Severe Weather


The following data is preliminary and unofficial. A highlighted date/time indicates a radar image or loop of the severe weather is available.
3rd/126-153pm Clines Corners Wind: 46 mph sustained; 60 mph gust
3rd/353pm Tucumcari Airport Wind: 41 mph sustained
3rd/915pm Sierra Blanca Airport Wind: 48 mph sustained; 61 mph gust
4th/1235pm 2NE Pastura Wind: 40 mph sustained
4th/808pm Tucumcari Airport Wind: 43 mph sustained
4th/845pm 10NE Logan Wind: 41 mph sustained
4th/910-911pm Cannon AFB Wind: 41 mph sustained; 58 mph gust
4th/955pm Clovis Airport  Wind: 43 mph sustained
8th/545pm Carrizozo Thunderstorm Wind Damage: several roofs blown off
17th/1245pm Clines Corners Wind: 58 mph gust
17th/1253pm Las Vegas Airport  Wind: 40 mph sustained
17th/242pm Tucumcari Airport Wind: 40 mph sustaind
17th/314pm 13 SE Tolar Wind: 60 mph gust
 17th/436pm 2NE Dunken Wind: 62 mph gust
23rd/117pm Las Vegas Airport Wind: 44 mph sustained
23rd/126pm 5NW Nogal Wind: 69 mph gust
23rd/141pm Twin Peaks Wind: 63 mph gust
23rd/159pm Tucumcari Airport Wind: 49 mph sustained; 63 mph gust
23rd/200pm Magdalena Ridge Observatory Wind: 82 mph gust
23rd/215pm 22SE Bosque Del Apache Wind: 68 mph gust
23rd/222pm 1ESE Placitas Wind: 59 mph gust
23rd/226pm Clines Corners Wind: 60 mph gust
23rd/230pm 6W Sandia Park - top of Tram Wind: 71 mph gust
23rd/235pm las Cruces Airport Wind: 60 mph gust
23rd/239pm 15NW Carrizozo Wind: 63 mph gust
23rd/240pm 10NE Logan Wind: 59 mph gust
23rd/245pm 14E Bosque Del Apache Wind: 61 mph gust
23rd/247pm Stanley Wind: 63 mph gust
23rd/255pm 3ESE Moriarty Wind: 41 mph sustained
23rd/255pm Sierra Blanca Airport Wind: 46 mph sustained; 60 mph gust
23rd/300pm Clovis Wind Damage: 1/2 of metal roof torn off building
23rd/300pm 5WSW Oscuro Wind: 67 mph gust
 23rd/313pm 9NE ABQ - bottom of Tram Wind: 60 mph gust
 23rd/324pm Cannon AFB Wind: 62 mph gust
23rd/330pm Sunspot Wind: 60 mph gust
23rd/345pm San Augustin Pass Wind: 77 mph gust
 23rd/351pm Roswell Airport Wind: 40 mph sustained
23rd/400pm WSMR Main Post Wind: 70 mph gust
23rd/410pm 2SW Dora Wind: 62 mph gust
23rd/413pm Lookout Peak Wind: 63 mph gust
23rd/415pm 2SW Portales Wind: 64 mph gust
23rd/415pm Melrose Wind: 66 mph gust
23rd/449pm Capulin Wind: 60 mph gust
23rd/515pm 2W Tucumcari Wind: 63 mph gust
23rd/515pm Raton Airport Wind: 63 mph gust 
23rd/530pm 2WNW Fort Sumner Wind Damage: 30-40 railroad cars blown off tracks
23rd/625pm 2SW Tatum Wind: 58 mph gust
 23rd/935pm 4W Hobbs Wind: 58 mph gust is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.