A Relatively Quiet Month
January 2014 was a rather benign month with not a lot of snow or high winds that would normally be found across New Mexico in the middle of winter. Only three systems delivered minor snow accumulations. These were on the 4th to 5th, 9th to 10th and 30th to 31st. Snow totals and wind reports are shown below.
January 4th - 5th
Location Snow (inches)
 Capulin  3.0
 6WNW Sugarite  2.0
 2NNW hayden  2.0
 12N Grenville  1.5
 1ENE Raton  1.0

January 9th - 10th

Location Snow (inches) Wind (mph)
Hopewell Snotel 6.0  
San Antonio Sink Snotel 4.0  
Clines Corners   61 gust/45 sustained
Near Vaughn   45 sustained
Near Dora   41 sustained
January 30th - 31st
Location Snow (Inches) Wind (mph)
San Antonio Sink SNOTEL 13.0  
Hopewell SNOTEL 10.0  
Chamita SNOTEL 10.0  
CSFB Transwestern Pump   58 gust
Clines Corners   55 gust


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