The National Weather Service in Albuquerque is looking for volunteer cooperative (co-op) weather observer at multiple locations across the state. Aside from joining a nationwide volunteer network comprised of over 140 observers in NM alone, the co-op observer will have national weather service weather measuring equipment installed at their location by an NWS employees and will be trained on how to use the equipment and how to send in daily weather information for that location.


          ELECTRONIC                         STANDARD   


The elements that will need to be recorded for a standard co-op site are the maximum and minimum temperatures along with any precipitation (both rain and snow). For an FPR-E site the observer will be responsible for sending in electronically recorded precipitation data, via email, using a NWS issued USB.  The equipment will be maintained by the NWS with annual visits to standard sites and bi-annual visits to FPR-E sites.  The data provided by these individuals are critical to the mission of the NWS as it continues the climate history for these various locations across the state. With the climate data at these types of sites we are able to establish local trends and even larger scale trends as well as do research using the data obtained. Not only is the data collected vital to NWS operations other government agencies as well as broadcast media outlets and the general public all take an interest in the climate data collected.