Halloween Climatology For Albuquerque, New Mexico

Below is a table listing statistics for Halloween (October 31st) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Normals are listed by the official 30 year values, from 1931 to present (weather information was mostly obtained from locations near the present airport site) and from 1892 to present (continuous weather information but from several locations around the city). Also shown are the extremes of temperatures, precipitation and snowfall for October 31st.

October 31st
Max Temp (F) Min Temp (F) Avg Temp (F) Avg Precip (in) Avg Snow (in)
 30 Year Normal  63 40 52 0.02 0.1
 1931 - Present  64 38 52 0.02 Trace
 1892 - Present  63 37 50 0.02  Trace
 Extremes 79  1950 21  1991   0.49  1920 0.5  1991

Famous Halloween Storms

Below is a visible satellite image from October 31, 1991. Many of you may recall this was the "Perfect Storm" offshore of Atlantic Canada.

This storm is also known as the No-Name Storm (it had characteristics of a hurricane but was not named) and the Halloween Storm. The perfect storm moniker came about when Allen 'Bob' Case, then the Deputy Meteorologist-in-Charge at the Boston National Weather Service Office, described to author Sebastian Junger that conditions were 'perfect' for the formation of this incredible storm.  In 1993, Sebastion subsequently titled his book 'The Perfect Storm'. In 2000, Warner Brothers released a movie by the same name starring George Clooney as captain of the Andrea Gail. For more information on this amazing storm, click here.

Lesser known was the Halloween Blizzard of October 31-November 3, 1991 over the Upper Midwest.


Heavy snow and ice set records in Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northern Iowa along with record cold temperatures. For more information on this blizzard, click here.

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