Severe Weather


The following data is preliminary and unofficial. A highlighted date/time indicates a radar image or loop of the severe weather is available.
 3rd/506pm Mcintosh Wind Damage: barn destroyed, semi overturned, radio antenna snaped
 3rd/606pm Clines Corners Thunderstorm Wind: 63 mph gust
 4th/606pm Raton Airport High Wind: 58 mph gust
5th/630pm 20NE Des Moines Hail: 1.00 inch
6th/1235-1240pm Cimarron Hail: 0.88 - 1.50 inches
6th/300-800pm Maxwell Hail: 1.75 - 2.00 inches
6th/415pm 3W Abbott Thunderstorm Wind Damage: telephone poll blown over
 6th/423pm 1SE House Hail: 1.00 inch
6th/435-437pm 20N Abbott Tornado: brief touchdown
6th/442-451pm around Sumner Lake Thunderstorm Wind: 59 mph
6th/457pm Tucumcari Airport Thunderstorm Wind: 63 mph gust
6th/500pm Roy Hail: 2.00 inches
6th/552pm Cannon AFB Thunderstorm Wind: 79 mph gust
6th/600pm Fort Sumner Hail: 1.00 inch
6th/552-610pm around Clovis Thunderstorm Wind: 61-70 mph gusts
6th/540-615pm 7WNW downtown Clovis Tornado: minor damage, no injuries
6th/550-610pm around Solano Hail: 1.75 - 2.00 inches
6th/610-620pm around Clovis Hail: 1.25- 1.75 inches
6th/615-620pm around Texico Hail: 0.88 - 1.75 inches
6th/700pm 7SSE Pep Hail: 1.00 inch, Thunderstorm Wind: 60 mph gust
6th/846pm 15N Nara Visa Flash Flood: 4 feet of water on highway 402
 6th/851-902pm around Crossroads Thunderstorm Wind: 78mph gust, telephone polls snapped 
7th/439pm Buena Vista Hail: 1.00 inch
7th/510pm Newkirk Hail: 2.00 inches
7th/502-540pm around Corona Hail: 1.00 - 2.50 inches
7th/549pm 12 ENEBell Ranch Hail: 1.25 inches
7th/641pm 5NNE Glorieta Hail: 1.00 inch
7th/643-656pm around Pecos Hail: 1.50 - 2.00 inches; Thunderstorm Wind: 60.0 mph
7th/ 545-720pm around Tucumcari Hail: 1.00 - 2.50 inches
 7th/740pm Ribera Hail: 1.25 inches
 7th/750pm 1ESE Son Jose Hail: 1.00 inch
 7th/759pm 8WNW Pleasant Hill Hail: 1.50 inches
7th/820pm 10N Roswell Hail: 2.00 inches
7th/822-900pm around Clovis Hail: 1.00 - 4.00 inches
8th/225am Lovington Hail: 1.00 inch; Thunderstorm Wind: 65 mph
8th/155pm Rainsville Hail: 1.25 inches
8th/345pm 7NNE Shoemaker  Hail: 3.00 inches
8th/505pm 10WS Dexter Hail: 1.75 inches
 8th/530-553pm around Lake Arthur Hail: 1.00 - 2.00 inches
8th/715-740pm around Artesia Hail: 1.00 - 4.00 inches
 8th/731pm Atoka Hail: 2.00 inches
8th/805pm 5E Otis Brief Tornado
8th/826-855pm around Carlsbad Hail: 1.25 - 2.50 inches
 8th/845pm 3W Halfway Hail: 1.75 inches
 8th/845pm 5SSE Loving Hail: 1.75 inches
12th/635pm 11ENE Wagon Mound Hail: 1.00 inch
13th/415pm Santa Teresa Thunderstorm Wind: 69 mph gust
13th/527pm 1W House Thunderstorm Wind: 58 mph gust
13th/550-556pm Tucumcari Airport Thunderstorm Wind: 60-70 mph gusts
12th/600pm 3SW Radium Springs Thunderstorm Wind: 59 mph gust
 13th/629pm Glenrio Thunderstorm Wind: 60 mph gust
13th/612pm Cannon AFB Thunderstorm Wind: 61 mph gust
13th/607pm Ranchvale Thunderstorm Wind: 62 mph gust
13th/735pm 12SE Silver City Thunderstorm Wind: 59 mph gust
 14th/107pm Gallup Airport High Wind: 58 mph gust
14th/1235pm Sierra Blanca Airport High Wind: 59 mph gust
16th/348pm Gallup Airport High Wind: 58 mph gust
17th/320pm Stanley  Thunderstorm Wind: 61 mph gust
 17th/511pm 1ESE Contreras High Wind: 64 mph gust
 17th/650pm Clines Corners High WInd: 59 mph gust
17th/830pm Santa Teresa Thunderstorm Wind: 59 mph gust
18th/315pm Clines Corners High Wind: 61 mph gust
 19th/226pm 6E Rogers Hail: 1.00 inch
 19th/257pm 6NE Portales Hail: 1.00 inch
 19th/330pm 4SE Clovis Hail: 1.75 inches
 21st/350pm 4NNE Pastura Hail: 1.00 inch
 22nd/640pm 7NNE Folsom Hail: 1.00 inch 
 23rd/515pm Lincoln Hail: 1.00 inch
24th/155am Raton Hail: 1.00 inch
 27th/315pm Clines Corners High Wind: 58 mph gust
30th/844pm T or C airport High Wind: 58 mph gust is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.