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Water Year and Calendar Year 2013

The first four months of water year 2013 (October 2012 through January 2013) have been much drier than normal for New Mexico. The mid and lower Rio Grande Valley, as well as the southwest lowlands, have been especially dry.

Statewide precipitation was only 49 percent of normal during the first four months of water year 2013. The Northwest Plateau climate division had fared the best, but still only received 63 percent of normal precipitation through the end of January 2013.

January 2013 saw areas of above normal precipitation in the far northwest and in the southeast plains. Elsewhere in New Mexico, January precipitation was generally below normal, especially in the mid and lower Rio Grande Valley and in Lincoln and Torrance Counties. Stations with notable January precipitation totals included: Dulce with 2.12 inches, Chama with 1.8 inches, and Navajo Dam with 1.46 inches.

In general, warm and dry conditions continue to dominate. Considering the last 118 years, the 12-month period ending in January was the second warmest 12-month period on record for New Mexico.  Additionally,  it was the second driest  12-month period on record.

A tabular summary of the precipitation data is available in pdf format.
Precipitation ranks for a number of periods, are available from NCDC.



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