Severe Weather


The following data is preliminary and unofficial. A highlighted date/time indicates a radar image or loop of the severe weather is available.


 Time Location Event
 1st/313pm Mogollon Flash Flood: NM 159 closed due to debris on road
1st/530-600pm around Edgewood Flash flood: parts of Dingle road washed out 
 10th/130pm Socooro Flood: roads washed out and closed
10th/200pm Farmington Flood: East Main Street impassable
10th/240pm San Antonio Flood: water in homes
10th/541pm Socorro Flood: Franklin Street flooded and closed
11th/629-903am around Santa Rosa Flood: NM 91 closed
11th/920am Trementina Flood: NM 419 closed
11th/930am Vado Flash flood: street flooding, trailer park evacuated
11th/1243-123pm around Portales Flood: 3 ft of standing water, downtown roads flooded
11th/350pm Santa Rosa Flood: I-40 flooded
11th/438pm Dona Ana Flash flood: reported flash flooding in East Mesa Area
 11th/603-946pm around Roswell  Flood: NM 246 washed out, Highway 70 covered in water 
 11th/730pm Estancia  Flash flood: roads impassable, barn flooded 
11th/815pm Carlsbad Flash flood: 1 foot of water runing over Transil Dam
12th/822am NW Carlsbad Flash flood: water 8 feet over road on Highway 137
12th/832am NWS El Paso Flash flood: street flooding with debris, rockslide
12th/833am Queen Flash flood: canyons flooded, 1-5 ft over Low Water Crossing
12th/850-922am around Hudspeth, TX Flash flood: massive flooding, hood-height water on roadways
 12th/859-900am  around Roswell Flood: Pecos River flooding along relief route 
 12th/906am Fort Sumner  Flood: NM 294 closed 
12th/1000am Carlsbad Flash flood: flooded vehicle near Pecos River
12th/1229pm Lakewood Flash flood: 60 people evacuated from SKP Campground
12th/122pm Anthony Flood: arroyos full, flooding throughout city
 12th/333pm El Paso, TX  Flash flood: significant flooding, 4.10 inches of rain 
 12th/350pm around Carlsbad  Flash flood: Callaway Dr closed and under 2 ft of water 
12th/400pm Cochiti Lake Flash flood: Highways 85 and 90 flooded in  Cochiti Pueblo
13th/727-815am San Ildefonso Pueblo Flood: mudslide across Highway 502
13th/904-908am Los Alamos Flash flood: NM 4 closed due to flooding and debris
13th/924am Hagerman Flood: Highway 249 closed due to Pecos River flooding
13th/930am Rio Rancho Flash flood: Unser and 10th washed out
13th/1026am Angel Fire Flood: NM 434 closed due to flooding
13th/1122am Pecos Flood: County Road 63 flooded due to heavy rain
13th/1142am Pilar Flood: Highway 68 closed due to flooding and boulders on road
13th/1219pm San Ildefonso Pueblo Flash flood: arroyos flowing out of bank and over state road 30
13th/219pm Crownpoint Flash flood: ongoing evacuations due to flooding
 13th/230pm Jemez Springs  Flash flood: road in Elk Ridge Estates washed out 
 13th/230pm Pena Blanca  Flash flood: all roads washed out in community of Sile 
14th/1200am Cruzville Flash Flood: Largo Arroyo and Tularosa Creek out of banks
14th/1200am Pietown Flash Flood: York Ranch road washed out
14th/730pm Alma Flood: Fields flooded
14th/1030am Dexter Flash Flood: 2-3 feet of water into home
14th/110pm Gila Hot Springs Flash Flood: flood wave from log jam
14th/120pm 16SSW Beaverhead Flash Flood: 5-8 feet rise on middle fork of the Gila River
 14th/1101pm Alma Flash Flood: highway 180 closed from overflow of mineral creek
14th/1130pm Algodones Flash Flood: water of I-25
14th-15th Glenwood Flash Flood: flooding in Glenwood/evacuations
15th/1200am around San Felipe Flash Flood: 1 foot mud/rock over casino parking lot
15th/1230am 6WNW Albuquerque Flash Flood: mud slide near Petroglyphs
15th/100am 7E Kewa Pueblo Flash Flood: mud/rock over I25 onramp
15th/1235-405am Bernalillo Flash Flood: businesses/homes flooded
15th/441pm Silver Lake Flash Flood: flooding on highway 244
15th/556pm Cloudcroft Flash Flood: U.S. 82 closed, highway 130 washed away
 15th/829pm Santa Clara Pueblo Flash Flood: water over route 30, several homes flooded
16th/200am 31SSW San Antonio Flash Flood: state rd 1 closed - washed out
 16th/1220-717am near San Antonio U.S. highway 380 closed due to flooding - bridge overtopped
 16th/700-726am near Bernardo Flood: Rio Puerco flooding around homes; U.S. 
 16th/827am 18W Hagerman Flash Flood:  Rio Felix overtopped the Y.O. road
16th/655pm Boles Acres Flash Flood: streets flooded
16th/700pm Alamogordo Flash Flood: serious flooding downtown
17th/257pm 16 Springs Flash Flood: evacuation of flooded homes
18th/1140am 10S Dulce Hail: 1.00 inch
18th/236pm 1SE Chili Flash Flood: U.S. 84 closed for 7 mile stretch
18th/459pm Chamita Flash Flood: home flooded
18th/715pm Corona Flash Flood: NM 247 closed for 49 miles
19th/325-356pm Cloudcroft Flash Flood: water and debris over roads
 20th/624pm Silver City Flash Flood: water over highway 19
22nd/407pm 7NNE Torreon Hail: 1.00 inch
22nd/430pm 1Sw Cuba Hail: 1.25 inches
22nd/555pm Belen Airport Thunderstorm Wind: 62 mph gust
22nd/600pm Los Lunas Thunderstorm Wind Damage: 4 inch diameter tree limbs broken is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.