Cooperative Observer Program:
Volunteers supporting forecast, warning and climate services since 1890

Awards given to cooperative weather observers by the National Weather Service are a way of recognizing their achievements. They are but a small token of appreciation when compared to the amount of work done by these special people. The importance of cooperative weather observers was hailed in 1933. In that year, a Science Advisory Group apprized President Roosevelt that the volunteer cooperative observer network was one of the most extraordinary services ever developed, netting the public more per dollar expended than any other government service in the world. This is still true today.

 The Jefferson and Holm Awards: Honoring Exemplary Service to our Nation

 The Thomas Jefferson Award is the highest and most prestigious award bestowed on Cooperative Weather Observers. It is named for our third President, who kept an almost unbroken series of weather records from 1776 to 1816. This award is given to very few observers each year, usually not more than five, for outstanding and unusual achievements. All candidates for the Jefferson Award must have received the Holm Award in the past and at least five years must pass after receiving the Holm Award before observers are eligible for the Jefferson Award.

New Mexico observers who have received the Jefferson Award since 1960:

  • Melrose, Bright (2006)
  • Johnson Ranch, Johnson (2005)
  • Gascon, Bartley (2005)
  • Gila Hot Springs, Campbell (1996)
  • Estancia, Sanchez (1993)
  • Red River, Prunty (1989)
  • Santa Rosa, Nichols (1988)
  • Red Rock, Wright (1985)
  • Amistad, Brams (1977)
  • McIntosh, Davis (1973)
  • Wolf Canyon, Curry (1972)
The John Campanius Holm Award is granted each year to a maximum of 25 cooperative observers nationwide for outstanding accomplishments in the field of cooperative observations. The award was named for a Lutheran minister who was the first person known to have taken systematic weather observations in the American Colonies in 1644 and 1645.

New Mexico observers who have received the Holm Award since 1960:

1990 - Present 1970s & 1980s 1960s
  • Mosquero, Hammer (2006)
  • Fort Sumner, Dunlap (2005)
  • Pasamonte, Britt (2003)
  • San Jon, White (1999)
  • Pedernal 4E, Harvey (1997)
  • Melrose, Bright (1997)
  • Johnson Ranch (1995)
  • McGaffey, Jekielek (1995)
  • Gascon, Bartley (1994)
  • Progresso, Devaney (1993)
  • Gila Hot Springs, Campbell (1990)


  • Stanley, Fronabarger (1989)
  • Rienhardt Ranch (1987)
  • White Signal, Prevost (1985)
  • Estancia, Sanchez (1984)
  • Cliff 10SE, Foster (1982)
  • Hillsboro, Shoenradt (1981)
  • Red River, Prunty (1979)
  • Red Rock, Wright (1978)
  • Santa Rosa, Nichols (1978)
  • Cerro, Crater (1970)


  • Gavilan, Collins (1969)

  • McIntosh, Davis (1968)

  • Amistad, Brams, (1968)

  • Wolf Canyon, Curry (1967)

  • NMSU, Overpeck (1961)

  • San Jon, White (1960)

Length of Service Awards

The Earl Stewart Award is presented to cooperative observers for 75 years of service. Mr. Stewart completed 75 years of service in Cottage Grove, Oregon, in 1992. Only three cooperative observers have served for more than 75 years
The Ruby Stufft Award is bestowed upon cooperative observers for 70 years of service. In 1991, Mrs. Stufft of Elsmere, Nebraska, became the first woman observer to reach the 70-year milestone. Only five others have accomplished this. The most recent was John Kortes from Wyoming, who completed 70 years of service in March of 2000.
The Albert J. Myer Award is given to cooperative observers for 65 years of service. It is named for the observer at Eagle Pass, Texas, who later became the Chief of the Signal Service. The Signal Service later became the Weather Bureau, then the National Weather Service.
The Helmut E. Landsberg Award is granted to cooperative observers for 60 years of service. Mr. Landsberg is largely responsible for establishing the nationwide climatological network as we know it today.
The Benjamin Franklin Award is given to cooperative observers after completing 55 years of service. In addition to showing us that thunderstorms have electricity in the legendary kite flying episode, Franklin was also the first person to track a storm moving up the east coast. As U.S. Postmaster, he instructed other Postmasters along the eastern seaboard to record the weather and the compilation of these records showed the storm movement.
The Edward Stoll Award is named after a legendary observer from Elwood, Nebraska who was invited to the Oval Office by then President Jimmy Carter. Mr. Stoll was a cooperative observer for 76 years. Cooperative Observers receive this award after 50 years of service. In New Mexico, award recipients include:
  • Kelly Ranch, Kelly (2008)
  • Melrose, Bright (2007)
  • Johnson Ranch, Johnson (2003)
  • Alcalde, Lopez, Guldan, Martin & Archuleta (2003)
  • Jemez Dam, Lykins (2003)
The Richard Hagemeyer Award is named after the former director of the NWS Pacific Region.  Cooperative Observers receive this award after 45 years of service. In New Mexico, award recipients include:
  • Gascon, Bartley (2008)
  • Pasamonte, Britt (2003)
  • Melrose, Bright (2002)
Length of Service Awards are also given to cooperative observers after completing 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service. Institutional Awards are given to Institutions that are cooperative observers for 25, 50, 75, and 100 years. Some Institutions are closing in on 125 years service and they will also be honored for reaching that milestone. Special Service Awards are given to cooperative observers for special achievements. For example, reports of significant weather that assist the National Weather Service in their decision making process, may be recognized with this award. The table below lists the most recent length of service awards recipients in New Mexico

McGaffey 5SE, Jekielek (55 year)
Valmora, Lopez (55 year)
Torreon Navajo Mission, Skiles (50 year)
Mosquero 1NE, Hammer (40 year)
Fort Sumner, Dunlap (35 year)
Progresso, Brown (20 year)
Placitas 4W, Easley (20 year)
Mountainair 8NW, Grilli (20 year)
Mountainair 8NW, Calhoun (20 year)
Albuquerque Foothills NE, Liles (20 year)
Pasamonte, Wood (15 year)
Eagle Nest, Sutliff (15 year)
Stanley 2NNE, Fisher (10 year)

El Vado Dam (75 year)
Conchas Dam (75 year)
Navajo Reservoir (25 year)
Lake Maloya (25 year)
Portales (25 year)

Johnson Ranch, Johnson (60 year)
Wolf Canyon 20ESE, Curry (35 year)
ABQ Valley, Deblassie (30 year)
Villa Nueva, Garcia (15 year)
Ocate 1N, Mares (15 year)
Lindrith 2SE, Post (15 year)
Ft Sumner, Dunlap (10 year)
San Jon, White (10 year)
Capulin/Des Moines, Mark (10 year)
Capitan, Shanks (10 year)
Yeso 2S, Hisel (10 year)

San Jon, White Family (100 year)
and Family Heritage Award

Pasamonte, Britt (50 year)
Golden, Henderson (45 year)
Jemez Springs, Institution (25 year)
Ragland 3 SSW, Rush (25 year)
Zuni, Laiwakete (20 year)
Thoreau 12 SE, Smith (15 year)
Socorro, Janes (10 year)
Fort Sumner 5 S, Vaughan (10 year)
Clines Corners 7SE, Lamb (10 year)
Glorieta, Lobato (40 year)
Cerro, Sanchez (30 year)
McCarty Ranch, McCarty (25 year)
Ramon 8SW, Merritt (25 year)
Abbott 1SE, Beard (20 year)
Pietown 19NE, Coonridge (20 year)
Santa Fe, Hitt (20 year)
Dilia, Sullivan (20 year)
Rienhardt Ranch, Kelly (15 year)
Newkirk, Wilkerson (15 year)
Moriarty 1NE, Overlander (10 year)
Grenville, Sink (30 year)
Bingham 2 NE, Patterson (25 year)
Carrizozo 1SW, McMahan (20 year)
Cubero, DeSoto (20 year)
Amistad 5SSW, Cain (15 year)
Duran, Hindi (15 year)
Corona 10SW, Alford (15 year)
Santa Fe Seton, Lewis (10 year)
Red River, Prunty (50 year)
McGaffey 5SE, Jekielek (50 year)
Valmora, Lopez (50 year)
Placitas, Easley (15 year)
Albuquerque Foothills, Liles (15 year)
Johnson Ranch, Johnson (55 year)
Wolf Canyon, Curry (30 year)
Albuquerque Valley, Deblassie (25 year)
Chacon 2S, Romero (20 year)
Lindrith 1WSW, Post (10 year)
Villanueva, Garcia (10 year)
Ocate 2NW, Mares (10 year)


Golden, Henderson (40 year)
Ragland, Rush (20 year)
Zuni, Laiwakete (15 year)
Thoreau 12SE, Smith (10 year)


Gascon, Bartley (40 year)
House, Morrow (30 year)
McCarty Ranch, McCarty (20 year)
Ramon 8SW, Merritt (20 year)
Yeso, Hisel (20 year)
Abbott 1SE, Beard (15 year)
Dilia, Sullivan (15 year)
Santa Fe, Hitt (15 year)
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