/TX 25/TN -11/TA 10/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102031231
OTSN5 110131 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 24/TA 28/PP 0.75/PT 5
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC1102031229
OTSN5 110129 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 20/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102010915
OTSN5 110127 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 17/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1102010914
OTSN5 110125 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 14/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1101270911
OTSN5 110117 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 19/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1101251020
OTSN5 110114 M DH1700/TX 33/TN 17/TA 31/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1101171010
OTSN5 110111 M DH1700/TX 23/TN 0/TA 20/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1101131023
OTSN5 110108 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 10/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1101111026
OTSN5 110105 M DH1700/TX 25/TN 10/TA 24/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1101071110
OTSN5 110104 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 11/TA 23/PP T/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1101071108
OTSN5 101230 M DH1700/TX 20/TN -2/TA 7/PP T/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1101041200
OTSN5 101224 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 30/TA 39/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1101041155
OTSN5 101222 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 36/TA 38/PP 0.46/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC1101041154
OTSN5 101221 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 37/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1012231454
OTSN5 101217 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 25/TA 35/PP 1.75/PT 5
.A1 XW 03/DC1012201417
OTSN5 101213 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 25/TA 46/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1012201412
OTSN5 101210 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 28/TA 43/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1012121750
OTSN5 101208 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 27/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1012121749
OTSN5 101207 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 23/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1012091312
OTSN5 101206 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 25/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1012070955
OTSN5 101204 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 22/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1012070954
OTSN5 101201 M DH1700/TX 42/TN -4/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1012020945
OTSN5 101129 M DH1700/TX 31/TN -4/TA 25/PP 0.25/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1011301029
OTSN5 101126 M DH1700/TX 35/TN -3/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1011291128
OTSN5 101123 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 4/TA 42/PP T/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1011240859
OTSN5 101118 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 0/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011230943
OTSN5 101115 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 8/TA 42/PP T/PT 5
.A1 XW 02/DC1011170933
OTSN5 101112 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 18/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011151125
OTSN5 101111 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 21/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011151124
OTSN5 101108 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 38/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011100911
OTSN5 101103 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 38/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011040933
OTSN5 101102 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 34/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011030927
OTSN5 101031 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 32/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011011355
OTSN5 101028 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 24/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1011011354
OTSN5 101024 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 34/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1010281046
OTSN5 101021 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 41/TA 51/PP 0.42/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC1010281044
OTSN5 101019 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 41/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1010200947
OTSN5 101017 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 45/TA 67/PP T/XW 01
.A1 DC1010190931
OTSN5 101015 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 44/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1010190929
OTSN5 101005 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 45/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1010111135
OTSN5 100929 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 55/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1010111131
OTSN5 100927 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 57/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1009290926
OTSN5 100924 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 46/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1009290918
OTSN5 100716 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 60/TA 92/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1007161650
OTSN5 100616 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 54/TA 84/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006210910
OTSN5 100614 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 47/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006210909
OTSN5 100612 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 50/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1006141009
OTSN5 100607 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 61/TA 87/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006141004
OTSN5 100604 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 53/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006071039
OTSN5 100603 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 53/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006071038
OTSN5 100602 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 49/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006030944
OTSN5 100527 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 50/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1006010944
OTSN5 100524 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 36/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1005270901
OTSN5 100518 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 49/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1005270859
OTSN5 100512 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 26/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1005181151
OTSN5 100504 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 36/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC1005071007
OTSN5 100506 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 41/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC1005071009
OTSN5 100427 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 34/TA 66/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1004280940
OTSN5 100426 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 28/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1004271437
OTSN5 100423 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 28/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1004261423
OTSN5 100406 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 0/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC1004071116
OTSN5 100330 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 6/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC1004011041
OTSN5 100324 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 4/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1003251154
OTSN5 100310 M DH1700/TX 41/TN 4/TA 30/PP 2.00/PT 5
.A1 SF 2.0/XW 03/DC1003251150
OTSN5 100309 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 11/TA 41/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1003251149
OTSN5 100308 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 9/TA 34/PP 0.10/PT 7
.A1 SF T/XW 03/DC1003090941
OTSN5 100307 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 8/TA 49/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1003080948
OTSN5 100304 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 12/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1003051105
OTSN5 100223 M DH1700/TX 34/TN -8/TA 27/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1003051101
OTSN5 100220 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 23/TA 36/PP 1.00/SF 1.0
.A1 XW 03/DC1002231400
OTSN5 100218 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 2/TA 42/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1002231357
OTSN5 100217 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 7/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1002181045
OTSN5 100215 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 12/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1002181043
OTSN5 100208 M DH1700/TX 32/TN -1/TA 30/PP T/SF T
.A1 XW 02/DC1002110946
OTSN5 100202 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 14/TA 34/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC1002110942
OTSN5 100201 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 18/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1002021421
OTSN5 100129 M DH1700/TX 33/TN 20/TA 30/PP T/SF T
.A1 XW 03/DC1002021418
OTSN5 100127 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 17/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001281132
OTSN5 100124 M DH1700/TX 29/TN 16/TA 23/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001251535
OTSN5 100123 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 17/TA 25/PP T/PT 5
.A1 SF 2.0/XW 71/DC1001251534
OTSN5 100120 M DH1700/TX 33/TN 24/TA 28/PP T/SF T
.A1 XW 02/DC1001210939
OTSN5 100115 M DH1700/TX 41/TN 2/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001210934
OTSN5 100113 M DH1700/TX 48/TN -4/TA 39/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC1001140929
OTSN5 100111 M DH1700/TX 50/TN -3/TA 39/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001131517
OTSN5 100108 M DH1700/TX 28/TN -12/TA 25/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001111641
OTSN5 100107 M DH1600/TX 32/TN -5/TA 23/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC1001081054
OTSN5 091230 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 17/TA 25/PP 1.00/PT 5
.A1 SD 1/XW 71/DC1001061352
OTSN5 091225 M DH1700/TX 27/TN 13/TA 22/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912301003
OTSN5 091221 M DH1500/TX 40/TN 7/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC0912231547
OTSN5 091216 M DH1300/TX 43/TN 6/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912161316
OTSN5 091214 M DH1300/TX 42/TN 6/TA 31/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0912141322
OTSN5 091210 M DH1500/TX 33/TN 6/TA 27/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC0912101516
OTSN5 091209 M DH1400/TX 33/TN 6/TA 13/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912091447
OTSN5 091208 M DH1700/TX 34/TN 22/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC0912091443
OTSN5 091207 M DH1700/TX 33/TN 21/TA 29/PP 3.00/XW 73
.A1 DC0912091430
OTSN5 091206 M DH1500/TX 37/TN 15/TA 33/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0912071302
OTSN5 091204 M DH1700/TX 26/TN 3/TA 19/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912071257
OTSN5 091202 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 24/TA 37/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912031350
OTSN5 091201 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 22/TA 43/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912031349
OTSN5 091123 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 25/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0912031342
OTSN5 091116 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 14/TA 33/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0911190859
OTSN5 091115 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SD 2/XW 02/DC0911190859
OTSN5 091114 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 31/TA 40/PP 0.13/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0911171205
OTSN5 091112 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 41/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 DC0911171203
OTSN5 091107 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 42/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0911091440
OTSN5 091106 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 42/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0911091439
OTSN5 091101 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 23/TA 49/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0911031109
OTSN5 091030 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 23/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0911031108
OTSN5 091029 M DH1700/TX 29/TN 17/TA 28/PP 0.05/PT 5
.A1 SD T/XW 03/DC0910300847
OTSN5 091028 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 21/TA 29/PP 0.10/PT 5
.A1 SD 1/XW 03/DC0910290943
OTSN5 091026 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 30/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910280939
OTSN5 091022 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 33/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910230956
OTSN5 091018 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 45/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0910190840
OTSN5 091016 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 39/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910190839
OTSN5 091015 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 41/TA 63/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910161108
OTSN5 091011 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 39/TA 63/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0910151046
OTSN5 091006 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 35/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910081352
OTSN5 091003 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 37/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0910051608
OTSN5 091001 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 29/TA 48/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0910020956
OTSN5 090928 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 49/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 DC0909301108
OTSN5 090926 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 47/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909271729
OTSN5 090924 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 36/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909251109
OTSN5 090921 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 49/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909241032
OTSN5 090918 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 44/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0909211102
OTSN5 090917 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 49/TA 64/PP 0.07/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC0909171704
OTSN5 090915 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 52/TA 72/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0909161029
OTSN5 090914 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 51/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909150916
OTSN5 090912 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 50/TA 74/PP 0.69/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0909141140
OTSN5 090911 M DH1700/PP 0.01/PT 1/XW 03/DC0909121532
OTSN5 090910 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 54/TA 74/PP 0.17/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0909110902
OTSN5 090908 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 51/TA 76/PP 0.12/PT 1
.A1 XW 17/DC0909091100
OTSN5 090906 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 50/TA 75/PP 0.37/PT 1
.A1 XW 01/DC0909061744
OTSN5 090903 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 53/TA 81/PP T/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/DC0909041621
OTSN5 090902 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 54/TA 73/PP 0.04/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0909031025
OTSN5 090901 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 56/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909020948
OTSN5 090831 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 57/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0909011120
OTSN5 090830 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 61/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 15
.A1 DC0908310936
OTSN5 090828 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 55/TA 81/PP T/PT 1
.A1 XW 01/DC0908291830
OTSN5 090829 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 55/TA 81/PP T/PT 1
.A1 XW 01/DC0908291827
OTSN5 090824 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 56/TA 58/PP 0.37/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0908280909
OTSN5 090822 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 61/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908280904
OTSN5 090827 M DH1500/TX 82/TN 62/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908271507
OTSN5 090825 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 58/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0908270857
OTSN5 090819 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 56/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 DC0908201247
OTSN5 090818 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 56/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908201244
OTSN5 090812 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 73/TA 84/PP 0.00/DC0908171145
OTSN5 090810 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 63/TA 77/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908171142
OTSN5 090809 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 45/TA 76/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908101125
OTSN5 090805 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 65/TA 73/PP 0.25/PT 1
.A1 XW 01/DC0908101124
OTSN5 090730 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 53/TA 76/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0908031435
OTSN5 090729 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 55/TA 81/PP 0.08/PT 1
.A1 XW 01/DC0908031435
OTSN5 090723 M DH1700/TX 91/TN 54/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 DC0908031429
OTSN5 090717 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 62/TA 92/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908031421
OTSN5 090714 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 62/TA 88/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908031417
OTSN5 090712 M DH1700/TX 94/TN 62/TA 88/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0908031400
OTSN5 090711 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 49/TA 75/PP 0.00/DC0908031357
OTSN5 090610 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 40/TA 60/PP 0.80/PT 1
.AR1 XW 03/XP 0/DC0906111135
.AR2 : With the rain was hail that covered the area looked like it had snowed
OTSN5 090604 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 49/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0906081445
OTSN5 090603 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 49/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0906081444
OTSN5 090602 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 52/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0906081405
OTSN5 090601 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 43/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 3/DC0906081404
OTSN5 090529 M DH1654/TX 72/TN 45/TA 67/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0905291654
.A2 : became cloudy, windy and a temp drop of 8 degrees....then pc & no wind.
OTSN5 090528 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 43/TA 54/PP 0.15/PT 1
.A1 XW 17/XP 0/DC0905281727
OTSN5 090527 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 41/TA 53/PP 0.35/PT 1
.A1 XW 95/XP 0/DC0905281011
OTSN5 090525 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 48/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 15
.A1 XP 0/DC0905281008
.A2 : windy with rain in the area but not here.
OTSN5 090524 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 48/TA 57/PP 0.70/PT 1
.A1 XW 65/XP 5/DC0905261530
OTSN5 090523 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 47/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 14
.A1 XP 2/DC0905261526
OTSN5 090522 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 34/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905261522
OTSN5 090520 M DH1632/TX 77/TN 51/TA 69/PP 0.25/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 0/DC0905201634
OTSN5 090519 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 34/TA 77/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC0905191752
.A2 : looks like rain but nothing
OTSN5 090518 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 52/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905181730
OTSN5 090517 M DH1625/TX 80/TN 44/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 XP 0/DC0905181725
.AR2 : early a.m. breeze
OTSN5 090517 M DH1625/TX 80/TN 44/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905171628
.A2 : early a.m. breeze
OTSN5 090516 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 52/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0905161704
.A2 : Very windy prior to day light ..wind lasting until early pm
OTSN5 090515 M DH1600/TX 78/TN 51/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905151608
.A2 : breezy
OTSN5 090514 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 50/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905141706
.A2 : Gentle breezes all day
OTSN5 090513 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 49/TA 74/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905141707
.A2 : breezy off and on all day
OTSN5 090512 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 48/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905121740
OTSN5 090507 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 50/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905071733
OTSN5 090506 M DH1650/TX 78/TN 46/TA 76/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905061650
.A2 : breezy with winds picking up about 4pm
OTSN5 090505 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 46/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0905061516
.A2 : Slight breeze
OTSN5 090427 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 32/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC0904281225
.A2 : windy off and on...
OTSN5 090426 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 50/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0904281224
OTSN5 090425 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 43/TA 67/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0904281201
OTSN5 090423 M DH1649/TX 73/TN 50/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0904231650
.A2 : Beautiful
OTSN5 090422 M DH1500/TX 73/TN 47/TA 71/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0904221503
OTSN5 090421 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 39/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0904211727
OTSN5 090420 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 30/TA 65/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC0904211717
OTSN5 090419 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 32/TA 59/PP 0.00/SD 0
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0904201044
OTSN5 090416 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 16/TA 38/PP 0.10/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 03/XP 7/DC0904201038
.A2 : windy  &  temp didn't go any higher than 48 by weather report time.
OTSN5 090415 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 38/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC0904151747
.A2 : Wind increasing throughout day..very strong by report time
OTSN5 090414 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 41/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 2/DC0904141720
.A2 : Very overcast all day with wind picking up as the day went on
OTSN5 090411 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 30/TA 46/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0904141245
.A2 : cloudy
OTSN5 090409 M DH1656/TX 62/TN 30/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0904091656
.A2 : sunny, high clouds
OTSN5 090408 M DH1636/TX 63/TN 29/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0904081637
.A2 : sunny turning cloudy by mid afternoon. High winds
OTSN5 090404 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 23/TA 39/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 2/DC0904061657
.A2 : showers of rain and snow, no accumalation
OTSN5 090401 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 16/TA 27/PP 0.10/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.0/SD 1/PPM 0.10/XW 75/XP 3/DC0904021736
.A2 : Nasty day, high wind, freezing rain then snow then sun lots of wind!!
OTSN5 090326 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 26/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0904021727
.A2 : Flurries off and on yet nothing to measure. VERY windy
OTSN5 090323 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 20/TA 37/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0904021724
OTSN5 090317 M DH1651/TX 62/TN 38/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0903171653
OTSN5 090316 M DH1630/TX 57/TN 37/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0903161630
OTSN5 090314 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 29/TA 41/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0903160927
OTSN5 090312 M DH1600/TX 45/TN 20/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 2/DC0903121600
OTSN5 090311 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 20/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0903121447
OTSN5 090310 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0903101700
OTSN5 090309 M DH1536/TX 46/TN 17/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0903091556
OTSN5 090307 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 20/TA 32/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0903091442
OTSN5 090306 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 30/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 3/DC0903091436
OTSN5 090303 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 30/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC0903051426
OTSN5 090302 M DH1700/TX 66/TN 32/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0903021717
.A2 : clear, sunny
OTSN5 090301 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 18/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0903021312
.A2 : Light breeze
OTSN5 090227 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 23/TA 43/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0903021307
OTSN5 090226 M DH1635/TX 60/TN 32/TA 53/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC0902261640
OTSN5 090225 M DH1633/TX 57/TN 30/TA 52/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0902261638
OTSN5 090223 M DH1700/TX 60/TN 21/TA 54/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0902241644
OTSN5 090213 M DH1700/TX 46/TN 18/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0902241637
OTSN5 090208 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 28/TA 30/PP T/SF T
.AR1 SD T/XW 03/XP 7/DC0902101431
OTSN5 090208 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 28/TA 50/PP T/SF T
.A1 SD T/XW 03/XP 7/DC0902101423
OTSN5 090205 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 29/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC0902101411
OTSN5 090130 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 16/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0902051315
OTSN5 090129 M DH1700/TX 33/TN 18/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 01/XP 0/DC0902051314
OTSN5 090127 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 21/TA 23/PP 0.01/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 02/XP 7/DC0902051305
OTSN5 090126 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 29/TA 34/PP 0.02/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 02/XP 0/DC0902051301
OTSN5 090125 M DH1700/DC0902051258
OTSN5 090101 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.62/SF 0.0
.AR1 SD 9/XW 01/XP 0/DC0902041529
OTSN5 090124 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 37/TA 39/PP 0.02/PT 1
.A1 XW 02/XP 1/DC0901261410
OTSN5 090123 M DH1700/TA 39/PP 0.05/PT 1/XW 02/XP 0
.AR1 DC0901261339
OTSN5 090122 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 29/TA 42/PP 0.00/DC0901261333
OTSN5 090121 M DH1700/TX 51/TA 43/PP 0.00/SD 1/DC0901261327
OTSN5 090113 M DH1700/PP 0.00/SD 2/XW 01/XP 0/DC0901201059
OTSN5 090117 M DH1700/PP 0.00/SD 2/XW 01/XP 0/DC0901201053
OTSN5 090109 M DH1700/PP 0.00/SD 4/XW 01/XP 0/DC0901201035
OTSN5 090106 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 21/TA 37/PP 0.00/SD 8
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0901201031
OTSN5 090104 M DH1700/TX 26/TN 4/TA 24/PP 0.00/SD 11
.A1 DC0901201028
OTSN5 090101 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.62/SD 9
.AR1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0901201006
OTSN5 090101 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.00/SD 9
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0901021605
OTSN5 081227 M DH1700/TX 20/TN 3/TA 13/PP 0.00/SD 15
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0901021600
OTSN5 081226 M DH1700/TX 26/TN 17/TA 20/PP 0.00/SD 15
.AR1 XW 03/XP 0/DC0901021559
OTSN5 081223 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 14/TA 22/PP 0.00/SD 15
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC0901021540
OTSN5 081225 M DH1700/TX 28/TN 12/TA 25/PP 0.00/SD 5
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC0901021532
OTSN5 081216 M DH1700/TX 25/TN 18/TA 19/PP 0.00/SD 6
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC0901021529
OTSN5 081215 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 6/TA 23/PP 0.25/PT 5
.A1 SF 2.3/SD 6/XW 73/XP 7/DC0901021509
OTSN5 081213 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 15/TA 18/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0901021500
OTSN5 081212 M DH1700/TX 38/TN 20/TA 20/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 2/DC0901021455
OTSN5 081211 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 26/TA 28/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0901021454
OTSN5 081210 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 25/TA 26/PP 0.00/SD 0
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0901021449
OTSN5 081205 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 21/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 XP 0/DC0901021443
OTSN5 081202 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 25/TA 44/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC0901021435
OTSN5 081201 M DH1700/TX 50/TN 30/TA 48/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 XP 3/DC0901021431
.AR2 : windy but decreasing later in afternoon
OTSN5 081130 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 31/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0812020955
.A2 : sunny but very windy then changing to cloudy before clearing with bright stars !
OTSN5 081126 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 26/TA 35/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0812020950
OTSN5 081123 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 22/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0812020948
OTSN5 081118 M DH1620/TX 65/TN 36/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0811181625
OTSN5 081115 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 26/TA 50/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0811181623
OTSN5 081112 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 27/TA 38/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0811131652
OTSN5 081110 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 20/TA 36/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0811111518
OTSN5 081109 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 28/TA 39/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC0811111515
OTSN5 081108 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 26/TA 49/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0811111456
OTSN5 081107 M DH1700/TX 32/TN 27/TA 30/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0811111440
OTSN5 081106 M DH1640/TX 34/TN 17/TA 31/PP 0.00/SD 0
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC0811061644
.A2 : Very windy, cold and crisp
OTSN5 081105 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 26/TA 30/PP 0.07/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.1/SD 1/XW 85/XP 7/DC0811060918
.A2 : burrrrr
OTSN5 081103 M DH1700/TX 61/TN 42/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0811041651
OTSN5 081031 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 42/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0811031136
OTSN5 081030 M DH1600/TX 69/TN 41/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810301603
OTSN5 081029 M DH1700/TX 67/TN 42/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810301057
OTSN5 081027 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 35/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810281131
.A2 : windy but not damaging
OTSN5 081024 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 30/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0810271420
OTSN5 081023 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 25/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0810241229
.A2 : very windy not damaging but brisk and steady
OTSN5 081021 M DH1700/TX 65/TN 35/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 07
.AR1 XP 3/DC0810231031
OTSN5 081017 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 38/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810211311
OTSN5 081014 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 32/TA 48/PP 0.25/PT 2
.A1 XW 68/XP 7/DC0810151252
OTSN5 081013 M DH1700/TX 49/TN 25/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810141059
OTSN5 081011 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 40/TA 59/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0810131036
OTSN5 081012 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 49/TA 63/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0810131031
OTSN5 081010 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 44/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810131029
OTSN5 081009 M DH1700/TX 71/TN 36/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0810101240
OTSN5 081007 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 37/TA 63/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810101238
OTSN5 081005 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 39/TA 48/PP 0.40/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 6/DC0810061350
OTSN5 081002 M DH1700/TX 78/TN 49/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810061346
OTSN5 081001 M DH1700/TX 77/TN 45/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810021323
OTSN5 080927 M DH1700/TX 79/TN 54/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0810021320
OTSN5 080926 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 56/TA 71/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC0810021319
OTSN5 080917 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 47/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0810021313
OTSN5 080916 M DH1640/TX 75/TN 48/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0809161644
.A2 : Very nice day.
.A3 : No breeze at all very still.
OTSN5 080915 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 45/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 17
.A1 XP 1/DC0809160901
OTSN5 080914 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 41/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0809151000
.A2 : windy
OTSN5 080908 M DH1700/TX 81/TN 48/TA 76/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0809150953
OTSN5 080907 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 55/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0809081000
OTSN5 080905 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 56/TA 72/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0809080941
OTSN5 080903 M DH1700/TX 76/TN 49/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0809041053
OTSN5 080830 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 56/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0809021631
OTSN5 080828 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 53/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808290949
OTSN5 080826 M DH1600/TX 81/TN 56/TA 68/PP 0.30/PT 1
.A1 XW 61/XP 2/DC0808261619
.A2 : some thunder lots of lightening
OTSN5 080823 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 57/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 1/DC0808251337
OTSN5 080820 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 56/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808251334
OTSN5 080819 M DH1500/TX 83/TN 55/TA 77/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808191546
OTSN5 080817 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 60/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC0808191517
OTSN5 080816 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 59/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808191516
OTSN5 080813 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 60/TA 85/PP 0.00/DC0808191513
OTSN5 080809 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 58/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808121726
OTSN5 080807 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 54/TA 80/PP 0.10/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 2/DC0808121617
OTSN5 080805 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 57/TA 74/PP 0.05/PT 1
.AR1 XW 03/XP 1/DC0808060908
OTSN5 080805 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 57/TA 74/PP 0.05/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC0808051737
OTSN5 080801 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 60/TA 89/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808041729
OTSN5 080731 M DH1700/TX 91/TN 64/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808011230
OTSN5 080730 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 59/TA 88/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0808011229
OTSN5 080729 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 55/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807291739
OTSN5 080728 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 62/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807291101
OTSN5 080727 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 60/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807291058
OTSN5 080722 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 58/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 17
.A1 XP 1/DC0807231628
OTSN5 080720 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 62/TA 80/PP 0.07/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 6/DC0807210945
.A2 : some hail
OTSN5 080719 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 60/TA 83/PP 0.05/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 6/DC0807210944
OTSN5 080717 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 57/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC0807210911
.A2 : lightening, smell of rain, no rain here
OTSN5 080716 M DH1600/TX 85/TN 59/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 0/DC0807161625
OTSN5 080715 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 55/TA 82/PP 0.30/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/DC0807161624
OTSN5 080712 M DH1700/TX 83/TN 52/TA 78/PP 0.10/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC0807140938
OTSN5 080709 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 53/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807140934
OTSN5 080708 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 59/TA 85/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807090923
OTSN5 080706 M DH1700/TX 95/TN 50/TA 90/PP 0.14/PT 1
.A1 XW 61/XP 1/DC0807071045
OTSN5 080704 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 55/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 XP 0/DC0807071043
OTSN5 080704 M DH1700/TX 92/TN 55/TA 86/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0807071038
OTSN5 080630 M DH1700/TX 90/TN 57/TA 87/PP 0.00/XW 17
.A1 XP 3/DC0807011150
OTSN5 080628 M DH1700/TX 93/TN 66/TA 90/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806301428
OTSN5 080624 M DH1700/TX 89/TN 62/TA 80/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806261112
OTSN5 080623 M DH1700/TX 87/TN 61/TA 84/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0806231705
.A2 : Clear until about 3::30 then clouds began rolling in.
OTSN5 080620 M DH1700/TX 88/TN 57/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806231701
OTSN5 080615 M DH1700/TX 86/TN 51/TA 82/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806171313
OTSN5 080612 M DH1700/TX 72/TN 42/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806171255
OTSN5 080611 M DH1700/TX 84/TN 54/TA 67/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806171254
OTSN5 080610 M DH1500/TX 83/TN 57/TA 81/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806101516
OTSN5 080608 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 49/TA 79/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806091450
OTSN5 080606 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 41/TA 72/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806091448
OTSN5 080603 M DH1700/TX 58/TN 36/TA 56/PP 0.11/PT 1
.AR1 PPM 0.11/XW 03/XP 3/DC0806051641
OTSN5 080603 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 65/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC0806051638
OTSN5 080601 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 48/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0806020957
OTSN5 080531 M DH1700/TX 80/TN 50/TA 75/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0806020956
OTSN5 080529 M DH1600/TX 81/TN 43/TA 71/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0805291616
OTSN5 080525 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 38/TA 69/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 0/DC0805281700
.A2 : windy
OTSN5 080526 M DH1700/TX 73/TN 40/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0805281700
.A2 : sunny
OTSN5 080523 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 31/TA 45/PP 0.25/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 3/DC0805231714
OTSN5 080520 M DH1700/TX 85/TN 60/TA 83/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0805221040
OTSN5 080519 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 56/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.AR1 XP 1/DC0805221034
OTSN5 080519 M DH1700/TX 82/TN 56/TA 78/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805200926
OTSN5 080516 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 36/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805190950
OTSN5 080517 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 40/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805190952
OTSN5 080514 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 33/TA 60/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 3/DC0805161207
OTSN5 080513 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 32/TA 52/PP 0.02/PT 1
.A1 XW 03/XP 1/DC0805161206
OTSN5 080512 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 39/TA 70/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0805130945
.A2 : sunny
OTSN5 080510 M DH1700/TX 68/TN 41/TA 57/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 1/DC0805130942
OTSN5 080506 M DH1700/TX 74/TN 44/TA 68/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805071708
OTSN5 080505 M DH1700/TX 75/TN 38/TA 73/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805071708
OTSN5 080503 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 30/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0805051206
OTSN5 080501 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 33/TA 41/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0805051203
OTSN5 080421 M DH1630/TX 65/TN 35/TA 64/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0804211636
.A2 : windy and sunny all day
OTSN5 080418 M DH1700/TX 51/TN 27/TA 48/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0804211336
OTSN5 080419 M DH1700/TX 69/TN 27/TA 66/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0804211337
OTSN5 080417 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 26/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0804171720
OTSN5 080416 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 25/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0804171719
OTSN5 080415 M DH1700/TX 70/TN 38/TA 66/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0804171718
OTSN5 080414 M DH1600/TX 68/TN 34/TA 67/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0804141649
OTSN5 080413 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 26/TA 62/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0804141317
OTSN5 080410 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 30/TA 33/PP 1.65/PT 5
.A1 SF 2.0/SD 2/XW 68/XP 7/DC0804141311
OTSN5 080409 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 26/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 03
.AR1 XP 1/DC0804141308
.AR2 : Flurries, wind, freezing drizzle not measurable.
OTSN5 080409 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 26/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC0804101141
.A2 : Flurries, wind, freezing drizzle not measurable.
OTSN5 080406 M DH1700/TX 59/TN 31/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0804101116
OTSN5 080404 M DH1700/TX 55/TN 25/TA 45/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC0804101112
OTSN5 080402 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 32/TA 61/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 3/DC0804031606
OTSN5 080331 M DH1700/TX 57/TN 26/TA 51/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0804011147
OTSN5 080328 M DH1700/TX 62/TN 35/TA 55/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 0/DC0804011143
OTSN5 080326 M DH1700/TX 64/TN 35/TA 58/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 0/DC0803281038
OTSN5 080322 M DH1700/TX 56/TN 31/TA 51/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0803280926
.A2 : windy!!!
OTSN5 080323 M DH1700/TX 53/TN 20/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0803280927
OTSN5 080320 M DH1600/TX 59/TN 31/TA 56/PP 0.00/XW 02
.A1 XP 3/DC0803201628
OTSN5 080318 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 18/TA 47/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 01/XP 1/DC0803191645
OTSN5 080317 M DH1700/TX 42/TN 18/TA 33/PP 0.09/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.5/SD 0/PPM 0.00/XW 85/XP 1/DC0803191644
OTSN5 080315 M DH1700/TX 54/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/PPM 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC0803171257
OTSN5 080316 M DH1700/TX 52/TN 25/TA 42/PP 0.00/PPM 0.00
.A1 XW 07/XP 3/DC0803171258
OTSN5 080310 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 25/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 03
.A1 XP 1/DC0803171251
OTSN5 080308 M DH1700/TX 43/TN 20/TA 40/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0803171249
OTSN5 080306 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 13/TA 33/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 3/DC0803171020
OTSN5 080305 M DH1700/TX 47/TN 19/TA 33/PP 0.00/XW 07
.A1 XP 1/DC0803171019
OTSN5 080304 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 20/TA 47/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 XP 3/DC0803171009
OTSN5 080303 M DH1700/TX 37/TN 15/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 15/XP 2/DC0803031636
OTSN5 080301 M DH1700/TX 63/TN 33/TA 59/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 02/XP 0/DC0803031633
OTSN5 080228 M DH1600/TX 52/TN 26/TA 50/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 03/XP 0/DC0802281620
OTSN5 080227 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 24/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 01/XP 0/DC0802281619
OTSN5 080226 M DH1600/TX 42/TA 38/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0
.A1 XW 01/XP 0/DC0802261609
OTSN5 080225 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 25/TA 36/PP 0.10/SF 1.0
.AR1 SD 1/DC0802261235
OTSN5 080225 M DH1700/TX 40/TN 25/TA 36/PP 0.10/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.0/SD 1/XW 01/XP 0/DC0802261233
OTSN5 080224 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.15/PT 5
.A1 SF 1.2/SD 1/XW 83/XP 7/DC0802261057
OTSN5 080223 M DH1700/TX 36/TN 24/TA 34/PP 0.35/PT 5
.A1 SF 3.2/SD 3/XW 73/XP 7/DC0802261049
OTSN5 080220 M DH1700/TX 44/TN 31/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0
.A1 SD 0/XW 03/XP 2/DC0802261012
OTSN5 080215 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 28/TA 44/PP 0.03/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.3/SD 0/XW 85/XP 3/DC0802261006
OTSN5 080214 M DH1700/TX 45/TN 34/TA 42/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/XP 3/DC0802260936
OTSN5 080212 M DH1700/TX 39/TN 25/TA 37/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/XP 0/DC0802260933
OTSN5 080211 M DH1500/TX 39/TN 23/TA 37/PP 0.00/XW 01
.A1 DC0802111535
OTSN5 080210 M DH1700/TX 48/TN 21/TA 39/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SD 1/XW 01/DC0802111532
OTSN5 080207 M DH1700/TX 35/TN 9/TA 30/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 4/XW 01/DC0802081227
OTSN5 080206 M DH1700/TX 30/TN 6/TA 26/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SF 0.0/SD 4/XW 02/XP 3/DC0802081224
OTSN5 080205 M DH1500/TX 26/TN 11/TA 21/PP 0.00/PT 5
.A1 SD 6/XW 01/XP 3/DC0802051543
OTSN5 0103 M DH1600/AD 01/PP 0.00/TA 41/TN 5/TX 44/XP 0
OTSN5 0102 M DH1700/AD 01/PP 0.00/TA 20/TN 4/TX 26/XP 1
OTSN5 0101 M DH1700/AD 01/PP 0.00/TA 19/TN 4/TX 22/XP 1
Albuquerque Foothills NE
Albuquerque Petroglyph
Albuquerque Valley
Amistad 5SSW
Angel Fire
Antelope Wells
Aztec Ruins N/M
Bitter Lakes WLR
Bosque Del Apache
Capulin/Des Moines
Carlsbad Caverns
Chaco Canyon
Chama AWRS
Cimarron 4SW
Clines Corners
Clovis 13N
Cochiti Dam
Conchas Dam
Eagle Nest
El Morro N/M
El Paso
El Rito
El Vado Dam
Elephant Butte
Elk 2E
Farmington Ag Ctr
Fort Sumner 5S
Fruitland 3E
Gila Hot Springs
Gran Quivira
Jemez Dam
Jemez Springs
Lake Maloya
Los Alamos
Los Lunas
Luna Ranger Station
Mountainair 8NW
Mountainair Ranger Station
NMSU Las Cruces
Navajo Dam
Pedernal 9W
Quemado RS
Ragland 3SSW
Red River
Rio Rancho 1
Rio Rancho 2
Roswell North
San Jon
Santa Fe Seton
Silver City
Sumner Lake
T or C
Torreon Navajo Mission
Tres Piedras
Ute Dam
Wolf Canyon 20ESE
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